Life, Love and Truth in Harmony induces Integrity. Body, Mind and Emotion in Balance creates spirit. Spirit merged with integrity, creates the soul

is there a heaven and will i go there? what happens when we die? I hope my life and my faith get me to the right place let us pray

I absolutely hate it when religious people try to shove their beliefs in other peoples faces

If you feel totally comfortable in your beliefs, you’re doing it wrong.

When I really meditate in silence, i am often completely filled with god’s love. then i neglect prayer for weeks. i can’t believe my ingratitude.

I am both an agnostic and an eclectic pagan. I see no reason why I can’t be both. I get results either way.

Sometimes, I just want to know I’m loved instead of hoping I am.

I believe in God and Most christian views but i also believe in reincarnation and the supernatural. does that make me weird?

“God” is a concept, belief is a taking something said and accepting it as truth. why not just know?

I only want to really participate in God’s enterprise among us.