About Chuck Gutenson

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Gutenson is Chief Operating Officer of Sojourners. He previously served 10 years at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky, most recently as the professor of Theology and Philosophy. He received a M.Div. from Asbury in 1995 and a PhD in Philosophical Theology from Southern Methodist University in 2000. A member of the International Society of Theta Phi, an honor society for theological students, scholars in the field of religion and outstanding religious leaders, Chuck is the author of three books (one forthcoming) and numerous articles on a variety of theological and philosophical articles.

Freedom: A Good Thing? An Excerpt from The Right Church

In our contemporary context, it is hard to imagine a word more frequently tossed around to arouse our passions than the word “freedom.”  I have to admit that my suspicions are raised immediately when I see some new congressional legislation with the word “freedom” in it or when I hear a public official affirm that [Read More…]

How To Live Like the First Christians

[This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring the new book The Right Church: Live Like the First Christians, by Charles E. Gutenson.  Below is the first in a series of posts by Gutenson related to the book.] From the Introduction At one level, then, this book is about church renewal.  In a sense, [Read More…]

Change? Well, You Have to Want to….

[This post is part of the conversation around the new book, Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan Church Divide, now featured at the Patheos Book Club.] It’s a truism, isn’t it?  In order to change, well, one has to want to change.  During a recent conversation about the steps that we can take to reduce the rancorous [Read More…]

Who Will Be This Year’s John McCain?

[This post is part of the conversation around the new book, Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan Church Divide, now featured at the Patheos Book Club.] I just finished watching the HBO movie “Game Change,” which gives one perspective on the selection of Sarah Palin for the GOP vice-presidential slot in the 2008 McCain campaign.  Those [Read More…]

Politicians, Faith and Attack Ads

Hijacked co-author Chuck Gutenson on partisan politics: “My challenge to you, for this election season is just this: Do not let them mislead and distract you with campaign ads aimed to hijack Christian faith for partisan gain!” [Read more…]

“Real Christians” Vote For…

Would it be possible to agree on one rule for this next political season? Let us agree that we will not treat members of the other party as if they are not really Christians. [Read more…]

When Politics Trump Our Theology

Those of us who are supposed to be united under the Lordship of Christ will find ourselves divided by partisan loyalties, and those outside the church will once again roll their eyes and wonder why we so easily allow our politics to trump our theology. [Read more…]