Luciano Gonzalez is a vocal atheist. He’s also Latin American. As a Latin American born in the United States, and raised in Latin America, he has had quite a lifetime of experience with the Church. By the time Luciano was halfway through his freshman year of college he had realized that he was an atheist. Shortly after realizing that he had gradually lost his belief (having been raised by Catholic Puerto Ricans, in North Carolina, Georgia, Honduras, Colombia, and Panama), he made the decision to become a vocal and open atheist, a decision which isn’t easy for many Latin Americans, especially given that he lived (and lives in) the Bible Belt. Luciano is a college student who is studying history at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He also runs the Honduras Report, a digital news group which translates news from Honduran sources (in Spanish) into English and presents them to 900+ people in Honduras, many of whom don’t speak Spanish, or aren’t native speakers and don’t feel comfortable with their level of Spanish who live in Honduras in places like Copan or Roatan.

Luciano has a deep interest in and passion for mythology, particularly the myths of Indigenous groups in Latin America, and he wants to work to popularize them which is part of why he is slowly becoming known throughout the ‘net, as a writer, and researcher, who works to summarize information related to various Indigenous myths both before and after the appearance of the Spanish in the “New World”. Luciano is a vocal skeptic, and wants to help show that atheism and skepticism appear in many different colors.

Luciano can be found on Facebook as “The Hispanic Atheist” and is a founder/administrator of the Secular Latino Alliance, a Facebook support group for Latinos who are no longer (or never were) religious and instead either don’t identify with any religious identity, or consider themselves someone who is irreligious.

As an explanation for the name “Sin God”, it is Spanglish. The word “Sin” in this context refers to it’s Spanish definition, not “Sin” as in a transgression of divine law. It actually means “Without God”. Not that there is some sort of deity of sin. Luciano speaks English and Spanish (and know bits and pieces of other languages), and writes primarily in English, so he wanted his blog to have at least one reference to his bilingual background.

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In mid-February of 2017 Luciano became one of the directors of the Hispanic American Freethinkers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing Latino, Latina, Latinx, and Hispanic culture through science, reason, and logic. He is working hard every day to grant Hispanic and Latin-American freethinkers greater opportunities in skeptical circles and to challenge how media worldwide depicts Latin-American and Hispanic individuals. His level of passion about creating opportunities for Hispanic and Latin-American skeptics is unmatched, and he is also passionate about ensuring that skeptics worldwide don’t feel as isolated and as alone as he did when he first became aware of his skepticism.

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If you want to get in touch with Luciano, send him an email at: Lucianothewriter@gmail.com