Blasphemous Xmas fun

Blasphemous Xmas fun December 14, 2007

INTERNET saviors b3ta have been running an “alternative xmas card” competition this week. There is a veritable feast of festive fun on their message board as a result (some of it NSFW, so be careful).
The Freethinker picked out six of the best for your delectation.
First, the most accomplished of many pun-derful creations – “Baby Cheeses in a Manger”, by NobbyNobody:

cheeses in a manger
Next, an animated expression which the Church of England will probably find a bit close to the bone, from Beau Bo d’Or:
Our Saviour appears to be making his way sadly to his own birthday party in this one by Joe Scaramanga. Cheer up, Lord!
Here’s one for the bitter pagans among you, from dedhed:
This one recalls the time when cartoons of the prophet Santa enraged Christmas fundamentalists the world over:
And finally, dazsnow brings us this beautiful image from the time “before god invented rudolf”:
Many more here. Enjoy!

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