I was raised on Star Trek. It is a fine set of explicitly Humanist parables. It was my family’s Bible. There is a new movie coming out. ‘Nuff said.

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About James Croft

James Croft is a Humanist activist and public speaker who has swiftly become one of the best-known new faces in Humanism today. He is a graduate of the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard, and is currently studying for his Doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. As a leader in training in the Ethical Culture movement – a national movement of Humanist congregations – he is an in-demand public speaker, an engaging teacher, and a passionate activist for human rights. James was raised on Shakespeare, Sagan and Star Trek, and is a proud, gay Humanist. His upcoming book "The Godless Congregation", co-authored with New York Times bestselling author Greg Epstein, is being published by Simon & Schuster.

  • Rando

    On behalf of my fellow Star Wars fans, I can only say this:

  • NathanDST

    What is Cumberbatch doing to his voice? Looking forward to it!

  • William

    I wish there was more of those values, not to a Wesley Crusher level of course, but I would like for there to be more values than what we are seeing in the new movies. At least there is still a star trek around, I guess that is something to be thankful for.