About Amber Stamper

Amber Stamper holds a Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric and Composition) and is an Assistant Professor of Language, Literature, and Communication at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. Her research and publications center on religious rhetoric and communication, especially issues of Christian evangelism and the digital church.

Wholehearted Living: An Essential Devotional for this Mom


Before I became a mother, I will confess giving more than one eye roll to pretty much any devotional marketed to “busy people.” Any study promising to “only” take five or ten or at the absolute most fifteen minutes appeared—to my pre-motherhood mind—a way of catering to our I-want-it-NOW-and-I-don’t-want-to-be-inconvenienced culture. And then: twin boys came. [Read More...]

Worried to Death: Amy Simpson’s “Anxious” and the Sin of Worry

Most Christians are well aware of what Scripture has to say about worry. Our Pinterest boards and Facebook timelines testify to it: image after image of serene sunrises, placid oceans, fair skies, and green meadows is emblazoned with delicate cursive script reminding us to “Be anxious for nothing,” to “Fear not,” to “Cast all [our] [Read More...]

Advent as Sensation and Immersion: A Review of “Taste & See”


Advent devotionals are among my absolutely most favorite things in the world. Each year, as the crisp breezes of fall give way to the sharper chills of winter, I begin my search. For weeks, I browse the shelves of local bookstores, traipse the digital trails of Google and Amazon, and ask friends for recommendations. Last [Read More...]

Abraham as Archetype, Abraham as Man


As an academic, I am pretty much required by contract to embrace complexity: to be of scholarly (i.e., publishable) caliber, any argument forwarded must be nuanced; a literature review must incorporate a diversity of perspectives; the opposition viewpoint should always be acknowledged. In fact, what I often find to be the real beauty of academic [Read More...]

Called: A Book Review


I began reading Mark Labberton’s Called: The Crisis and Promise of Following Jesus Today the same morning that I met a new mom friend from my twins’ Gymboree class for coffee. Their family had recently moved back to America from Asia, where her husband had been involved in an anti-trafficking ministry, and she had taught [Read More...]

Preventing Suicide: A Book Review

“Religion protects against suicide.” –Karen Mason, Preventing Suicide At the heart of the Christian gospel is the promise of peace and joy: peace in our redemption from sin and reconciliation with a Creator Who loves us; joy in the promise of an eternal and restored life to come. It is a gospel of hope and [Read More...]

Unstoppable: A Book Review


“Friday Night Lights” is hands down my favorite television show ever. I love everything about it: the characters, the story line, the music, the football, (Tami Taylor’s hair), and of course the wonderful and rare values of faith and family that it promotes. I started watching “FNL” because one of my best friends kept talking [Read More...]