Christian Voice targets Andrew Lloyd-Webber over an imaginary reality show

Christian Voice targets Andrew Lloyd-Webber over an imaginary reality show May 9, 2008

WITH no prospect now of ever bringing a blasphemy prosecution against anyone now that this vile “crime” has been abolished in the UK, the Clown Prince of British evangelism, Stephen (Stay a Virgin, Marry a Virgin) Green, has desperately been trying to find an excuse to bring his pathetic troupe of losers back onto the streets.
Alas, the best Green could come up this month was a whisper that the BBC was planning a reality show in which pop hopefuls would audition for Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber to play the Messiah in a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar.
On hearing the rumour, an excited Green, who thinks he may have spotted a “witnessing opportunity” (code for making a horse’s arse of himself) rushed out another of his many vacuous press releases – this time promising a “Jerry Springer-type protest” if the BBC dared to go ahead with the project.
Bleated the attention-seeking Green:

Christian Voice might even try to get young Christians into the audition room itself to share the Gospel of the real Jesus Christ with Lord Lloyd-Webber himself.

Ooooh, we bet that’ll leave his Lordship trembling.
Green, who heads Christian Voice, which appears to be more a cry for help than a legitimate organisation, added:

If it were to go ahead, the show would then become for Christian Voice very much a Jerry Springer, the Opera operation, with witness and evangelism at every venue. There are still plenty of veterans of the early protests over Jesus Christ Superstar around who would love to share the Gospel with the queuing (sic) wanabees.

It might even be that we could encourage Christian singers to enrol in order to tell Andrew Lloyd-Webber just what they think of his project in the audition room itself.

But the show just ain’t gonna happen, according to Unreality TV:

We told you a few weeks ago that Sir Andrew and the beeb were considering using Jesus Christ Superstar for next year’s big reality TV event. However the BBC are said to be worried that they will face the same sort of complaints from Christian groups that they faced over the Jerry Springer Opera a few years ago.

Unreality TV said that an insider had revealed to The Sun:

Some Christian groups are bound to have a problem with Andrew telling people, ‘You could be Jesus’.

Someone should now start a rumour that Lloyd-Webber is contemplating a new musical called How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Messiah? That would sure get Green in a lather!

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  • I really do not see what the problem is. I concider myself a Christian even though I do not attend church as I have met more than enough hypocrisy from “so-called” believers.
    If anyone actually listens to JCS they will see that it shows Jesus to be not just a devine being but a man who although certain of his fate is dreading what is to come.
    When I first saw the film of the opera it did more for me as far as believing that Jesus existed as a man with emotions such as fear, compassion, etc than all the times I attended church.
    As I say I have Christian beliefs but I found no problem playing Judas in a production 4 years ago and would relish the chance to sing the role of Judas or even Jesus again.

  • …and before I’m accused of being ignorant I realise that I mis-spelled consider and divine in my haste to type my comments.