Escaping Christianity: A Patheos Q&A with Tom Muzzio

Tom Muzzio has a conversion story – from atheism to Christianity and back to atheism. Along the way, he experiences the inside world of Christian fundamentalism as a convert, then an ordained minister, and then a missionary. And then he leaves. His experiences with Christian hypocrisy, the play for power, and the hatred for gays [Read More…]

Seeing the Face of God: A Patheos Q&A with Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

There are probably as many personality tests out there as there are personalities, and they all have strengths and weaknesses in their support of the pursuit of a transformed life. The Enneagram, in this sense, is one of many, but it also makes some extraordinarily powerful and unique contributions to the work of conversion—the work [Read More…]

God’s People in the House: A Patheos Q&A with Virginia Foxx

“It may have surprised readers to see how vital prayer is in the individual and collective lives of those serving in high office, and yet this book illuminates that fact as a shining truth. Weekly prayer breakfasts, regular bible study groups, and conversations with others who also cherish God—these guide the relationships and inner lives [Read More…]

Surface Tensions: A Q&A with Millennial Author Nathan Roberts

“‘Surface Tensions’ refers to the tension between inside and outside, isolation and interaction, solipsism and interpersonal unity. It refers to tension between the hollow, image-driven selves we attempt to create and the selves we humbly lay before each other’s feet––and how these tensions manifest themselves by way of the many modern surfaces (cell phones, movie screens, [Read More…]

God Unbound: Wisdom for the Church in Anxious Times

My relationship with the books of the Bible is the same as it is with food: I like some portions more than others. I know it’s all scripture, all inspired. I get it. But over the course of 45 years or so of Christian living, some books just haven’t rung my bell at times. The book of Acts was the [Read More…]

What Makes Someone Jewish? A Book Review

By Sarahbeth Caplin It was with great personal interest that I read Jewish-Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity by Shalom Goldman: a collection of mini-biographies about seven 20th-century converts from Judaism to Christianity, and vice versa. Of the seven, only one name was familiar to me besides the biblical Ruth: Moishe Rosen, the controversial founder of “Jews for Jesus,” [Read More…]

Jewish-Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity

In his new book on Jewish identity, Shalom Goldman shows us that it’s not easy to become Jewish, even harder to try to leave, and, maybe most difficult of all, to remain Jewish in the face of changing beliefs. [Read more…]