Christian cult leaders face lengthy jail sentences for starving toddler to death

Christian cult leaders face lengthy jail sentences for starving toddler to death March 3, 2010

MEMBERS of a religious cult who starved a toddler to death because he refused to say “amen” during a mealtime prayer face jail sentences of up to 60 years each.

Queen Antoinette 'spoke to God'
Cult leader Queen Antoinette, founder of 1 Mind Ministries, was convicted yesterday in Baltimore of the second degree murder of Javon Thompson, aged about 16 months, along with two of her followers – daughter Trevia Williams and Marcus A Cobbs.
Jurors also convicted the three of child abuse resulting in death. The defendants each face up to 60 years in prison when they are sentenced May 18.
Antoinette, 41, Williams, 22, and Cobbs, 23, represented themselves at the trial. They did not testify or call any witnesses. Antoinette introduced a single piece of evidence: a copy of a handwritten application for non-profit status for her outfit. In that document, she described herself:

As a chosen daughter of the most high God and a queen of Jesus Christ.

In their closing arguments, Antoinette and Cobbs accused prosecutors and the media of conspiring to condemn them. Said Antoinette:

We’ve been like pariahs. These people want to blame someone for this child’s death, so they’ve chosen us.

Witnesses said Antoinette claimed to speak to God and ran a tightly controlled household. Among the rules were that the group dressed in only white, blue and khaki and they left the house only in pairs. They destroyed identification documents, cut off contact with relatives and were encouraged to smoke marijuana, which Antoinette called “God’s weed.”
Javon died in either December 2006 or January 2007. His mother, Ria Ramkissoon, testified that no one in the eight-person household did anything to prevent Javon from wasting away. His heart stopped beating after a week or more without food, his mother said.

After Javon died, Antoinette told her followers to pray for his resurrection and ordered Ramkissoon to “nurture him back to life,” according to witnesses.
Ramkissoon said she stayed with Javon’s body for weeks, talking to him, dancing for him, even trying to give him water. Ultimately, according to testimony, the group members stashed Javon’s body in a suitcase and relocated to Philadelphia, where they stayed briefly with an elderly man. The suitcase was stored in a shed behind the man’s home for more than a year.
Ria Ramkissoon pictured with her son Javon shortly before his death
Ramkissoon, 23, pleaded guilty last year to child abuse resulting in death. Her plea deal included an extraordinary provision: If Javon comes back to life, the conviction will be thrown out. Prosecutors said only a “Jesus-like resurrection” would suffice.
Ramkissoon will soon be released from jail and placed in a residential treatment programme, prosecutors said.
“She’s a very convincing manipulator,” said Tiffany Smith, who lived with Antoinette before Javon died and testified that she was forced to give birth without medical care.
Even Antoinette’s name, she said, was given to her by God. Although she was arrested and charged under the name Queen Antoinette, prosecutors said her real name is Toni Sloan.
Williams was referred to as “Princess Trevia,” and Cobbs was “Prince Marcus.” Ramkissoon was known as “Princess Marie.”
Ramkissoon’s attorney, Steven D Silverman, said he was relieved with the verdict.

I was fearful that the jury might consider her [Ramkissoon] the most culpable, since she is the custodian of the child. But fortunately, they were able to see clearly that the Queen was in control of the situation.

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  • Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

    Is this yet another case of religion being used in mitigation for acts that are plainly evil?
    They’re all loons and society must now pay to keep these creatures incarcerated for years.
    Hang on a minute while I get the axe and hood….

  • NeoWolfe

    After the Spanish inquisitions, and the Salem witch trials, it is refreshing to see the religious wackos on the other end of the justice process. Unfortunately, it is no longer legal to put them on the rack, or stuff them in the iron maiden, or rip off their finger nails in order to illicit a confession. But, if we could, in behalf of the late Javon, I would say “Amen”!!!!

  • Janstince

    You know, I do blame the mother. I don’t care what kind of crap you get wrapped up in, if you have a child, you have a dependent who needs your help to survive. The mother should be the most culpable, whether or not she had been brainwashed. True, I’m glad that “Queen Antoinette” is going to prison for a long, long time (assuming the jury doesn’t give the religious b!tch a free pass like 5-10 or something), but that mother makes me think that, if my mother had been caught up in a cult, would she have sacrificed me in such a way had the leader asked? I’d like to think that the simple act of having me would have snapped her out of the lunacy, particularly when the human sacrifice began.
    Of course, not having a time machine or some mechanism to travel to an alternate universe, I suppose it is just speculation.

  • Angela_K

    Religious belief + unintelligence + psychotic behaviour = suffering or death of the innocent. No doubt other christains will be queuing up to “forgive” these barbarians.
    Notice Antoinette has the same dead eyes as muzzie suicide bombers and that ghastly Minichiello-Williams woman.

  • Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

    “Antoinette has the same dead eyes as muzzie suicide bombers”
    You’re right, you know. Lets the rest of us see that they’re almost, but not quite, human. A fully paid-up member of the Mohammed Atta fan club. I can picture them side-by-side.

  • Broga

    These people are responsible. You can cut it anyway you like but they tortured and killed that child. Bringing it nearer home there is a lot of agony going on in the UK with politicians, police, community leaders looking away. I am talking about all the “driving out the devil” by witch doctor types brought from Africa to adminster the beatings. Or, the absolute and on going scandal, of Female Genital Mutilation. Young girls held down so some religious fanatic slices off their clitoris.

  • Don

    Totally with you on the incoming christian wierdness which is glossed over by christians who are so relieved at the demographics (Yay, more christians!) that the actual details are disregarded.
    But this crew? How many were there? Does one nutter and three non-functional suckers count as a cult?

  • Jen

    The US had better be prepared for the shift that is occurring within religion today. As more “mainstream” religions lose members, the groups that manage to survive are more manipulative and “fringe.” To my eyes, it seems that tradition and ritual are being replaced by religions of straight-up mind control. We can’t take it for granted that religion is benevolent anymore; in this new enlightened age, only the most manipulative religions will survive.

  • Ash Walsh

    With a name like “Queen Antoinette”, she’ll make great prison bait!

  • Janstince

    Agreed, Jen. We have actually been putting a stress on the Christian-dominated environment. This seems to have caused an evolutionary response (I wish I could make them read THAT!) for the fittest to survive. To the Christian community, it has become about survival of their way of life, so the response is more fundamentalism and more outrageous behavior, while the rest of us continue on our more progressive social paths. The question is, is it going to work for them, or will they continue fading in influence?

  • Les Healy

    I think what she believed is irrelevant, the fact that she smoked weed was the root of the problem…

  • NeoWolfe

    Les Healy,
    Smoking weed never killed anyone. What the bitch believed was the root of the problem. Can you even be serious??????

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  • Tamara LegalMJ Patient

    LesHealy –
    Seriously, lemme guess that you think weed is the devil’s drug?
    What happens when I do not believe in the devil, smoke LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS and am a loving, educated individual?
    Millions upon millions of people have consumed cannabis since – almost – the dawn of time. No one has ever died of cannabis… Perhaps, other drugs have killed someone who also had cannabis in his/her system, but no one has ever died simply from cannabis.
    Many, many people who are mainstream (left & right), lawyers, doctors, judges, police officers, professors, nurses, etc. smoke and or support legalization of cannabis.
    The American Medical Association now supports the basis of marijuana as medicine.
    Numerous other scientific organizations have come out in support of cannabis.
    Hate that b*tch for what she did – but do NOT blame the weed! I am an activist; for animal rights, environmental rights, civil rights and legalization of cannabis and I would never harm anyone. I am a college student. I smoke marijuana.
    I think you are referring, possibly, to meth addicts (they get psychotically paranoid).
    Marijuana is not even addictive! It is habit-forming, but not addictive. People do not have withdraw symptoms if they stop smoking weed.
    Thanx NeoWolfe.
    Les – You have got to be drunk, or uneducated or close-minded … Get some knowledge, why don’t you???

  • estraven

    To Jen: I have never, ever “taken it for granted that religion is benevolent.” Pardon me, but the Crusades? The Inquisition? The murder of “witches”? Extremists of every religious stripe? I think organized religion has been much more DEstructive than CONstructive.
    And to whoever said it, I really object to the word “muzzie.” Or maybe you also use words like “kike” in speaking of religions other than Christianity.
    As for the ignorant stuff about marijuana, give me a break already. Marijuana has never been connected with violent behavior except in the movie Reefer Madness. Jeez Les–I hope you were being satirical. But I fear not.