Reading ‘The Good Book’ – Genesis, Chapter 6

Here’s today’s installment. A bit late, because I’ve been ill :(

The Good Book – Genesis 6

About James Croft

James Croft is the Leader in Training at the Ethical Culture Society of St. Louis - one of the largest Humanist congregations in the world. He is a graduate of the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard, and is currently writing his Doctoral dissertation as a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is an in-demand public speaker, an engaging teacher, and a passionate activist for human rights. James was raised on Shakespeare, Sagan and Star Trek, and is a proud, gay Humanist. His upcoming book "The Godless Congregation", co-authored with New York Times bestselling author Greg Epstein, is being published by Simon & Schuster.

  • Christopher Michael Luna

    Why the King James English? It sounds like a whimsical affectation. In the search for something to supersede the Bible (which I am all for), why use a version of our rather beautiful tongue canonized by one particular middling translation of the Bible? It seems, frankly, backwards and a little embarrassing.

    • TempleoftheFuture

      Grayling addressed this very question in his talk at Harvard. First, it’s not King James English – it’s considerably more modern than that. But the King James Bible was, according to Grayling, written in a way that was consciously archaic for its time. Grayling chose to do the same here to heighten the language, to draw it slightly out of the everyday, to make it seem slightly elevated and abnormal.

      It works for me, but doesn’t have to work for everyone. It’s a very interesting point – what register should we use when we discuss the deepest questions of life?