Five Lines to Watch For in The Hobbit


By Devin Brown Author of The Christian World of The Hobbit Whether you are reading The Hobbit for the first time, rereading it for the twentieth, or simply looking forward to seeing the first of the three Hobbit films this December—here are five lines from Tolkien’s original to watch for. 1. “You can stop at [Read More...]

New Thought: Not Just About Me and My Mind


By Laura Paskell-Brown  “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” –John Lennon As someone who grew up in Europe, John Haller’s text, A History of New Thought, is a fascinating insight not only into the history of New Thought itself, but also the ways in which [Read More...]

The Power of the Mind in an Interdependent Universe


One of most spiritually significant and problematic aspects of New Thought and New Age philosophies involves its emphasis on the power of the mind and the role of thought in creating the circumstances of our lives. New Age teachers regularly proclaim that we create our own realities and that our life situation is a direct [Read More...]

Hungering for the Real Deal: A Review of The Intentional Christian Community Handbook


Editorial people create book titles that flirt with readers. They want us to pick it up, flip through and find it hard to put down. They want us to click into our cart and proceed to check out. This title won’t do that; it just doesn’t have much of a beat to dance to, overlooks [Read More...]

New Thought: The Real Genesis of “Positive Thinking”


Amid the numerous religious and secular positive thinkers today who have commodifided empowerment and self-discovery, the term New Thought is curiously absent from their discussions. [Read more...]

Following Jesus, Warts and All: A Review of Holy Nomad


I was in conversation with a young man recently who had encountered and was drawn to what he called “the Jesus Story,” after searching through other traditions, but became frightened and repelled when he met what he experienced as all the rules that communities have about following the Jesus Way. How I wish I could [Read More...]

Making Friends Among the Taliban: A Q&A with Author Jonathan Larson


I’m not sure I’ve been quite so moved by a book as I was upon completing Making Friends Among the Taliban: A Peacemaker’s Journey in Afghanistan, by Jonathan P. Larson. In this remarkable true story of U.S. aid-worker Dan Terry’s life – and death – in remote Afghanistan over the course of 30 some years, author [Read More...]