Happiness Is Found Outside of Our Comfort Zones

Creative Commons / Pexels.com
Creative Commons / Pexels.com

Is it more important to be happy or comfortable? Is comfort and happiness the same thing?

Comfort feels good. On the surface, comfort might seem like a good place to be. Many of us worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get there. But when we stop reaching and growing in life–can comfort actually be a bad thing?

Comfort sometimes will masquerade as happiness. Once you’ve attained comfort–then what? We focus too much on keeping what’s making us comfortable–more money, more stress, bigger TVs and luxury SUVs–and not enough on the things that truly give life meaning.

In Comfort Detox, Erin Straza calls out our comfort addictions and gives us the courage to face them. She invites us to embrace a much more fulfilling path — one that involves relying less on our earthly comforts for purpose and meaning and instead living the way the Lord intended–with compassion, mercy, and love.

Straza chronicles how a life-changing visit to a red-light district in India revealed her own personal struggles struggles with vulnerability and honesty. It’s also chock full of profound and practical advice–including a “Comfort Cleanse.” It’s the type of book that isn’t meant to be consumed in one sitting–rather, it’s one to pick up again and again, with plenty of space and time for contemplation.

Comfort Detox is an eye-opening look at the paradoxes of modern living and is a practical approach to embracing God as the one and only divine comforter.

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