On the Messiness of Life and the Mystery of God: A Review of Ken Wytsma’s “The Grand Paradox”


Say the word “theology” and eyes can glaze over. A number of reasons for this come to mind. Sometimes our thinking on theology is sincerely misguided. Some believe that being Christian bypasses the mind, that thinking too much just provokes arguments and stifles simple faith. Some of us are lazy, shirking the mental work of [Read More...]

Blessed Mourning: Reflections on ALOOF, Chapter 10


[This post is part of a discussion on the new book Aloof: Figuring Out Life with a God Who Hides by Tony Kriz at the Patheos Book Club here.] Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. – Jesus, Matthew 5:4 I hate death. Death of a dream, death of a project, but most of [Read More...]

Figuring Out Life with a God Who Hides: A Review of Tony Kriz’s “Aloof”


In our hiking adventures, my wife and I have seen a number of different animals in the wild – sometimes from uncomfortably short distances. One day we saw a cougar thirty feet or so away (from inside a car). Normally most of us would never spot one in the wild and you don’t really want [Read More...]

Called to the Life of the Mind: A Book Review


Many will glance at the cover of Called to the Life of the Mind: Some Advice for Evangelical Scholars by Richard J. Mouw and think, “Not for me…” Maybe so, but some will change their mind if they give it a taste. First of all, Dr. Mouw writes for people currently in graduate school or [Read More...]

Does It Really Matter What I Believe About God? A Q&A with David Maxfield

DHM Book Sign-1

This month in the Patheos Book Club Does It Really Matter What I Believe About God? By David H. Maxfield Author Q&A What inspired you to write this book? Throughout history, people have asked themselves: Does God exist? If so, what is God like? Is there more than one God? What do I want from [Read More...]

Wholehearted Living: An Essential Devotional for this Mom


Before I became a mother, I will confess giving more than one eye roll to pretty much any devotional marketed to “busy people.” Any study promising to “only” take five or ten or at the absolute most fifteen minutes appeared—to my pre-motherhood mind—a way of catering to our I-want-it-NOW-and-I-don’t-want-to-be-inconvenienced culture. And then: twin boys came. [Read More...]

Richard Mouw on The Life of the Mind: An Author Q&A


“Evangelical scholars should see their work as a contribution to the well-being of the Body of Christ, and their fellow Christians should celebrate the difficult—and often, of necessity, lonely—work of God-honoring scholarship.” — Richard J. Mouw, author and theologian This month in the Patheos Book Club, we’re talking about a new book on evangelical scholarship by [Read More...]