Objectives For An Ambitious Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is fast approaching and in my opinion there’s never been a year where it’s more important that we celebrate and observe it so I wanted to start building up the hype right now. For those of you who don’t know Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15th (the day more than a few Latin American nations recognize their independence) until October 15th (October 12th is in some places Columbus Day and in a few places Indigenous Resistance Day) and it’s a critical time of the year when numerous Hispanic and Latin American activists and organizations celebrating Hispanic heritage and Latin American culture plan what is occasionally a year’s worth of activities, celebrations, and more into just a few weeks due to the concentrated media attention that such activists and groups tend to get during this time. This year is the first year I’ll be planning and attempting to organize activities since it’s also the first year I’ll be free to do so. The last time I got to do something really neat was my first year of college during which I planned to help host a play which took place at my university celebrating Hispanic leaders and figures who shaped the history of the United States. It was entitled Portraits of Courage: Latinos Shaping A Nation. If you want to see a promo video of it from many years ago, you can click on the video down below.

What Are My Objectives During This Hispanic Heritage Month?

As a Puerto-Rican Hispanic Heritage Month matters a lot to me. I'll write a post about this once the month starts, until them have this.
As a Puerto-Rican Hispanic Heritage Month matters a lot to me. I’ll write a post about this once the month starts, until them have this.

My principal objective during Hispanic Heritage Month might be a bit surprising to some. I want to get non-Hispanic secular groups to acknowledge Hispanic Heritage Month and direct their supporters to the efforts of Hispanic atheistic writers, bloggers, speakers and organizers. I want to get groups like the American Atheists, the Recovering From Religion Foundation, and the Atheist Alliance Of America to direct their members to the works of bloggers like myself, Alyssa from Alyssa And Ania ‘Splain You A Thing, Fernando Alicantar, David Tamayo, Juhem Navarro-Rivera and more and organizations like The Secular Latino Alliance, The Hispanic American Freethinkers, and other more specialized groups like both the Ateistas de Puerto Rico and the Humanistas Seculares de Puerto Rico. I want to do this because in the wake of the 2016 election groups like the ones I mentioned have been working harder than ever to be present at conversations about the separation of church and state and other topics of interest to atheistic leaders and organizers.

Hispanic skeptics have wide recognition within the atheistic community. We’re known to exist. But in the time that I’ve been an atheist and an activist (which I’ve been since my first day as an atheist) it’s been rare for groups like HAFree and the SLA to have recognition and for non-Hispanic or non-Latin American groups to point towards us and push for their members, particularly their Hispanic and Latin American members to connect with our groups and become members of our communities, which is a shame because we work hard every day and continually engage in activism and organizing with very little help and acknowledgement from larger organizations with real resources which we often lack.

During Hispanic Heritage Month I plan on getting significant attention paid to groups like the ones I mentioned earlier and writers of Hispanic American and Latin American descent who deserve to be highlighted more. We deserve more and I’ll be working hard to make sure that eyes are on us, and that we can capitalize on

I’ll also be writing about the events I’m planning and more than a few reflections on my own Hispanic heritage and how being an estadounidense Hispanic raised in Central and South American affects my perceptions of Hispanic-ness and Latin-ness. That’s in addition to my usual articles about history, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and more.

Are you a leader or organizer who is planning events for Hispanic Heritage Month? If so lets connect! I’ll be working with numerous different groups, including BeVisible Latinx and the Hispanic Democrats of North Carolina, in addition to secular groups that I’ve been collaborating with for the last few months. If you want to connect feel free to send me an email at Lucianothewriter@gmail.com or leave a comment down below with information on how I can contact you! Of course you can also check out my main page, The Hispanic Atheist and keep in touch there. I want to connect with anyone interested in doing neat stuff for Hispanic Heritage Month. By connecting we strengthen each other and can make next month a bit more fascinating. Let’s do it friends!

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