Did the Cardinals Know Who They Were Electing?

By Jon M. Sweeney A review of Francis: Man of Prayer, by Mario Escobar. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2013. First of all, disregard the gold medallion the marketers stuck on the cover of this book: “A Biography.” It’s not, or at least, not really. A true biography involves some amount of original research, whether in library [Read More…]

Embodied Souls Fully Alive

One of the strangest things I encountered as I read “Fully Alive” was the similarities between Dr. Crabb’s views on the body and Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.” [Read more…]

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Q&A with Christine Valters Paintner

In my new book, Eyes of the Heart, I explore the Christian practice of lectio divina, which means sacred reading, and is an ancient contemplative way of reading scripture, practiced by the very early monks of our tradition, as a way of framing the practice of photography as visio divina, or sacred seeing. [Read more…]

Strange Gods is a Thorough Reality Check

Yes, open this book, and prepare to feel, perhaps momentarily, panicked that all of your life is an unexposed idol minefield, fraught with spiritual missteps that you can never avoid. But, YES, take courage! [Read more…]

Becoming the Son: A Q&A with Author C.D. Baker

Now Featured at the Patheos Book Club Becoming the Son: An Autobiography of Jesus By C.D. Baker An Interview with the Author Why should someone read this book? Jesus Christ changed the world, and not just for Christians. Knowing who he could have been can make a great difference in the way any of us [Read More…]

Animate: Coming Out as Apophatic

By Lillian Daniel, author and contributor to animate.Faith Gathered in a cozy living room, our little church group watched the Animate DVDs over eight weeks. We dug into the deep theological questions as we got to learn more about God, each other and the vagaries of our host’s temperamental toilet. In the first DVD, the [Read More…]

Help Us Remember Who We Are: A Review of Strange Gods

By Laurel Dalrymple When I first looked at Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life, by Elizabeth Scalia, I thought, “Oh no, another book to make me feel guilty.” That wasn’t the only thought I had; I was also excited to read something (even if it was going to be convicting) by someone whom [Read More…]