Fighting Theocracy at Harvard

On Saturday last week (04.02.2011) I spoke at a counter-protest (organized the Join the Impact Massachusetts, of which I am a member, and Truth Wins Out) to the “Social Transformation Conference at Harvard”. This conference, on the face of it a fairly innocuous attempt to infuse religious principles into business practices, featured 3 speakers with deep ties to something called the “Seven Mountains” movement.

The “Seven Mountains” movement is an extreme far-right Christian organization which seeks to gain influence in 7 spheres of life in America and across the world – government, business, education, family, arts and entertainment, media and religion. To achieve their aims they ruthlessly scapegoat Muslims (who one speaker, Lance Wallnau, claims are “invading the United States”) and Gays and propagate a revisionist version of US history in which they claim the USA was founded as a Christian theocracy.

These “Seven Mountains” people are dangerous because they explicitly seek to “invade” the government of the United States, and to replace it with a theocracy in which many of the most basic freedoms we currently cherish would be curtailed. Here are their own words on the subject, quoted at length so it may not be said that I am quote-mining:

If Washington, D.C., is the geographical top of the mountain [of government], then at some point we must embark on a holy invasion of that stronghold. We see this already taking place with new ministries coming and physically spending a lot of time in the D.C. area. Prayer warriors, as well as those called to be the new visible faces on this mountain, need to invade.

The Founders of this great nation did not want America to be a Theocracy: the Establishment Clause shows clearly that their intent was for America to be the world’s first truly secular nation, in which everyone could worship as they please, or not, without oppression from the government.

The founders would be horrified at this naked attempt to co-opt the government for God – a spiteful, vindictive, narrow-mined idea of God which would have seemed extreme even to many of the earliest Americans. And therefore I spoke out to say that it is our duty to confront these theocrats, and to defeat them, to ensure freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, and secular government remain among the guiding principles of the United States of America.

You can see my speech here:


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