St. Patrick, AA, and Vulnerable Faith: A Q&A with Jamie Arpin-Ricci


“Who willingly exposes their weaknesses? Yet that is exactly that path Jesus calls us to tread, and for good reason: There is more hope in honest brokenness than in the pretense of false wholeness. – Jamie Arpin-Ricci, author, Vulnerable Faith This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring a new book by inner city pastor [Read More...]

Tongue Pierced: A Review

Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson’s Tongue Pierced: How the Words You Speak Transform the Life You Live is an accessible and timely book. The rise of social media has made it possible for our words to be broadcast much further and with greater ease than ever before. The ability to speak “anonymously” from behind [Read More...]

Frank Rogers’ Practicing Compassion: A Book Review


This is a text that is, at the very least, a reminder of the value of love towards others and a source of encouragement for expressing this love with more intention and focus. And certainly there is room for one more text promoting such a noble ideal on our shelves. [Read more...]

What is the Holy Spirit? A 40 Day Journey with Jack Levison

Photo by Martin Howard

We seem to know much about God, the Father of the Trinity. We know even more about Jesus, the Son of the Trinity. But that about the third aspect? We often believe the Holy Spirit is a mystery, a vague being about which we don’t know much about. Frequently, we don’t care to learn more [Read More...]

Watch Your Tongue: A Q&A with Author Nelson Searcy


“Words are never neutral. None of us has ever spoken a neutral word in our entire life. Every word that comes out of your mouth and mine has a consequence attached to it, and that consequence will either be positive or negative.” – Nelson Searcy, author, Tongue Pierced This month in the Patheos Book Club, [Read More...]

On Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case


Author Interview with Frank Turek Your new book has the provocative title, Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case. The back cover says: “What if your best arguments against God prove that He really exists?” How are atheists stealing from God and proving He exists?   Atheists are using aspects of [Read More...]

On the Messiness of Life and the Mystery of God: A Review of Ken Wytsma’s “The Grand Paradox”


Say the word “theology” and eyes can glaze over. A number of reasons for this come to mind. Sometimes our thinking on theology is sincerely misguided. Some believe that being Christian bypasses the mind, that thinking too much just provokes arguments and stifles simple faith. Some of us are lazy, shirking the mental work of [Read More...]