Daddy God: A Review of Abba’s Heart

by Wendi Matusic If you, like me, can’t see the word “Abba” without thinking “Dancing Queen” or “Mama Mia,” you’ll likely have a few 1970’s flash backs from the title of Neal Lozano’s book Abba’s Heart. But in a convoluted way, I think that relates to what the author wants us to know – the true [Read More…]

The Paranormal Conspiracy: A Q&A with Author Timothy Dailey

“The Paranormal Conspiracy tells the stories of those who became deeply involved in otherworldly phenomena, often with tragic results. I wrote the book for those who are seeking answers regarding everything from ghostly beings to Bigfoot to UFOs—and are open to a biblical perspective on these enigmatic topics.” — Timothy Dailey, author What inspired you to [Read More…]

Curious about Christianity? A Review of ‘Tweeting with God’

by Jane Dudley Father Michel Remery, a Dutch priest, has written Tweeting with God, from Ignatius Press, a book to answer some 200 questions on God, life, the Church, and faith. The book will be good for those curious about Christianity, but also for those who have been Christian for years but perhaps have done [Read More…]

Tweeting with God … and Young Adults: A Book Review

by Kamilla Ludwig Tweeting with God was an unexpected pleasure. What started out as a young adult discussion group at a church in the Netherlands has become a book, app (#TwGOD) and associated Twitter account that serves, not only as a sort of catechism, but an evangelism tool as well. Although the author, Fr. Michel Remery [Read More…]

Coming Home: A Q&A with Author Star Chang

“I walked through the way of Jesus, the way of Buddha, the way of Plato and several other great teachers. I studied the agreements and disagreements among these major religions. Finally, I realized that the final goal is the same – but the road to reaching it is different.” — Star Chang, author, Coming Home [Read More…]

A Fine Book, With One Small Protest: A Review of ‘Tweeting with God’

by Kate Yeago Tweeting with God is an introduction to Catholicism, a sort of “200 questions you had about the Catholic Church but were afraid to ask”. It’s extremely readable and engaging, clearly aimed at a younger audience. The book uses a Twitter-themed format: each question is dealt with in two pages and summed up [Read More…]

Tweeting with God: A Book Review

By Sherry Antonetti The title, “Tweeting with God,” conjured visions of a short pithy book with 365 tweets, sort of a devotional or inspirational thought for the day. So I was surprised when a 431 page book arrived at my doorstep, delving into such topics as what the church teaches about sex, the big bang, [Read More…]