The Difference Between Goals and Values

This is part of my ongoing discussion with Stephanie Zvan on the establishment of humanist communities. Here I draw a distinction between goals and values, and suggest we need values-based communities as powerhouses for the soul. [Read more…]

Because We Need Power

My second entry in an ongoing blog dialogue with Stephanie Zvan of Almost Diamonds over at Freethought Blogs, answering the question “Why do Humanists need organized groups?” [Read more…]

What About the Gays?

On the heels of the discussion of the problem of ensuring women feel respected, welcome and safe at freethinking conferences, I’d love to discuss how we can do the same for queer people. [Read more…]

Why Atheism Does Not Demand Social Justice

A response to Greta Christina’s recent article “Why Atheism Demands Social Justice”: atheism does not demand social justice. Humanism does. Atheists should consider Humanism. [Read more…]

Reclaiming the Language of Values

If progressives are going to gain traction in American politics again, we need to start to reclaim and reshape the language of values, reclaiming words the right has colonized, and rehabilitating those the right has besmirched. That means speaking loudly and unapologetically in the language of morality and values in a consistent and intelligent way. [Read more…]

Why Use ‘Religious’ Language?

I’ve been challenged again about my use of ‘religious’ terminology like ‘Temple’ by a commenter over at Freethought Blogs, and I thought it valuable to point out the reply I give in my FAQ regarding the use of ‘religious’ language by Humanists. [Read more…]

Definitely Diamonds

The first part of a dialogue with Stephanie Zvan of Freethought Blog Almost Diamonds, sparked by a late-night conversation at the Freethought Festival. Jump in and discuss! [Read more…]