About Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett is a writer, professor, preacher, retreat leader, and musician based in Austin, Texas.

God, the Funeral Crasher: Clay Morgan’s Undead

When Clay Morgan was four years old, he was accidentally abandoned by his family at a funeral home. I’m not saying that shaped his life, but I do know that when he was four years old, Stephen King saw a playmate get hit by a freight train, and he has had a bit of an [Read More…]

Loving at a Particular Address: Letters to a Future Church

[This post is part of our Blogger Roundtable on the new book Letters to a Future Church, edited by Chris Lewis, and now featured at the Patheos Book Club.] I want to tell a story I once heard about my current church, St. David’s Episcopal in downtown Austin, Texas. It’s the story, actually, that made [Read More…]

The Two Cities: A Review of The Pope Who Quit

Jon M. Sweeney’s The Pope Who Quit offers a potent exploration of the tensions between spirituality and power, between individual piety and community polity, and what happens when the Two Cities Augustine wrote about, the earthly and heavenly, collapse into one. [Read more…]