The first witnesses to the birth of Christ outside of the holy family were the shepherds. Why shepherds? We can't know, but we do know that they certainly weren't the powerful, the educated, the people trained to handle such messages.Today, pray that you will see the shepherds around you. Look for those unexpected people who are receiving God's message of peace and salvation--follow them to the newborn king.Try going on a walk in an area you wouldn't normally go (or dare to go) and look for … [Read more...]

Positive Fast

Live on the word of God Eat no food, but don't focus on the absence Focus on finding nourishment from scripture and prayer __________________________________St. John Chrysostom on Fasting ________________________________On the practical side, if you find fasting for a day difficult, consider cutting all sugar from your diet. Most people who find fasting for a day extremely difficult have an insulin/blood sugar imbalance that needs to be addressed. … [Read more...]


Where ever you are What ever you are doing Rest God is God_______________________Psalm 139 … [Read more...]

Fully God, Fully Man

Sit in silence and imagine Jesus Christ Pray to Jesus as God Pray to Christ as man Seek to do both at once________________________________"Jesus and the Identity of God" by N.T. Wright … [Read more...]


Seek out a Christian or group of Christians you trust and are drawn to Ask for help in hearing God ______________________________"The Clearness Committee: A Communal Approach to Discernment" by Parker Palmer … [Read more...]


Speak only when necessary Keep words to a minimum Seek to be conscious of everything you sayUse the extra time to listen … [Read more...]

Turn Off, Tune In

Shut down your computer Turn off your cell phone Avoid all screens Be present with Christ's body of which you are a member … [Read more...]

Palms-down, Palms-up

Give your fears, anxieties, thoughts to Christ Receive his love, mercy, and resources for life in the Kingdom … [Read more...]


No caloric food or drink until 5 PM"Fasting...retrains us away from dependence upon the satisfaction of desire and makes the kingdom of God a vital factor in our concrete existence." --Dallas Willard_____________________________________________________ "What is Wrong with Capitalism? The Problem with the Problem with Capitalism" by Daniel M. Bell Jr. … [Read more...]

Sit Still

Set a timer for 10 minutes Sit quietly in a straight-backed chair Clear your mind, listen hard Anytime a distracting thought comes gently push it out by saying "Lord Jesus"What do you hear? … [Read more...]