I’m Back!!

Greetings readers! I am back and will be posting regularly again. Here’s where I’ve been and what to expect coming up! [Read more…]

In Defense of The “Rainbow Bridge”

My dog died a couple of weeks ago. His name was Statler. [Read more…]

Can an Atheist Value Faith?

I can’t subscribe to a religion or belief in any gods because I lack faith. So I’m what’s called an ‘agnostic atheist.’ [Read more…]

Exodus (How an Atheist Married a Pastor)

How an atheist like me ended up married to a pastor. [Read more…]

Genesis (How I Lost My Faith in God)

I wasn’t just atheist; I was anti-theist. Then I met my wife who would soon become a pastor. [Read more…]

In the Beginning…

Congratulations! You’ve found the first post for The Atheist + The Pastor, which is about many things, but first and foremost that I am an atheist and my wife is a Christian Pastor. [Read more…]