Muslims targeted head teacher

Muslims targeted head teacher March 19, 2010

A HEAD teacher who was hounded out of her job by a pair of Islamic troublemakers who wanted her secular school transformed into a Muslim faith establishment has been awarded more than £400,000 in damages by the Court of Appeal.
According to this report, Paul Martin, a Muslim convert and Mumtaz Saleem had an agenda to increase the role of Islam in the New Monument primary school in Woking, Surrey. This, combined with the authority’s failure to protect Erica Connor, had led her to suffer serious depression.

Connor, 57, had run a “happy and successful” primary school but was driven to a breakdown by the men’s allegations of racism.
She left the school after Martin and Saleem began monopolising meetings with the aim of turning New Monument in Woking into a faith school.
A deputy High Court judge ruled in March last year that Surrey County Council had failed in its duty to protect her and to intervene when the actions of the governors created problems. He awarded her £407,700 damages.
The council appealed against the ruling, claiming it was not liable in law and had not acted negligently in dealing with the problem.
But Lord Justice Laws, giving a ruling today, said Mrs Connor, who was promoted to head of the school in 1998, had suffered psychiatric damage and had to stop work in 2005 and retired a year later on ill-health grounds.
The school had a 80-85 percent Muslim intake and problems began in 2003 when  Martin was elected a parent governor and Saleem was appointed as a local education authority governor.
The High Court had been told Martin tried to stir up disaffection in the community against the school and Saleem was verbally abusive at school meetings.
Although during the first five years that Mrs Connor was in charge of the school there had been good relations with the local Muslim community and improved results, the situation changed when the two men were elected as governors.
Judge John Leighton Williams ruled in the High Court that the men had an agenda to increase the role of Islam in the school and that this, combined with the authority’s cowardly failure to protect Mrs Connor, had led her to suffer serious depression.
When Martin was removed from the board of governors in June 2005, he wrote a letter of complaint saying it was because he had been raising complaints of institutional racism within the school.
A few days later a petition was circulated calling for Mrs Connor’s removal from the school and containing “defamatory and offensive remarks”, the appeal judges were told.
Lord Justice Laws said the High Court judge was right to find there had been negligence on the part of the council.
He said it was an unusual case:

Partly because of the council’s lamentable capitulation to aggression.

Lord Justice Sedley said:

Surrey County Council found itself faced with the unenviable task of responding in an equitable fashion to an inequitable campaign designed to capture a secular state school for a particular faith …

He said the council had gone wrong by trying to compromise rather than protecting the head, the staff and the school.

The picture that emerges from the careful and thorough (High Court) judgment is of a local education authority which had allowed itself to be intimidated by an aggressively conducted campaign to subvert the school’s legal status, a campaign which was plainly destabilising the school and placing the headteacher under intolerable pressure.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • barriejohn

    I have mentioned before the activities of the Association of Muslim Governors, which is supported by taxpayers’ money.
    Encouraging Muslim Participation in State Schools
    “The Association of Muslim Governors (AMG) has been set up to assist and support Muslim children in the mainstream education system by:
    Increasing the number of Muslim governors in schools
    Increasing awareness of the importance of education within the Muslim community
    Increasing awareness of issues affecting Muslims within the general community
    Unfortunately the statistics clearly illustrate that Muslims are severely underperforming compared to their counterparts and that we urgently need to devise strategies to reverse the trend. Through the Association of Muslim Governors, we hope that we will be able to forge a solid relationship between schools and Muslims. Muslim governors would serve as a voice for the Muslim community, and can highlight issues which are particularly important and affect Muslim children directly.”
    AMG is working to help your child hold onto an identity and a gain better future especially in an environment like ours! Help AMG!
    Donation by Ansar 29/09/08

  • MrMonist

    Blimey! British court in common sense and moral decency win shocka! I don’t even find her high payout shocking! In fact it pleases me…
    The only downer is that the scumbags will win on appeal and she is beheaded for “racism” (because she’s clearly a different “race” from the Guardian reading Mr Martin…)

  • NeoWolfe

    In a battle for who controls our schools, I would rather get mad, mean and nasty, than depressed. Kicking some muslim ass is much better than zoloft. But, obviously, it doesn’t pay as well. The bitch is probably still poor, but her lawyers are RICH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan

    Anyone know how the school faired after she left, do we have another blackhole in the eduction system? It’s a shame charges can’t be brought against the 2 islamic morons who caused her so much misery.

  • barriejohn

    Did you notice the comment by that person who had, supposedly, donated to the Association of Muslim Governors? (Genuine, do you think?)
    “AGM is working to help your child…gain a better future, especially in an environment like ours!”
    They think that they are being persecuted!!

  • Har Davids

    So someone who’s been harassed gets 400.000 pounds, paid for by the British tax-payers, thanks to the timidity of a council and the perseverance of some religious nuts! Is there a win-win here that I’m not aware of?

  • barriejohn

    They should get the Association of Muslim Governors to pay it, Har Davids!

  • Stonyground

    I like the way that their answer to underperforming Muslim students is yet more Muzziness, yeah that will work.

  • barriejohn

    Perhaps if they stopped telling them that Allllah had created everything 6,000 years ago by just saying “Boo!”, and that all the answers to the world’s scientific and other questions are in the KKKran, they might actually learn something, Stony!!
    PS If they’re worried about their “identity”, they could just hang a sign round their necks saying Stupid.

  • Angela_K

    The Government could make these problems go away by removing religion from all schools, but they are too timid to challenge the vociferous religious lobby and by their supine behaviour are allowing the islamification of our country.
    And when it comes to criticism of religious indoctrination schools the Government and local councils always reply that they are wanted by the public [mainly Guardianistas], never a problem, good exam results etc and other tosh.

  • Is it okey to pray to a pedophile and slave owner like “prophet” mohammed?
    Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,

  • tony e

    If there is one thing I hate more than religious morons are the ‘converts’. Nothing more sickening than people who change to suit the direction that the wind blows, and will sell their own background short, I think, to appease whom they think is in the ascendancy. I group them with ‘apologists’.

  • Stonyground

    tony e, I have some sympathy for those who have been indoctrinated from birth and are unable then to shake off their religious beliefs. Anyone who buys into this garbage voluntarily as an adult has to be a bit stupid, they deserve no sympathy and should be viewed with contempt.

  • Neuseline

    Muslims will tell you that “the Qr’an cannot be translated” because it is God’s words given in Arabic. It follows then that, given the difficulty of acquiring Arabic as a foreign language (I know from experience), only native Arabic speakers can really aspire to being Muslims, plus those extremely gifted linguists who have spent years in an Arabic country. I doubt that Mr Martin is one of the latter. He should be locked up somewhere for a long time to reflect on his stupidity.

  • Jane

    It is important to make it fairer and to investigate why children from this religion are not performing well at school and make necessary changes. However when I look at studies investinating relationships between IQ and religion it is clear that atheits are smarter and people from extreme faiths(lets face it Islam is extreme) are not. Therefore these children are not being born into a family with good intellectual genes in the first place which is a point to consider. I strongly agree that schools should be free from religion. One class a week maybe could be taught disscusing morals (religion beleive it or not does not need to feacture in this class). I watched a program about a muslim school and the girl revealed that she been in three clsses which invoved techings for her religion. No wonder these children are underprorming they are not been taught enough about maths etc in school.

  • Maggie

    In answer to Susan regarding the schools performance since Mrs Connor left . The school is now on the special reguister for failing schools. Thanks to Paul Martin. But that OK because the private school his two daughters attented is doing really well, again thanks to his money.