Gifts of the Visitation: A Q&A with Catholic Convert Denise Bossert       


“As Evangelical Protestants, we rarely spoke of Mary, and we avoided the story of the Visitation completely. And yet, Mary is the perfect model of evangelization. She shared Jesus Christ first, and she shared Him fully. Everything we need to know about sharing Christ is embedded in Mary’s story.” — Denise Bossert, Catholic author and [Read More...]

Stump a Scholar: John H. Walton on Adam and Eve

A new book on Adam and Eve and the human origins debate by Old Testament scholar John H. Walton has created significant buzz this week at Patheos. We invited our Facebook followers to try and stump our scholar, by asking Dr. Walton any question related to the book they wanted. We received some 45 comments and questions– from [Read More...]

Maybe It’s Less About What We Do and More About How We Go About Doing It: A Review of ‘The Grand Paradox’

If you enjoy pretentious, feel-good Christian non-sense written by men who claim to have a secret understanding of God’s will for mankind, this is not the book for you.
If you crave a voice who is willing to acknowledge the seemingly limitless ironies, and frustrations of our daily attempt to live out faith in a spiritual reality in the midst of a physical, skeptical world and the challenges we all face in the process, bon appetite.
[Read more...]

Are Adam and Eve For Real? A Q&A with Author John Walton


“We too easily believe that the world of biblical interpretation is a black and white world—that whatever view we have adopted is right and everyone else is wrong. Such a view is too facile. In many cases we do our best to be faithful interpreters, but the Bible just doesn’t offer enough information to give [Read More...]

St. Patrick, AA, and Vulnerable Faith: A Q&A with Jamie Arpin-Ricci


“Who willingly exposes their weaknesses? Yet that is exactly that path Jesus calls us to tread, and for good reason: There is more hope in honest brokenness than in the pretense of false wholeness. – Jamie Arpin-Ricci, author, Vulnerable Faith This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring a new book by inner city pastor [Read More...]

Tongue Pierced: A Review

Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson’s Tongue Pierced: How the Words You Speak Transform the Life You Live is an accessible and timely book. The rise of social media has made it possible for our words to be broadcast much further and with greater ease than ever before. The ability to speak “anonymously” from behind [Read More...]

Frank Rogers’ Practicing Compassion: A Book Review


This is a text that is, at the very least, a reminder of the value of love towards others and a source of encouragement for expressing this love with more intention and focus. And certainly there is room for one more text promoting such a noble ideal on our shelves. [Read more...]