Confession Before Thanksgiving

It's two days before Thanksgiving and already many are gathering lists of the blessings of life.  Thanksgiving is a good thing, but far too often we give thanks without questioning whether some of our blessings were brought to us through the misery of others.  How did we get our wealth or our material goods?  Who made our phones and our computers and our clothes?  What sins have we committed or were committed on our behalf in order to get what we now give thanks for?  The Thanksgiving meal itse … [Read more...]

Make Someone’s Day

Watch out for someone who needs something special--someone who has experienced a loss, is going through some life struggle, or is just having a bad day.  Then do something to show that person the love of Christ.  It could be as simple as dropping off a favorite treat, giving a massage, or just sending along a note.  Make someone's day and ask Christ to help you live this day as his mirror in the world. … [Read more...]

A Day for Patience

Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PM.  Among the many lessons of fasting, patience is a key one.  As the day goes on and hunger grows the desire for food will also grow.  But we must wait, we must learn to be patient in the fulfilling of this desire.  In fasting deliberately for one day we are training ourselves to be patient for other times when we must put our desires on hold and wait. … [Read more...]

Begin and End

As you go about your day, begin each task with a short prayer and end each task with thanksgiving.  For instance when you go to check your email pray that the peace of God will be with you in your correspondence and after you close your email thank God being present.  This is a way of becoming conscious of our dependence on grace as well as a way to be present in each of our activities. … [Read more...]

The Daily Examine

The Daily Examine is one of the key aspects of St. Ignatius of Loyola's classic spiritual exercises.  Using this daily examine at the close of every day is a wonderful way to offer our day to God, work through any problems the day presented, and prepare for the next day.There are five steps to The Daily Examine.  We recommend you practice this while sitting quietly in a straight-backed chair for the best focus.1. Become aware of the presence of God: Light a candle, say a short prayer, b … [Read more...]

From Head to Toe

Lie down on the ground and relax your body.  Invite the spirit of God to come into each part of you, working from your head to your toes and back again praying, "Come, Holy Spirit." … [Read more...]

Ask This Question

Sometimes our own perceptions are skewed, we can't always evaluate ourselves.  From time to time we need to check in with our friends and family to help us see where we are.  Today is one of those days and the question at hand is what kind of good news have you have shared.  Ask it on Facebook or in person, but ask it--"what good news have I told you verbally or through my actions." … [Read more...]

Take Delight

Today, savor the world.  Put your attention toward enjoying the people you encounter, the activities you do, the serendipities that come.  Take a walk in the woods and delight in the incredible creation.  The world is full of delightful things; the Sabbath is a day to really savor them. … [Read more...]


Tomorrow churches that use the Revised Common Lectionary will read Mark 12:38-44 and most likely hear a sermon on it.  Too often we don't have time to really reflect on the Gospel read on Sunday.  We hear it quickly and don't have time to process it.  Today, read the  Gospel reading for this Sunday and reflect on it.  Use as many different angles to get to the passage as possible.  Write a poem on the passage, paint a picture of it, try to write your own sermon--use whatever method helps you ente … [Read more...]

Friday Fast

Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PM.  Remember that a fast is not something that is meant to weaken us but is rather intended to bring us strength.  Just as lifting weights tears down muscle and makes them temporarily weaker, when we recover from the stress of the lift we are stronger.  It is the same with fasting.  Writer Dallas Willard has pointed out that when Jesus faced Satan in the desert after a forty day fast it wasn't because Jesus was weak--God had been strengthening him to … [Read more...]