Help Ben “SweaterVest” Blanchard, Humanist Hero!

Donate to help Ben become a Pathfinder!

I’ve known Ben Blanchard, a young microbiology/pre-med Humanist known or his penchant for Sweater Vests, for quite some time, and as well as being a charming gentlemen he is one of the most committed young students in the Humanist movement I know. That’s why I’m so excited Ben is going to be one of the very first Pathfinders: a project to send Humanists to developing countries to take on service projects.

He and 3 other volunteers will be going to several developing nations, including Cambodia, Uganda, Ghana, Ecuador, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Guatemala, to do service work with existing nonprofits and NGOs to design, implement, and complete clean water, education, and environmental conservation projects. The trip will also serve as a research trip for the Humanist Service Corps – one of the coolest ideas to come out of the movement ever. As we engage in service in each location, we will also be collecting data about potential partner organizations and countries in order to evaluate sites for the eventual Humanist Service Corps.

Ben needs our help! He’s currently raising money to enable him to go on the trip, and he would love your support. Here’s where the money would go, in Ben’s own words:

What do you need money for?

Now, this project is quite costly. Even with support from the Foundation Beyond Belief, we need significant funding in order to make this project a success. In order to do work with the pre-existing non profits, we need to be able to cover the cost of the materials associated with each project.

For instance:

  • For our work with Bridge of Life School in Cambodia, project costs will include books, teaching supplies, and construction materials for building wells and a floating bathroom for the school in the floating community of Kampong Kleang.

  • For our work with Kasese Humanist Primary School and Uganda Humanist Schools Trust in Uganda, project costs will include books, teaching supplies, and construction materials for a new school site.

  • For our work with Alliance for African Women Initiative in Ghana, project costs will include teaching materials.

  • For our work with Agua Muisne in Ecuador, project costs will include construction supplies for wells.

  • For our work with Aguayuda in Colombia, project costs will include water purification systems and construction supplies for wells.

  • For our work with Children of the Border, project costs will include construction materials for latrines in the Dominican Republic and a new school in Haiti.

  • For our work with Camino Seguro and Avivara in Guatemala, project costs will include teaching supplies.

I’ll be donating myself, and I would love it if my readers would do the same: he will only be able to do this amazing work in the Humanist community rallies round, and he only has 50 days or so to raise the funds! If you donate you will also, potentially, get awesome things, including a SweaterVest of your own!

Donate to help Ben become a Pathfinder!

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