Speak only when necessary Keep words to a minimum Seek to be conscious of everything you sayUse the extra time to listen … [Read more...]

Turn Off, Tune In

Shut down your computer Turn off your cell phone Avoid all screens Be present with Christ's body of which you are a member … [Read more...]

Palms-down, Palms-up

Give your fears, anxieties, thoughts to Christ Receive his love, mercy, and resources for life in the Kingdom … [Read more...]


No caloric food or drink until 5 PM"Fasting...retrains us away from dependence upon the satisfaction of desire and makes the kingdom of God a vital factor in our concrete existence." --Dallas Willard_____________________________________________________ "What is Wrong with Capitalism? The Problem with the Problem with Capitalism" by Daniel M. Bell Jr. … [Read more...]

Sit Still

Set a timer for 10 minutes Sit quietly in a straight-backed chair Clear your mind, listen hard Anytime a distracting thought comes gently push it out by saying "Lord Jesus"What do you hear? … [Read more...]


Put Matthew 6:25-34 in your own words … [Read more...]


In everything you do In every interaction Focus on being fully present--without distraction Imagine Christ as a fleeting presence in the moment He may come suddenly, he may leave suddenly You wouldn't want to miss him … [Read more...]

Imago Dei

Observe your internal images. How do you see yourself? What do you imagine? Do you imagine yourself in a big house when you pass it? Do you imagine yourself more handsome or beautiful than so and so? Smarter than the other guy? Watch your internal images and when they occur write them down. At the end of the day reflect on what you've written. Are your images of yourself conforming to the image of God? … [Read more...]


Take a nature walk--in a park, woodlands or down a city street. What has God created? … [Read more...]


In the evening reflect on the day. Ask: How many times did you try to manipulate how people see you? Count the number. Pray tomorrow it will be less. Repeat daily as necessary.(Inspired by Jack Bernard author of How to Become a Saint) … [Read more...]