A Piece of Peace: Book Review of “Sanctuary” by Terry Hershey


This is the kind of book you read, re-read, underline passages from and mark notes in. It’s like a handbook for enjoying your own little piece of peace. [Read more...]

Runaway Radical: A Groundbreaking Expose of Systematic Abuse


By Kevin C. Neece In Runaway Radical, Amy Hollingsworth continues to do what she does best: weave a deeply personal story with the larger narrative of the love of God and his presence in human lives. And, in his revealing debut, her son Jonathan shows himself to share his mother’s ability to distill the mysteries [Read More...]

Finding Sanctuary: A Q&A with Spiritual Director Terry Hershey


“Sanctuary is not a ‘program’ or a ‘project.’ Our western mindset can see sanctuary as something on a list to check off, and if we’re diligent, something we can excel at. But sanctuary is not someplace we arrive. It is a journey, a direction we are going. An invitation to present, attentive and grounded—regardless of [Read More...]

Claiming Soul Space: On Creating Sanctuary in Your Life

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By Terry Hershey, author Sanctuary: Creating a Space for Grace in Your Life Everyone has a sanctuary, if only in the mind. Even if we can’t say what it is, we know of its power. It is a place where we feel grounded, unhurried, and renewed. We go there whenever we can, which never seems [Read More...]

When Missions Fail: A Q&A with ‘Runaway Radical’ authors Amy and Jonathan Hollingsworth


“So many of the books out today beckoning young Christians to answer radical calls to obedience are totally unrealistic. They tell these extraordinary, one-in-a-million success stories in a way that suggests anyone can do it. But what these authors fail to mention, however, is that their results aren’t typical.” – Jonathan Hollingsworth, co-author, Runaway Radical The [Read More...]

Runaway Radical: On Spiritual Abuse and Telling the Truth


“We’re often told there’s some sort of vending machine equation to Christianity. Insert the currency of sacrifice and you will be rewarded with miracles, success, fame, etc. The more you give, the more you will be blessed. But what about when that doesn’t happen?” By Nicole Tera I didn’t think writing a simple book review would [Read More...]

Stump a Scholar: John H. Walton on the Tree of Knowledge

A new book on Adam and Eve and the human origins debate by Old Testament scholar John H. Walton is creating significant buzz at Patheos. We invited our Facebook followers to try and stump our scholar, by asking Dr. Walton any question related to the book they wanted. We received some 45 comments and questions– from the serious (“Assuming the Genesis stories [Read More...]