It Gets Better…

It Gets Better if we make it better. That’s the message of the It Gets Better video I appeared in, with students and faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. [Read more…]

Welcome ‘Unbelievable?’ Listeners! Apologetics IS a Waste of Time!

If you’ve reached my site through my discussion with Chris Sinkinson about his book Confident Christianity on Unbelievable, welcome! For those who want a longer expression of my views on apologetics, this post is for you. [Read more…]

John Lennox, Aristotle, and the American Audience

John Lennox spoke at Harvard today: great stories, bad arguments. [Read more…]

Inside Interfaith – Principled Engagement is the Key

Interfaith will remain a contentious issue for nonbelievers. I recognize the principled disagreements of those who feel they cannot in good conscience engage in such work. But I myself find the arguments in favor sufficiently compelling to get stuck in. Principled engagement in interfaith efforts can not only accrue the basic benefits of interfaith work, but can itself damage religious privilege. Taking this road requires courage, and it requires skill. But it is not, I believe, a betrayal of Humanist principles. on the contrary: it is a noble expression of them. [Read more…]

Debating Apologetics

This Saturday, from 2:30-4:00pm GMT, I will be appearing on popular UK Christian Radio show Unbelievable, which seeks to foster discussion between Christians and non-Christians, to debate the topic “Is Apologetics a Waste of Time?” [Read more…]

Creating Change or Reinforcing Privilege?

There is a very short distance between empowering religious voices and reinforcing religious privilege. There is a very fine line between saying “You can be gay and religious!”, an important message I can get behind, and “It’s ok that you’re gay because you’re religious,” a message that reinforces religious privilege and leaves queer non-believers out in the cold. Did Creating Change 2012 cross this line? [Read more…]

Building the Temple of the Future – Fulfilling the Promise of Humanism

Earlier today I addressed the Greater Boston Humanists on a topic very close to my heart: Building the Temple of the Future – Fulfilling the Promise of Humanism. In this just under 30 minute talk I put forward my vision for Humanism and Humanist communities in the 21st Century. If you have the time this is the most coherent argument I have yet made for a form of activist, congregational Humanism. [Read more…]