James the Giant Croft – Google Alerts Me Of My Nemesis

Google Alerts is a wonderful service which sends me an email every time “James Croft” appears on a website, in a news article, etc. I find it extremely useful as it allows me to track where there are blogposts about my work which require immediate attention ( =P ). Sometimes though – since I am not the only James Croft in the world (a fact which causes me great chagrin) – I get emails about my Mirror Universe Nemesis, James Croft the “3-foot-10 evangelist” (this is how he describes himself).

Today I read that Croft has been elected to the Baker County Commission” and plans to “fight big government”. He ran for election under the exquisite title “James ‘The Giant’ Croft” – a moniker I wish I’d come up with. Apparently, “Croft is confident that responsibilities of public office will not interfere with his ministry work, James Croft Evangelistic Association.” Let us also hope that his ministry work will not interfere with his public service, and that he will represent all members of Baker County with probity and respect.

One day I would like to meet Mr. Croft, and perhaps debate his views. Failing that, I want his damn URL! Grrrr…


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