Signs, Wonders, and … a Baptist Preacher?


“Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher” is an attempt to show that brokenness and conservative theology is not a roadblock to seeing the supernatural become quite actually natural. [Read more...]

Rethinking Christian Activism: A Q&A with Tyler Wigg-Stevenson


Amidst the plethora of worthy causes crying out for attention in the world today, how does one truly discern how to respond and act?  Sure, you can “Like” a Facebook page – or several for that matter – but is that enough, or even helpful?  And what happens when we do throw ourselves into one, [Read More...]

A Better C.S. Lewis Biography


“Do we really need another one of these?” When I saw that a new biography on C.S. Lewis was coming out this spring, I sighed over what I saw as yet another attempt to introduce Lewis to a new generation and those new to the faith and, therefore, to him. Make no mistake, I’m a [Read More...]

Getting Real with God Down Deep

9277 Finding God in the Dark_mck.indd

What happens when, as Christians, our lives take serious hits? I mean “four torpedoes at the waterline” kind of hit. [Read more...]

Women are Natural Change-Agents


It will take more than just laws to stop people taking advantage of those who have less power, and that is why we must all continue to do something – whether to stop trafficking or to promote interreligious understanding. [Read more...]

Finding God in the Dark: A Q&A with Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin

9277 Finding God in the Dark_mck.indd

Writer Ted Kluck’s world was turned upside down after experiencing a failed adoption, where he found himself propelled into a year of doubt and disillusionment. Recording artist Ronnie Martin struggled with identity and idolatry issues before the unexpected death of his father. In a new book out this month called Finding God in the Dark: Faith, [Read More...]

C.S. Lewis, A Life: A Q&A with Author Alister McGrath


In C.S. Lewis — A Life, Alister McGrath, prolific author and respected professor at King’s College of London, paints a definitive portrait of the life of popular fiction writer and atheist-turned-Christian C. S. Lewis. After thoroughly examining recently published Lewis correspondence, Alister challenges some of the previously held beliefs about the exact timing of Lewis’s [Read More...]