The Humanist Community Project – What it Means for Temple of the Future

It’s hard to imagine that it’s only been 9 months since I launched this blog, my first major effort at blogging. I’ve been extremely proud of what I’ve done here: my posts have generated some valuable discussion in the atheist blogosphere, have been re-posted in multiple venues, and some have even provided people (or so they tell me) with valuable new perspectives on Humanism. I’m delighted!

With the launch of the Humanist Community Project, though, I need to reassess the purpose of this site, as much of my blogging about practical matters: the “how to” aspect of building and growing a Humanist Community – will be featured there. My first posts, on Humanist service, privilege and anti-privilege in Humanist communities, and Humanist community marketing, are already up!

Furthermore, I learnt a lot during the design of the Humanist Community Project website about how to effectively structure a blog, and ensure the content is easily accessible and intelligently categorized. I didn’t know much of that when I started here, so this site is a little chaotic by comparison.

Therefore, I’m taking some of time to reorganize both the structure and priorities of this blog. I’m not going away (thuoght you were rid of me, huh? =D) – I’m just reevaluating.

In the meantime, here’s an outline of what this site will provide in the future:

  • A space where I can speak for myself, and not as a representative of the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard.
  • A forum for my continuing philosophical work in the area of Humanism which is more theoretical or detailed than is appropriate for the Humanist Community Project blog.
  • Posts which provide an outline of what I think of as “cultural Humanism”: the way we can explore our Humanism through the arts, ceremonies, ritual etc.
  • Posts with an activist bent, which encourage Humanists to get politically engaged.
  • Work related to The Humanist Institute, a Humanist leadership development course I am currently taking.
  • A space to engage in dialogue with other Humanist and atheist thinkers.
  • Announcements regarding my speaking tours, conference appearances and lectures on Humanism and related topics.
  • Video of my Humanist talks, lectures, conference panels etc.
  • Re-posts of Humanist materials that I post elsewhere, such as State of Formation, and the Humanist Community Project blog itself.
I hope to see you in a week or so after the reorganization! Until then, keep the fires burning…
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