Christian Voice temporarily silenced

Christian Voice temporarily silenced August 24, 2007

ONE of Britain’s most hate-filled websites – Christian Voice – was temporarily silenced last week following a complaint to Pipex, which hosts the website via a subsidiary company called 123.reg.stephengreen.jpg
The homophobic website, run by Stephen “Stay a virgin, marry a virgin” Green, was closed down for four days pending investigations by Pipex into a complaint lodged against it by the Brighton-based gay newspaper, One80News after it had been contacted by a reader, Angie Rowland-Stuart.
She told the paper that she was disgusted by the “spiteful lies” on Green’s website. She said:

I do think that Christian Voice has broken the rules of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) they use. The site should be pulled or become a subject for investigation by the police.

The paper revealed that, following Ms Rowland-Stuart’s complaint, it emerged that Pipex supports the sexual health charity The Terrence Higgins Trust, which is described on Green’s website as a “homosexual AIDS charity that promotes homosexual perversion”.
The website also says that “paedophilia is really only an extension of homosexuality.”
fp.jpgAfter One80News contacted Pipex, Green’s website was immediately taken down, but reinstated four days later.
In a statement posted on the CV website, Green said:

Initially, a Sarah Cooper said Pipex had received a letter of complaint ‘of an official nature’ requesting removal of the website, which suggested some Government involvement. It also spoke of ‘the defamatory material’ on the site without specifying it, so we didn’t have a clue what their problem was.

I immediately sensed the sinister hand of our sworn enemies the Gay Police Association behind all this. It was quite likely they had taken exception to us calling them liars over their ‘Bloody Bible’ advertisement …

But now Pipex are speaking of ‘a number’ of individual complaints, which would be consistent with us accidentally ruffling the feathers of some humourless gay activists.

Pipex are under notice of legal action as a result of the down time. A commercial company cannot act as judge and jury unilaterally cutting off valuable web traffic on a whim or because of behind-the-scenes politicking. If they get away with it, every politically incorrect website is at risk.

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