Buddhist kicks off over Keds

Buddhist kicks off over Keds June 30, 2010

BUDDHISTS “all over the world” have had their “sentiments hurt” by a new range of “blasphemous” Keds sneakers bearing the image of the Dalai Lama.
Now, we all imagine that Buddhists are a laidback, tolerant lot whose philosophy is in no way as red in tooth and claw as say, Islam, whose followers exist in a perpetual rage.
BUT a warning has just been issued by Buddhist Chime Tenzing (above) in the Berkeley Daily Planet:

Unlike people from other respectable creed (sic), the Buddhists may be inherently grounded in the philosophy of Ahimsa and non-violence, but that doesn’t mean we are less human beings and thus less sentimental. The dishonorable precedent set by Keds would not only provoke Buddhist brothers and sisters, but it will also stir the sentiments of every sane religious practitioner of all the faiths in the world.

Tenzing then refers to cases such as that of famed Indian painter M F Hussain, 95, who “faced the wrath of the Indian Hindus for his paintings that allegedly denigrated the Hindu gods and goddesses” and had to flee India to Qatar for the fear of his life.
And then, of course, there were those Danish cartoons, which sparked deadly Muslim riots in many parts of the world. Also, let’s not forget Emily Mapfuwa, the British Christian nutcase who launched a failed private prosecution against an art gallery which exhibited Terence Koh’s “blasphemous” Christ’s cock statue.
Tenzing adds:

As a self-effacing and a humble Buddhist myself, I forewarn Keds not to tread on the dirty path lest it should face a similar consequence meted out to the culprits as cited in the above instances.

And he urged “fellow Buddhists and Tibetans” to boycott the “brand vultures Keds”.
Tenzing explains his anger:

In the Buddhist context, Keds has committed an unpardonable sin by taking the sacred images of Buddha, the Dalai Lama and the holy Buddhist scripts out from their rightful places to the grubby American feet and neon-lit streets. With this single act of sacrilege and blasphemy, Keds has invited the wrath of the irate deities and would inescapably earn bad karmas for the future of its treasured company.

And he accused Keds of:

A blatant attempt to capitalize on the growing ‘fad’ for Buddhism & reverence for the Dalai Lama in the West. It has nauseatingly overlooked the importance of respecting the values and ideals of the faith. This is how Keds’ chose to reward the Holy Man who tirelessly travels across the globe to preach global peace and universal harmony!

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  • MrGronk

    What is the sound of one loon ranting?

  • Arnold Lane

    Wow! Next we’ll have the Jedis threatening riots over blasphemous depictions of Yoda.
    As Hitchens once said, you can’t turn your back on ANY of them (the religious). Not even Buddhists.

  • Arnold Lane

    If you can’t ban him give him a playpen so we can point and laugh.

  • Jen
  • Stuart H.

    Didn’t one of those Zen koan thingies hippies used to like sasy something about ‘if you meet the Buddha along the road, kill him’ – which was just one of a number of Buddhist warnings about taking religious figures a wee bit too seriously?
    Seems to me any serious buddhist who goes for all this Dalai Llama Superstar crap needs to go away and..well, meditate!

  • Har Davids

    ‘As a self-effacing and a humble Buddhist myself, ……’ My Irony-meter just burst into flames. How serious are people to take you if you have the balls to call yourself just that? Well, another religion I don’t need to embrace and forsake, thank you Tenzing!

  • barriejohn

    The dishonorable precedent set by Keds would not only provoke Buddhist brothers and sisters, but it will also stir the sentiments of every sane religious practitioner of all the faiths in the world.
    Oxymoron Alert!!!

  • barriejohn

    I can’t get over the fact that a Buddhist, of all people, is making thinly-veiled threats of violence, Islam-style, against someone who has “offended” his beliefs! But do none of these religiots have any sense at all (don’t all answer at once): if any of their “gods” have the divine power which they claim on their behalf then why are THEY not striking down all the infidels who take their name in vain? The total lack of any divine response speaks volumes!!

  • Broga

    This Bhuddhist outrage is indeed bollocks. “If you meet the Bhuddha on the road, kill him,” is indeed a mantra of Bhuddhists. The meaning being, make up your own mind, don’t listen to so called gurus and experts, and that includes the Dalai Lama where, it seems, his fame is turning his head, or at least that of his more dotty followers.
    If you want to stand on bedrock be an atheist.

  • OurSally

    Oh heck, them as well? Does it never stop?

  • MrMonist

    Qassim, you’re a fucktard and your religion is one of the vilest, cruelest most hateful belief systems mankind has ever invented, and your English is shit too…
    This isn’t the site for you. Sod off and let the grownups talk!

  • Broga

    Qassim. OK, I will respond more reasonably than you deserve because I think your brain is such a mess that you are incapable of reason. Anyway, please answer this question:
    If you had been born to parents who were not muslims and brought up by them would you still be a muslim? Suppose your parents had been Roman Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist or any of the hundreds of different belief systems. Perhaps believers in many gods?
    Let me offer a personal example. My grown up children grew up with atheist parents. They are atheists. I am able to recall many similar examples where the children follow the parents.
    Therefore, my suggestion to yourself is that what you regard as “truth” is no more than what you were taught. Or as I would see it indoctrinated into.
    Do you agree? If not, why not?

  • Arnold Lane

    Poor Mo/Qassim. He’s not coming here trying to convince us of anything. He’s trying to convince himself.
    Harping on about gay sex at bus-stops and anal bacteria. Very repressed and confused young man refusing to come to terms with his sexuality.

  • sailor1031

    “guard against irritation in speech. Give up misconduct in speech, practise good conduct in speaking.”- from the Dhammapada (sayings of the Buddha).
    What’s the big deal here? This isn’t a picture of Buddha anyway, it’s of the dalai lama. He’s just another monk as he would tell you himself. It’s like if they put a picture of the Rattenfanger on a shoe – ho hum!!

  • Arnold Lane

    Sailor, Tibetan Buddhism isn’t like the more cerebral forms of Buddhism we are more familiar with. It’s a whole lot more primitive retaining elements of its supernaturalist/pagan predecessors. It can be pretty weird.

  • MrMonist

    Doh! Should’ve known better than to feed that troll. Apologies for lowering the tone…

  • Dave

    If the Dalai Llama complained (which I doubt, he is a wise PR man)
    I could see it, it is his personnal picture.
    However I suspect “Buddhist Chime Tenzing” will shortly get a phone call or letter from the Dalai Llama with the main message of “STFU”
    it is “good” PR. (you idiot)

  • L.Long

    There have been some of the tibetan natives who are happy with the commies cuz their bad treatment is better then the dali’s good treatment. Is this true? don’t really know as it is a 3rd person statement. But as noted above this is not your Buddha type Buddhism.
    There are various flavors. Also the monks were known to fight against various perceived evils after much praying etc.
    Remember religions of ‘peace’ are not necessarily ‘nonviolence’.

  • JT

    So the buddhists are going to have a boycott? Of a material possession? Were they planning on buying some fresh new kicks otherwise?? And they are making threats of violence? Buddhism…you’re doing it wrong. Though I got a feeling that spending time with this whiny twat really brings home the whole ‘life is suffering’ point…

  • Aad Molenkamp

    I don’t see no Quasim. Where the hell is he?
    I collect rather enthusiastically muslimman bullshit stories.

  • Ed

    Several people have said it and I have to agree, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism (while both Mahayana forms of Buddhism) are quite different. I don’t know if Chime Tenzing accurately reflects a Tibetan response, but it certainly doesn’t reflect a zen one. “In Zen, blasphemy and irreverence is actually hard wired into the scriptural canon. For Zennists the real blasphemy is holding fast to our own ideas of the absolute.” The “If you see Buddha on the road, kill him” koan is zen and reflects an attitude very particular to zen. 9th century Master Ummon when asked what is Buddha, replied “A shit stick.” behttp://www.buddhistchannel.tv/index.php?id=8,2453,0,0,1,0
    8th century Master Joshu said, “Clay Buddha cannot cross water; bronze Buddha cannot get through furnace; wooden Buddha cannot get through fire because it will burn away.” When you put your faith in something external, it is bound to fail you at some point. When you put your practice in a statue it can’t ever be something that other than an object separate from yourself. When you think something isn’t holy enough, like a sneaker or shit stick, what are you left with? An idol of practice rather than the real thing.

  • MrMonist

    @Aad Molenkamp
    His demented rantings about how islam is the most peaceful and loving and perfect belief system of all time, how the Jews control the media, and how evolution cannot be true because apes in zoos haven’t evolved into humans yet have all been deleted…

  • Ed

    Sorry, the first link in my comment above got messed up somehow. It should appear as http://www.buddhistchannel.tv/index.php?id=8,2453,0,0,1,0

  • sailor1031

    Arnold; you are correct – they even believe in the existence of such lovely spirits as Yama……it’s a pity that the dalai lama is being promoted these days as a world celebrity when he’s just another monk. To many non-tibetan buddhists he’s nothing special at all.

  • Shatterface

    When I was a kid we used to call sandals ‘Jesus boots’.
    In fact there was a popular kids’ book called ‘A Pair of Jesus Boots’ – though the TV adaptation was renamed ‘Rocky O’Rourke’

  • Broga

    @Ed Zen is different. One of the Zen guys said he would welcome a wooden Buddha so that he could light his fire with it. Zen and the Tao have much in common. No god; very anti authority; independent.

  • AngieRS

    Buggrit, missed all the fun. You pop out for the day and miss all the loony toons. 🙁

  • gsw

    What is it with this planet’s legal systems that claim it is only hate speech when it is against some religion?
    What is with the hate speech against *sob* Lord Plimsoll?

  • Godless not gormless

    “The total lack of any divine response speaks volumes!!”
    What exactly are you implying here barriejohn? Surely you’re not suggesting that this means these gods don’t exist?? Whatever would we do if this turned out to be the case???

  • Ed

    Update to this story- the shoes in question were not actually designed by Keds, but found on Zazzle, a site that screens user designed work onto blank Keds shoes. If you do a search for Jesus shoe on zazzle you get about a thousand results. http://www.zazzle.com/jesus+shoes

  • I think it should be seen beyond the religious perspective as well. Anything related to feet or shoes is generally considered insulting in the East. You may remember the beating of Saddam Hussain’s statues with the shoes ! We atheists (in the east) probably not like a picture of Richard Dawkins or Bhagat Singh printed on the shoes.