How to turn a Jew into a Muslim

How to turn a Jew into a Muslim December 2, 2009

LYING to the infidel in order to protect Islam or advance its cause is a well-known tactic among Muslims, and is sanctioned by the Koran.
This form of deception is called takiyya, and we can see Egyptian cleric Mahmoud Al-Masri enthusiastically advocating the practice here: Hat tip: Darren

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  • That could be Frankie Howerd under that beard and head-covering. This must be part of a Saudi TV comedy show surely.

  • Barry Duke

    Er … I don’t believe there is any comedy in Islam, George.

  • franky

    Bernard Breslaw.

  • rog

    You wouldn’t want to go on Wheel of Fortune in an Muslim county!
    complete the following well known phrase to win the car:
    “Th*r* i* no God but Alla* and Mu*ammad i* th* M*ss*ng*r of Alla*.”

  • Perspix


  • rog

    *mumbles*…….A Muslim says what?!

  • remigius

    “Er … I don’t believe there is any comedy in Islam, George.”
    Oh come on!
    The Moon-God sends an angel to give an ambiguous message to a psychotic kid-fiddler on a flying horse…
    Monty Python couldn’t have come up with a more ludicrous sketch!

  • barriejohn

    Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! That’s SUCH an amusing story! As George says, we have surely found the successor to those great comedians of the past who are sadly no longer with us – Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper, Morecambe and Wise, The Chuckle Brothers(?), and so on. Why, this guy would be the ideal candidate to present Channel 4’s “Alternative Queen’s Speech” this year, surely!!

  • barriejohn

    I’ve got it! He can pair up with that diminutive gag-merchant, Ronnie Corbett, now languishing in the shadows as a solo act, and we’ve got The Two Ranis. That’ll kill ’em!! (“So it’s goodnight from me, and it’s goodnight from him!”)

  • H. Davids

    Some people are just too sick for words. It would be funny if these nuts weren’t dangerous as well.

  • Looks like Islam and Christianity have a lot in common. Both will lie to achieve their aims, though some Christians don’t call it lying, but ‘mental reservation’.
    David B

  • Tim Baste

    Hey, can anybody give me some examples of “taqiyya” in practice? I can’t believe it would work, myself, but I’d be interested to see some links on this if anybody has them.
    I looked it up on wikipedia, which it says that it’s a Shia concept that allows beievers to conceal their faith to save onesself from physical/mental harm in a time of imminent danger. So, would it be true to say that it doesn’t apply to all Muslims? And secondly, it seems to be a special dispensation to protect onesself from danger, as opposed to a scheme to protect or promote Islam through deception. Does anybody have any other links that substantiate the part about promoting Islam, as opposed to protecting onesself?
    Thanks. This an interesting idea, but my knowledge of it doesn’t go much further than wikipedia, I’m afraid!

  • tim baste

    Hey, can anybody give me some examples of takiyya in practice? I can’t believe it would work, myself, but I’d be interested to see some links on this if anybody has them.
    I looked it up on wikipedia, which says that it’s a Shia concept that allows beievers to conceal their faith to save themselves from physical/mental harm at a time of imminent danger, as opposed to a scheme to protect or promote Islam through deception. Does anybody have any other links that substantiate the part about promoting Islam, as opposed to protecting oneself?
    Thanks. Takiyya an interesting concept – mostly because I am entirely unconvinced that it would be an effective promotional tool – so if anybody here can shed any more light on this aspect of it than wikipedia does, I’d be very grateful.

  • rog

    Since it is highly unlikely that ol’ Mo actually had an actual conversation with an actual angel sent by an actual god; I suggest that all Islamic conversions are & were based on a lie.
    on another note:
    There are instances of forced conversion and this must be at least as bad as conversion through trickery…

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  • barriejohn

    When I first looked at this item I was immediately struck by the similarity between ALL these fundamentalists. “The Muslim saw in the Jew a measure of good-heartedness – however small.” I’m surprised that no one else has commented on this. How very arrogant to assume that just because people don’t follow the tenets of your own faith they are somehow incapable of good! This applies equally to Christians, who consider the human race “sold under sin” (Rom. 7:14), and incapable of pleasing God. I mentioned recently John Calvin, who took this idea to its limit with his doctrine of Total Depravity : ie the human race is “dead in trespasses and sins” (Eph. 2:1), and thus incapable of either pleasing God, knowing God, or even seeking after God. Most evangelical Christians, I can tell you, have this same condescending attitude. Although they may APPEAR to treat unbelievers with respect, they really view us all, and our ignorant views, with utter contempt, believing that THEY are on another plane to us, and that WE are only to be pitied, thrashing about blindly and helplessly in the mire of sin and unbelief.

  • tim baste

    Thanks, rog. I’m not sure if that’s the same thing, though. The page you link to has plenty of examples of forced conversions in Christian history, for example, whereas I’m particularly interested in takiyya and what makes it a particularly Muslim thing. If forced conversion is the same thing or “as bad as” lying to protect or promote Islam, then it would be equally true, if not more so, to call it a “well known Christian tactic”.
    Also, I can imagine that the use of force would be effective, whereas my curiousity about takiyyah stems from my suspicion that simple deceit would not work so well at all – which is why I was surprised to read that it is a “well known tactic”, a phrase which suggests that it is actually used in practice as opposed to being a mere theological concept. (Of course, if takiyya is not a tool for “promoting Islam” at all, but is rather a special dispensation to save one’s hide in dangerous times, as suggested by wikipedia, then I can certainly imagine its use being relatively common – especially in today’s geo-political climate.)

  • rog

    I have noticed after a few short minutes on Google that president Obama seems to be accused of this practice [denying his Islamic faith] by more that a few right wing xians.
    I still come back to the idea, that since all ‘revelations’ by any ‘prophet’ are the result of either schizophrenia, drugs or out & out lies, the foundation of all religions are fundamentally unsound.

  • tim baste

    Thanks again, rog, but ideally I’m interested in real examples, as opposed to paranoid right wing accusations. And while I take the point about the fundamentally unsound nature of religious proclamations I have to suggest that this is not the same thing at all, because: (a) it’s not something that’s exclusive to Islam, (b) scizophrenia and the like couldn’t exactly be called a “tactic”, and (c) talking of revelations from a prophet seems to me to be the exact opposite of concealing one’s religion.
    The moment has no doubt passed, but if the author of the post happens to wander by here some day it would be great if he could shed some light on my questions – namely:
    1. Is the wikipedia definition wrong and, if so, what is the source for the assertion that takiyya is about promoting Islam, rather than protecting oneself?
    2. If it is true that this is a “well known tactic” among Muslims, can you provide some examples of it being employed? And did it work?!

  • rog

    I suppose that the vid might have been an isolated/restricted example of the views of a particular type of Muslim – I agree that as a tactic is is somewhat lacking, without the threat of death for apostasy it would be laughable. As far as I can tell the freethinker doesn’t miss an opportunity give any religion a kick; however, this is probably one of it’s weaker attacks -soz barry!

  • barriejohn

    You’ve lost me a bit there, Rog! You may well be correct about the FOUNDERS of religion being either mad, hallucinating or downright deceitful, but surely the adherents of those religions are usually sincere believers, who are, sadly, deluded into believing in these fantasies. Most of them have either been convinced, or in many cases convinced themselves, that it is all 100% true!

  • Here’s a post by an ex-muslim on this same video. She has quite a lot to say about it.

  • Signy

    Thanks Uzza. I think we might be BBFF (best blog friends forever) if this keeps up.
    @Tim: Taqiyya is a minority position and not officially taught in sunni Islam as “taqiyya.” Remember that this guy in the video and most Muslims you encounter at work or on TV are going to be sunni. As a sunni Muslim, you will sometimes be taught that it is okay to lie about being a Muslim if someone is holding a gun to your head or something like that but that even then, it’s superior to tell the truth and die for it (and thus become a martyr!)
    I don’t know why so many Muslims lie by omission when talking about Islam to non-Muslims (like this guy celebrates) — I certainly haven’t seen it written in a book for example, but in traveling to Muslim countries and being a Muslim for many many years, I noticed that there is a lot of lying by omission and bald faced lying done to save face or make other people feel good about themselves, even when the lie creates harm or inconvenience. I have written about this, just from a personal perspective. Sure, Islam teaches that you should always tell the truth, but the culture of Islam in reality, on the ground is something else.
    As far as I know, the idea of “immanent harm” is the same one that shia have, but for all the complaints, some of them rightly aimed, that right wing pundits use the word “taqiyya” to discredit any Muslim, many sunni Muslims do the saem to the shia. I hope this link works; it is the search results for taqiyya teachings on a shia website and there is an interesting three part article that will give you the majority 12er shia position.

  • “The Muslim saw in the Jew a measure of goodheartedness – however small”
    What a very nice story…

  • barriejohn

    Well, you certainly can’t see any “measure of goodheartedness” in THESE cunts, @ANGRYATHEIST!