Welsh GP clinches Golden Phallus award

Welsh GP clinches Golden Phallus award May 17, 2010

BEATING off stiff competition, Dr Antony Lempert, co-ordinator of the Secular Medical Forum, was voted ‘Academic of the Year’ in the 2010 Erotic Awards.
According to this report, the GP who practises in Wales, was presented with his prize, a winged golden dick, at the Erotic Awards ceremony in Central London recently. Later he spoke at a public rally in Regent’s Park where he declared:

Prestigious Golden Phallus award-winner Dr Antony Lempert

The battlefield chosen by religious bodies is often the genitalia and other people’s sexual freedoms. It has only been by engaging the religions on their own sexual territory that I accidentally find myself working towards a less constrained, less damaged, more erotic society. I am delighted to find myself in this camp.

The Erotic Awards celebrate people working towards sexual freedom around the world. Dr Lempert was given the award in recognition of his work for the Secular Medical Forum to prevent religious bodies from interfering with other people’s bodies.

The SMF campaigns for accurate and informative sex and relationship education for children, and against childhood ritual genital mutilation. They have argued in favour of advertising condom and abortion services on television, and have challenged pharmacists’ rights to refuse to dispense emergency contraception.
The SMF also campaigns to abolish all forms of ritual genital mutilation including non-therapeutic male circumcision; improve access to emergency contraception and abortion and generally keep religious tendrils from interfering with people’s sex lives. He works very hard and expresses his views in a gentlemanly, logical yet relentless manner.
Dr Lempert says:

I hold to account those people and organisations who espouse potentially dangerous views or who are engaged in harmful practices. This is particularly the case in the sphere of religion, where entrenched traditional religious privilege so often conflicts with other people’s dignity, autonomy and safety.

Our warmest congratulations go to Dr Lempert … but we wish there more like him in the medical profession willing to speak out against religion’s irrational attitude towards all things sexual.

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  • Broadsword

    He’s a member of the Secular Medical Forum as well.
    And here’s his practice website:
    Seems a very good man. The misogynistic catholic paedos we attacked in the previous article seen even more ridiculous alongside him. Common sense and basic human decency towering above their medieval superstition.

  • barriejohn

    “Beating off stiff competition” – hahaha!!!

  • Broga

    Terrific man. He has realised, and put into practice the awareness that to oppose the religious bigots you need to push hard against what they see as the margins. My wife, a doctor, joined the SMF after she was in despair about the weak kneed comments of other medical organisations, and the endless infiltration of religious opinions and influence in places where they had no business. The SMF was like breathing fresh air.
    Her opinion is that much of the religious antagonism towards sex is based on envy. They are so hidebound, or supposedly celibate, that they cannot have a satisfactory shag that their repression surfaces in trying to stop others.

  • chrsbol

    just to mention Lempert not Lampert
    photo that is.

  • Barry Duke

    Thanks, chrsbol, fixed

  • NeoWolfe

    Threadhead quoted Lampert:
    “The SMF campaigns for accurate and informative sex and relationship education for children, and against childhood ritual genital mutilation.”
    THAT!! is what makes me sickest of all. Muslim schoolgirls getting their clitoris cut or burned off. She can never enjoy sex, ever. This to keep her a virgin until she’s married and loyal to her husband. Well, apparently, they believe that some god created her body, and he knew what he was doing when he put it there. Now, she’s just a submissive dry holed tool so some freik can get HIS nut. That is so sadistic it defies comprehension.