The True face of Islam

The True face of Islam October 20, 2007

WHILE Gwent council may have thought it fit to squander taxpayers’ money in an attempt, no doubt, to whitewash Islam – which is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig (see earlier post by Andy Armitage below) – the British gay magazine AXM has had no qualms this month in presenting this jack-ass religion in a much more realistic light.
michaellucas.jpg The magazine carries an interview with Michael Lucas, in which the Russian-born Jewish porn star and gay rights activist says:

I hate Islam with all my heart. The fundamentalist Muslim community chooses to follow every ugly requirement of their bible – polygamy, the imposition of burquas on women, the decapitation of adulterous wives, the mutilation of thieves, wife beatings, arranged marriages, female circumcisions, and, of course, the killing of gays.

Asked how the world should deal with the homophobia of Islam, Lucas said:

We should publicise it, expose it and criticise it. Multicultural liberals keep Islam’s homophobia a secret. I despise the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, for this. I have a huge respect for Arabs, it’s their religion I don’t like.

In the same issue of AXM, veteran human rights activist Peter Tatchell reveals that he gets death threat almost every day.iran_gay.jpg

Right now, I have Islamic fundamentalists, allegedly from the Iranian government, after me because I embarrassed the country when I exposed the execution of two young gay boys in 2005. They ring me up at night and shout “you’ll be chopped up and destroyed” and “the punishment for sodomy is death.”

Should public funds be used to teach people about the faith of others?
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  • So a porn star is a philosopher whose views on a religion that he can be expected to dislike almost by instinct are to be taken as normative are they? Let’s be a little realistic, please.
    Hate is always a bad thing, and a lot of atheists need to learn this important lesson. Hate is corrosive to the hater and skews his thinking. I pity this man for his deep and unthinking hatred as much as I pity Muslims who evince the same unthinking hatred towards non-Muslims.
    Some Muslims make death threats and do other very bad things. Yes, that is something we rightly deplore. Those brave souls who learn of abuses perpetrated in secret – whether by oppressive political regimes or by various religious or political groups – are right to expose them. They do us a good service and the light of publicity should be brought to bear on these things.
    But do not enthrone hate as though it were a virtue. Surely hatred is exactly what we are condemning and combatting in others?

  • Couldn’t agree with Silvertiger more: hardly normative opinion, and the fact that some muslims hold deplorable opinions isn’t news.
    A lot of the language in the Freethinker has become very aggressive of late. “Lipstick on a pig” and “Jackass Religion” are hardly constructive phrases (and the latter is tautologous anyway).
    How are we to progress the cause of secularism if we choose to depict ourselves as vicious demagogues?

  • Pagan

    Secularism only works if all agree with it, the ones who disagree will eventually win because the others will be too "understanding" to stop them.

  • I couldn't have expressed the fatal flaw with modern western liberalism, than Pagan has.
    Islam will wipe the floor with humanists and atheists. In the end, atheism, a religion of a sort (much like Marxism) with it's holy books, prophets, saints etc, will fail to, prevail because it offers nothing.

  • Uday

    I am against all religions, people is still blind on believing on those books.
    Of course hate doesn’t help, I am an arabic boy, I grew up in a muslim family, there are no difference between arabs and jews, they both have the same rules, they hate gays, they treat women like trash, and i don’t hate them, it’s just a question of ignorance.
    Not all Arabs and Hebrew people are all the same, there are good arabs as good hebrew people, in fact, there are a lot of Israeli gay films which talk about the stupid hate between brothers (arabs and jews).
    But this guy “Michael Lucas” is starting to think just like those orthodox people, it maybe because he got a crush on an arab boy and he dumped him up.
    Look what you are saying Michael. “Don’t be stupid”