Visit someone you've been meaning to visit, Call someone you've been meaning to call, Write someone you've been meaning to write-- Open your time and welcome the spirit's call to someone in your life you've been meaning to connect with but haven't. Connect now--the spirit may be leading you to that person for a reason...What is it? … [Read more...]

Clean the Dishes

Clean the dishes, Pick up a messy room, Organize your desk-- Find a mundane act of work and make it holy.In every part of the work, be present, wash every dish with care, praise God for each aspect of the action-- the soap, your hands, the potter.______________________________________________"There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places." --Wendell Berry … [Read more...]


Called Epiphany in the West, Theophany in the East, today is a celebration of the revealing of God to the gentiles, most notably the Magi.When the Magi came they named Christ as a king on a level never before seen.Philosopher Dallas Willard has said that a kingdom is the "extent of our effective will."On this day of celebrating the vision of Christ's kingship think about the domains in your life, the areas you rule--your work, your family, your body, etc. Make a map of your … [Read more...]

Game with Minutes

For an hour, during your day to day life, try to be conscious of God's presence for one second of every minute.How well did you do?Bonus: Read the "Sermon on the Mount" ______________________________________________________________________"The Game with Minutes" by Frank Laubach … [Read more...]


Read 1 Kings 19:9-18 Then find the quietest place you can Sit there as long as you can _____________________________________________________________________________"The Joy of Quiet" by Pico Iyer … [Read more...]


Sit down and think through your sins.What are the things you do that prevent you from seeing God?What is it that keeps you from love of others, love of God, even love of yourself?Spend 15 minutes reflecting on this and make a list with thorough descriptions.Then meet with your pastor or just a brother or sister in Christ and confess your sins.Feel the relief of releasing yourself from your sins. Feel the forgiveness of Christ upon you. … [Read more...]

What God Has Given

Look for and recognize the gifts God has given to others Marvel in them Celebrate themBe humble in your own gifts and center your praise to God on the gifts of the people you have had the fortune to call friends, brothers, and sisters in Christ.Write a note to someone whose gifts you admire Join them in giving thanks to God _________________________________________________________Why Pray? by Ben Myers … [Read more...]

New Year’s Rule

Order your life--put the principles and practices of your spiritual life into a kind of contract.The monastics called this a rule of life.The Rule of St. Benedict is a foundational rule, but there are many simpler ones.Consider using "The Soul WOD Rule of Life" as a template, but add in what you think necessary for your development in Christlikeness over the next year.Think about what specific practices might help you overcome or develop more fully areas where you are lacking … [Read more...]

Jesus Prayer

Sit and breathe through your nose Seek to be conscious of every breathOnce you feel conscious of every breath, say "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God" as you inhale and "have mercy on me a sinner" as you exhaleTry to practice this for at least 10 minutesGo throughout your day and return as often as possible to this prayer__________________________________________________________________The "Jesus Prayer" … [Read more...]


In addition to fasting from food fast from media don't look at magazines don't watch movies or T.V. don't listen to the radio resist anything that works to manipulate your desiresWhenever you do encounter something that elicits a want or desire write it down In the evening review the list consider how each desire fits with your formation into Christlikeness … [Read more...]