Boundless: What Global Expressions of Faith Teach Us About Following Jesus


“We benefit so much from the unique perspectives of people from other cultures. I’ve thought of this process of learning from others as similar to the process of trying a new ethnic cuisine. It probably will taste strange at first. But if you are open to learn new flavors, you might find it enriches your life.” [Read More...]

Mothers and Daughters, and Faith

By Sarahbeth Caplin Now Featured in the Patheos Book Club Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian, Mother, Their Path to Peace I’ve read plenty of books about individual paths of spiritual discovery, but it is rare for me to come across a story like that of Patricia and Alana Raybon: a mother and daughter struggling to [Read More...]

Undivided: A Story of Love, Not Agreement


By Holly Baer Patricia and Alana Raybon found themselves enraptured in the new American story: an interfaith family. Patricia, a devout Christian, struggles to accept her daughter’s chosen faith, Islam. Alana, a ten-year revert, wants her mother to accept her and her faith and respect her choices. Painfully honest and unafraid to address harsh subjects, [Read More...]

Design Your Own Pilgrimage: A Review of ‘The Soul of a Pilgrim’


Book Review of The Soul of a Pilgrim Now Featured at the Patheos Book Club by Lisa Burgess Because I read a lot of books, I’m picky. My favorite kind? Books that inspire me to go and live, not just sit and read. The Soul of a Pilgrim is such a book. This latest by Christine Valters Paintner (an online [Read More...]

All Good Stories Begin with Questions: Why I Wrote The Master Yeshua

Joyce&Sphinx Edited

“All good stories begin with questions.” — Joyce Luck, author, The Master Yeshua Many people have asked me why I chose to write The Master Yeshua. The life of Jesus has been told and retold so many times that there’s hardly anything new to say. Another friend, a Roman Catholic, even worries that the book’s [Read More...]

“Redeeming Sex” by Debra Hirsch


Debra Hirsch gives voice to the voiceless in her new book about sex. [Read more...]

A Piece of Peace: Book Review of “Sanctuary” by Terry Hershey


This is the kind of book you read, re-read, underline passages from and mark notes in. It’s like a handbook for enjoying your own little piece of peace. [Read more...]