Positive Fast

Live on the word of God Eat no food, but don't focus on the absence Focus on finding nourishment from scripture and prayer __________________________________ St. John Chrysostom on Fasting ________________________________ On the practical side, if you find fasting for a day difficult, consider cutting all sugar from your diet. Most people who find fasting for a day extremely difficult have an insulin/blood sugar imbalance that needs to be addressed. … [Read more...]


Where ever you are What ever you are doing Rest God is God _______________________ Psalm 139 … [Read more...]

Fully God, Fully Man

Sit in silence and imagine Jesus Christ Pray to Jesus as God Pray to Christ as man Seek to do both at once ________________________________ "Jesus and the Identity of God" by N.T. Wright … [Read more...]


Seek out a Christian or group of Christians you trust and are drawn to Ask for help in hearing God ______________________________ "The Clearness Committee: A Communal Approach to Discernment" by Parker Palmer … [Read more...]


Speak only when necessary Keep words to a minimum Seek to be conscious of everything you say Use the extra time to listen … [Read more...]

Turn Off, Tune In

Shut down your computer Turn off your cell phone Avoid all screens Be present with Christ's body of which you are a member … [Read more...]

Palms-down, Palms-up

Give your fears, anxieties, thoughts to Christ Receive his love, mercy, and resources for life in the Kingdom … [Read more...]


No caloric food or drink until 5 PM "Fasting...retrains us away from dependence upon the satisfaction of desire and makes the kingdom of God a vital factor in our concrete existence." --Dallas Willard _____________________________________________________ "What is Wrong with Capitalism? The Problem with the Problem with Capitalism" by Daniel M. Bell Jr. … [Read more...]

Sit Still

Set a timer for 10 minutes Sit quietly in a straight-backed chair Clear your mind, listen hard Anytime a distracting thought comes gently push it out by saying "Lord Jesus" What do you hear? … [Read more...]


Put Matthew 6:25-34 in your own words … [Read more...]