A Glorious Universe, Inspiring Adventures of the Spirit

As I was reading Karl Giberson’s Seven Glorious Days, my two year old grandson began  singing the spiritual “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”  as he played one of his imaginative guitars. This bit of synchronicity pointed to the creative interplay of theology and science as adventures of imagination and creativity. Could it [Read More...]

One Hymn, Two Theological Visions: A Response to Vertical Church

James McDonald’s Vertical Church asserts that the church is vital only when it proclaims the utter transcendence of God.  When we are small, God is large.  When we get out of the way, God’s will is done.  When we let go of our plans, even plans for church growth and vitality and focus only on [Read More...]

A Pastor’s Journey Through Sex Addiction: A Q&A with T.C. Ryan

In Ashamed No More, former pastor T.C. Ryan shares his personal story of struggling with sex addiction for more than forty years, illustrating not only the facts about sex addiction but also what is necessary for recovery. Pastors and church leaders are not immune to sexual addiction, and those in ministry who want to know [Read More...]

Re-Thinking the American Dream: A Book Review

At first blush, Frank A. Thomas’s new book, American Dream 2.0: A Christian Way Out of the Great Recession, is reminiscent of an article I wrote nearly two decades ago.  Writing for Religion News Service (RNS) in 1996, I was reflecting on the recession of the early 1990s and its effect on my family.  In [Read More...]

American Dream 2.0: An Interview with Frank A. Thomas

Frank Thomas

This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re talking about  the new book American Dream 2.0: A Christian Way Out of the Great Recession, by author and pastor Frank A. Thomas.  In the book, Dr. Thomas argues that we need a new American Dream, one that aligns with Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom of God [Read More...]

inSignificant: A Book Review

In the new book, inSignificant, Chris Travis describes what a failure he came to be and claims it was the most significant time in his life, a time he wouldn’t have missed for anything. [Read more...]


So here’s the question: What’s stopping you from doing the most important thing you’ll do today? [Read more...]