Muslim-Christian priest sacked

Muslim-Christian priest sacked April 3, 2009

DR Ann Holmes Redding, a priest at St Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, has joined the ranks of the unemployed this week after the Diocese of Rhode Island declared:

Redding hedging her bets in church and at a mosque
Redding hedging her bets in church and at a mosque

A priest of the Church cannot be both a Christian and a Muslim.

In a June 2007 interview with the Episcopal Voice, the Seattle-based Diocese of Olympia’s newspaper, Redding stunned the church by announcing she was both a Christian and a Muslim.

The way I understand Jesus is compatible with Islam. I was following Jesus and he led me into Islam.

She was also quoted on the Moonbattery blog as saying:

All I know is the calling of my heart to Islam was very much something about my identity and who I am supposed to be. I could not NOT be a Muslim.

Observed MB:

But she’s not quite Muslim enough to give up being a “Christian” priest. Redding, who has a history of alcoholism and apparently also suffers from bigotry, is fond of the Al-Islam Centre mosque in Seattle.

The “bigotry” barb stems from Redding declaring:

To walk into Al-Islam and be reminded that there are more people of colour in the world than white people, that in itself is a relief.

“Maybe next the church can try Satanist nuns,” said MB

Bishop Wolf, who gave Redding her marching orders
Bishop Wolf, who gave Redding her marching orders
According to this report, the Diocese of Rhode Island immediately launched an investigation. After ascertaining that the news that Redding had become a Muslim were true, Bishop Geralyn Wolf issued a “pastoral direction” to Redding, directing her to take a year to think over her decision.
In 2008 the Rhode Island Standing Committee decided that Redding had joined a religious body not in communion with the Episcopal Church – Sunni Islam – and recommended that she be defrocked.
And this week Wolf applied the boot by imposing a “sentence of deposition” on Redding.
Redding began studying Islam in the wake of 9/11 after hearing Muslim imams speak at inter-faith events at the cathedral. A personal crisis spurred her onto a spiritual quest that ended with her publicly reciting the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.
The Shahada, (the statement that There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet) does not contradict Christian doctrine, Redding told the Episcopal Voice, nor did the professions made at a Christian baptism contradict anything in Islam, for the language of the creeds and the Koran were not to be taken in a literal sense.

We Christians, in struggling to express the beauty and dignity of Jesus and the pattern of life he offers, describe him as the ‘only begotten son of God.’ That’s how wonderful he is to us. But that is not literal.

Redding had been given until March 31, 2009 to either renounce her orders, or recant.
A statement by the diocese said:

Dr Redding did neither, and, under the Canons of the Church, Bishop Wolf was required to consider deposing Dr Redding.

The diocese said Bishop Wolf found Dr Redding to be a woman of “utmost integrity” and characterised their conversations as having been “open, honest and respectful.”

However, Bishop Wolf believes that a priest of the Church cannot be both a Christian and a Muslim. Consequently, as a result of the abandonment of the Communion of the Episcopal Church, Bishop Wolf imposed a sentence of deposition in accordance with the Canons of the Church.

Speaking to the Seattle Times after the sentence was handed down, Redding said she was saddened by the outcome, but had no regrets over the course she had taken.

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  • Mike

    Kind of puts paid to the claim that it’s atheism which fuels islam, doesn’t it?

  • She’s hedging her bets 🙂
    Silly mixed up woman.

  • She’s hedging her bets 🙂
    Silly mixed up woman.

  • She’s hedging her bets 🙂
    Silly mixed up woman.

  • valdemar

    Raises an interesting question about the bullshit we get from some godists to the effect that ‘all religions are based on a few simple truths’. If so, why so many faiths, and why do they never seem to get along? A Christian-Muslim priest seems absurd to me, but should it? Not if there’s one, real god.

  • newspaniard

    How long before she sues for unfair dismissal?
    I wonder if she can sue for unfair excommunication?
    Perhaps she’ll start a jihad?
    Whatever she does, I’ll bet she’s polishing her victim card as I write.

  • remigius

    As an atheist I disbelieve in all gods and goddesses, not just one. Surely a believer should be allowed to believe in as many gods as they like.
    It goes without saying that having two gods makes her twice as religious as the rest of them.
    And think of all the extra holidays.
    A simliar situation arose several years ago with the introduction of supermarket loyalty cards. Does having more than one card for more than one supermarket make you more loyal or less?
    I say it does.

  • newspaniard

    @remigius: You are not exactly being fair on all these religionists. You should say which you believe in less than the others so that they can form an orderly queue to kill you. OK, it will take a long time with the multi-thousand gods and other minor deities to place them in order of non-belief, for that’s what you bring upon yourself when you tread this path. Might I suggest you open a spread sheet listing everyone in the World, (listing everyone in the Universe is a bit over the top) together with their religion. Delete all atheists and ditherers and then sort the rest by the gods titles which will simplify the counting of numbers per invisible friend thereby giving some kind of weighting for each. Using this weighting, you might be able to judge which particular religion you least believe in and thus begin forming your ‘credibility’ list. When you have, then you will be able to advertise this information and get yourself on the various death lists. May I suggest that you move the RC religion down a few places on your list as they have been known to execute people in some very uncomfortable ways. (Mucho ‘ouches’ not nice). Good luck with the project.

  • remigius

    I am an equal opportunities disbeliever. I treat all gods with equal contempt.
    And supermarkets.

  • Ziggy

    I think it happens a lot that members of one or other standard religion think it does nothing bad to them to be Buddhists at the same time.

  • Taking Pascal’s Wager several steps too far…

  • polomint38

    I don’t believe in Supermarkets.
    A single all encompassing shop (Monoshopism)
    I believe in various shops, butchers, grocers off licences etc (Polyshopism)

  • remigius

    You certainly are shopisticated!