Core and Care: Reflecting on the Faith of Johnny Appleseed

Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead asserted that doctrinally speaking, a religion is “a set of general truths which have the effect of transforming character when they are sincerely held and vividly apprehended. In the long run your character and your conduct of life depend on your intimate convictions.” (Religion in the Making, 15) Experience is essential [Read More...]

God, the Funeral Crasher: Clay Morgan’s Undead

When Clay Morgan was four years old, he was accidentally abandoned by his family at a funeral home. I’m not saying that shaped his life, but I do know that when he was four years old, Stephen King saw a playmate get hit by a freight train, and he has had a bit of an [Read More...]

Do Guardian Angels Protect Me?


A number of years ago, I appeared on a CNN talk show along with a woman who had recently penned a book on guardian angels.  Perhaps they saw an article on angels I had written for a denominational magazine and wanted a Christian voice represented on the program.[1]  I was my theological best – after [Read More...]

The Ghost in the Family Room


By Grant Schnarr Author, Ghost Brother Angel (now featured at the Patheos Book Club) Some say that this is the time of year when the veil between our world and the world of spirit is thin. For some, this is the time of year when ghosts appear, and even reach out for us. I experienced [Read More...]

What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You


By David Murrow I just wrote a book titled, What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You. In it, I catalog the many secrets men keep from their wives. I can’t possibly reveal all of these in the limited space of a blog post. However, I’d like to hand you a precious key that can unlock your [Read More...]

Ghost Brother Angel: A Spiritual Memoir on Facing our Fears


In perfect time for the Halloween season, I had the pleasure of talking to author Grant Schnarr about his latest spiritual memoir and true-life ghost story, Ghost Brother Angel. The adventure story is indeed about a ghost, a brother, and an angel, and is a gripping page-turner beginning with Schnarr’s childhood memories of the agitated [Read More...]

Everyone is Crossing Roads: A Hindu Response to Brian McLaren


By Padma Kuppa [This post is part of an inter-faith response to Brian McLaren's new book Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?, hosted at the Patheos Book Club.] When I was asked to respond to Brian McLaren’s book, I did so with hope. I have written and spoken often about the difficulty in separating cultural [Read More...]