7 Billion Universes: An Interview With Deepak Chopra

If you pay attention to the work of astronomers, you might know that the universe was born from the Big Bang about 13.75 billion years ago, that it’s made of 70 percent dark energy, and that the universe is rapidly expanding and cooling as it ages. What do all of these theories (or facts, depending [Read More…]

Don’t Get Too Comfortable: A Q&A With Erin Straza

Author Erin Straza answers questions about her new book, Comfort Detox, featured in the Patheos Book Club. Why do you think detoxing is so popular today? What does it say about our society? Erin Straza: People want freedom from the excesses they’ve become accustomed to. Small indulgences, over time, can wield great authority in our lives! [Read More…]

Protecting Life From Womb to Tomb: Q&A With Melissa Ohden

Here’s a question I pondered for years: Can I be a feminist and be pro-life? Already as a teen, I identified as a feminist and had a lot of interest in women’s issues. I spent years wrestling with how my feminist beliefs and my views on abortion might fit together, because I wasn’t well versed in the first wave of feminism, but only the second wave (thanks to my school and the media), the one that most people understand to be feminism but which is in stark contrast to the first wave and its support for life. [Read more…]

Who Are We to Judge? A Review of ‘Paul Behaving Badly’

These are strange times for the apostle Paul. The contemporary resurgence of Calvinism and Reformed theology as promoted by writers like John Piper has prompted a renewed interest in the traditional Protestant interpretations of Paul. At the same time, a movement known as the “New Perspective on Paul,” launched by E.P. Sanders and popularized N.T. Wright, has questioned these traditional interpretations of Paul and has gained a significant following. [Read more…]

Angels Among Us: A Patheos Q&A with Joan Wester Anderson

Twenty-some years ago, Joan Wester Anderson was writing about any number of things for parents, career moms, and more, until one of her son’s had an extraordinary experience. That experience, and her exploration of it and all that ensued, changed the course of her writing and triggered a great stream of interest in all things [Read More…]

Living With and Loving the Saints: A Patheos Q&A with Fr. James Martin

Ten years ago, Fr. James Martin wrote a best-seller: My Life With the Saints. In it, he introduced sixteen Catholic saints and wove their stories into his. Now he has updated this memoir with his reflections on the saints, his own yearning for saintliness, and new stories. Patheos invited Fr. Martin to answer some of the [Read More…]

Paul and His Passionate Priorities: A Q&A with E. Randolph Richards and Brandon O’Brien

Paul has often been a lightning rod for the church. Jesus may be called “meek and mild,” but no one has ever thought of Paul that way. From the beginning, he challenged everyone—apostles, church members, Roman authorities, fellow Jews. His writings are dense, passionate, and at times, as Peter wrote, “hard to understand.” Yet his zeal [Read More…]