Martin Luther King, Jr.

Read and reflect on "Letter from Birmingham Jail"Take today as a "day on" rather than a "day off"-- do something to serve your community. … [Read more...]

Go Visiting

In the afternoon go visiting.Wander about, make no plans, visit friends, drop by-- if they are busy, leave if not, enjoy spontaneous sociality. … [Read more...]


Worship. Praise God. Sing out your favorite hymn or worship song--in your car, in the shower, on a walk. Then sing the song with others. … [Read more...]

Bake Bread

FastWhile fasting make yeast bread. Mix the dough in the morning and let the bread rise all day in the refrigerator. In the evening bake two loaves. Give one loaf to a neighbor and break your fast with the other.What does it mean for Jesus to be the bread of life? … [Read more...]

Romans 12:1-2

Write Romans 12:1-2 on a note card Carry the card with you throughout the day Read the verse and think about what it says Memorize it … [Read more...]

Welcome Prayer

Walk through your house. In each room pray, "Welcome, Lord Jesus."Do the same thing in your office, your gym, your local coffee shop--in every place you go throughout the day.Be especially conscious if you hesitate from welcoming Christ in any place. … [Read more...]


Imagine your life is a body.Think about the wounds on the body-- the cuts and scrapes that need to be healed.You have covered the wounds with a bandage, but in order to heal the wounds must be exposed and cleaned.Imagine Jesus as a nurse working to clean the wounds of your life.His touch hurts and stings, but it is only by opening yourself to the healing sting of His forgiveness that you can return to life.Accept His healing and what it requires of you. … [Read more...]

Walk with Jesus

Read the story of the road to Emmaus found in Luke 24:13-35Place yourself within the story. Walk the road carrying all of your disappointments--your hopes that didn't pan out, the community you wanted but could never find, the salvation by God that you could never feel, the justice that continues to seem denied. Imagine Jesus walking with you, showing you that what you perceive as reality really isn't so. Then imagine the moment when everything clicks in the breaking of bread; when the … [Read more...]


Visit someone you've been meaning to visit, Call someone you've been meaning to call, Write someone you've been meaning to write-- Open your time and welcome the spirit's call to someone in your life you've been meaning to connect with but haven't. Connect now--the spirit may be leading you to that person for a reason...What is it? … [Read more...]

Clean the Dishes

Clean the dishes, Pick up a messy room, Organize your desk-- Find a mundane act of work and make it holy.In every part of the work, be present, wash every dish with care, praise God for each aspect of the action-- the soap, your hands, the potter.______________________________________________"There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places." --Wendell Berry … [Read more...]