Green finds a fresh target for his venom

Green finds a fresh target for his venom October 6, 2010

LAST month Mediawatchwatch drew our attention to the fact that Stephen “Birdshit” Green had found a new target for his bully-boy tactics: vicar turned best-selling author Graham (G P) Taylor, who incurred the mad fundie’s wrath by writing a children’s book entitled The Vampyre Labyrinth.

The eyes have it: Green looking even more demented than usual
Said to be “the most frightening children’s book every written”, the novel features 11 murders, stabbings and teenage girls having their throats ripped out.
The author – who found fame after self-publishing the world-wide hit Shadowmancerhas now revealed that he is having to keep details of his planned school tour to promote the book a secret, for fear of direct action against it by fanatical evangelicals.

The book was blasted by Green’s Christian Voice for “extolling death and destruction”. Green said that messages on the CV website showed the strength of feeling against it, including one which said:

To promote gore, bloodlust and thoughts of death as being healthy topics for the minds of innocent children is bizarre.

But the Bible, which features shedloads more “gore, bloodlust and thoughts of death”, is perfectly OK.
Said Taylor, 52, former Vicar of Cloughton who lives near Scarborough:
I am about to embark on a school tour and talk to 20,000 children. I am concerned that there is a real threat that some people may start lobbying bookshops and schools to stop children buying the book. We are living in the age of direct action. I saw what happened to Springer the Opera and now I fear for my career.

The book, published last week, has already sold out its 50,000 first print and publishers Faber are rushing out a reprint.
Earlier Green trumpeted:

Shame on any head teacher who invites G P Taylor into their school with this book. It is up to head teachers to behave more responsibly and if I was a parent at a school that allowed him in I’d be straight up to the school and demanding answers from the head teacher.

Ex-Anglican vicar Graham Taylor
Taylor, incidentally, is no shining beacon of sanity either. Last year he abandoned the “sinking ship” that was Anglican Church because he thought it “too liberal”  – and he embraced Catholicism instead.
Taylor told the Telegraph that many bishops:

Spend more time preaching about climate change or dressing up as Druidic bards than preaching a gospel of salvation that would cure the ills of society overnight if properly embraced.

He said he was drawn to Catholic worship, and said its leadership was not afraid to stand up for their moral belief in the face of an often ridiculing secular press.

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  • Lucy

    Bit torn by this one. I don’t like the idea of a catholic convert going into schools either… and I loathe books which have the default position of violence against girls.

  • barriejohn

    …if I was (were) a parent at a school that allowed *proselytizing religious maniacs in to indoctrinate the pupils with their primitive and superstitious ideas* I’d be straight up to the school and demanding answers from the head teacher.

  • barriejohn

    I agree with Lucy. According to a contributor to the Mediawatchwatch thread, Taylor used to make a yearly fuss in the local press about the “evil influences” of Hallowe’en upon children’s minds, but these protests came to a sudden and unexplained halt when he published his book!

  • barriejohn

    Look what Barrie has found!
    Vicar under fire
    Published on Wed Oct 23 12:59:53 BST 2002
    RE the Rev Graham Taylor’s thoughts on Harry Potter, Halloween etc.
    In recent years there has been a totally misguided annual worry about Halloween, witches and wizards, from many people who ought to know better.
    His anti-Harry Potter stance is an extension of this.
    The witches and wizards we read about in stories are in the same category as giants, dragons and a beanstalk leading to a land in the clouds. They are stories, the stuff of imagination.
    To link them with people who call themselves by such names, and who try occult rites, is the dangerous thing.
    One, it’s spoiling and damaging what was accepted by most of us as complete imaginary stories which are harmless, and two, it’s giving credence to the very ideas Mr Taylor and others wish to oppose.
    John Dickinson
    Castle Gardens
    “Seek and ye shall find”, as The Good Book says!!

  • David Anderson

    I also agree with Lucy but I have found that for some reason girls seem to find this theme “romantic”. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has an enormous following among young girls where I live.
    What I find difficult to understand is why should an author be allowed to tour schools to promote a novel?

  • Broga

    Once there is serious cash around then I note how supple become the attitudes of the religious. They are able to accomodate much if there is profit on the end of the activity.
    What we have here, it seems, are two christians kicking each other to bits. Turn the other cheek; gentle Jesus; love your enemy etc. What about “by their fruits ye shall know them” as that reveals them for the sanctimonious hypocrites which they are.

  • barriejohn

    What we have here, it seems, are two christians kicking each other to bits.
    What japes!

  • Graham

    It is strange how books about ghosts and vampires are not at all frightening unless, you have firstly been brainwashed by these foul mouthed Christian capitalists. Only when the idea of devils, ghosts and the external fires of hell have been established do these books make any sense. Don,t forget god love you but so too do ticks and fleas

  • barriejohn

    Broga: It is blatantly obvious that the only moral laws that don’t change with these religiots are the ones with which we all agree due to our common humanity. I read somewhere recently that that idiot Terry Jones (the American, Koran-burning one) was being interviewed on TV, and was asked why the prohibition against homosexuality still operated, but not those against the eating of shellfish, wearing of mixed fibres, etc. Apparently, despite having an honorary Theology degree, his reply was along thaese lines: “I’m not a theologian, so I can’t answer that question”!

  • Broga

    It really does add to the gaiety of the nation. Although, in the context of these religious nutters, that phrase may not be the best. However, there is much entertainment to be had when the religion of gentle Jesus leads his most ardent disciples to go for each other’s throats. Enjoy!

  • Stuart H.

    Looking at Taylor’s name & picture a little too quickly, I thought ‘hasn’t that bloke from The Goodies aged well?’
    Then the penny dropped – ‘Graeme Garden’ and ‘Tim Brooke-Taylor’, not ‘Graham Taylor’.

  • AngieRS

    Looks like this pair were made for each other

  • Janstince

    I smell a cage match in the offing.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, for your entertainment, we present Fundie Throwdown!
    In the red corner, we have a man so out of touch with reality that even birds know he is a danger to society. I give you Stephen ‘Birdshot’ Green!
    In the blue corner, weighing in at ex-Anglican due to being too conservative, the true terror of Halloween, the one, the only, the extremely hypocritical Graham Taylor!”
    I haven’t read Shadowmancer myself, but I seriously doubt it falls into the realm of “classic literature” or school readings. I guess some leeway could be made for a successful writer visiting a school if he were talking about writing in general, not promoting a book. That said, why the hell is this guy let past the doors? Don’t schools usually have “No Solicitation” signs?

  • Broga

    I heard that interview with Terry Jones: it was on the BBC World Service. Jones was asked why he was wearing sideboards as those were equally forbidden. His answer was as you stated and he wanted to “move one.” The interviewer, obviously exasperated, said at one point something like, “You are so far adrift of reality that I am lost what to ask now.” That followed Jones, having never been to the UK, stating that we were already overwhelmed by muslims.
    The man just made it up as he went along. He said he had 50 people in his church but that had now dropped to 30. He liked the phone calls from top politicians and all the attention. Utter twat.

  • Stonyground

    We all seem to have been struck with an attack of cognitive dissonance when confronted with a story in which Steven Green is even partly right. Surely this guy has never been right about anything, ever, not once in his entire life.
    Not sure what to make of Taylor though. If it is true that he used to be against Halloween and Harry Potter but now makes a living writing vampire novels, that does seem to mark him out as a bit of a tit. If he were to unambiguously renounce his former position, and say that he had changed his mind, I might be able to have some respect for him. I have a great deal of respect for Dan Barker because of what he did when he lost his faith.

  • Lucy

    You can be ‘right’ for the wrong reason and ‘wrong’ for the right reason. I guess. Can’t exactly think of an example of the latter.

  • barriejohn

    I don’t see your point at all, Stonyground.

  • barriejohn
  • Said to be “the most frightening children’s book every written”, the novel features 11 murders, stabbings and teenage girls having their throats ripped out.
    That’s child’s-play compared to the Bible. What is Bird-Shit’s problem?

  • Rozi

    Truly an example of no justice in the word, Terry Pratchett, one of the greatest science fiction and fantasy writers in this country, a voice of reason and sanity and HE’S the one with Alzheimer’s, whist these twats are free to spit their nonsense every which way!
    Don’t get me started on the Christian hate campaign on Harry Potter, Christ… ‘Oh! Satan is teaching children about a mother’s undying love saving her baby son from death, heroism and putting your life on the line for your friends! HOW EVIL!’

  • ZombieHunter

    This guy shouldn’t fear for his career, the fact that people want his book banned will just make it fly off the shelves the more any nutjob calls for something to be banned the more people will want it, just look at the GTA series 😛

  • tony e

    I’ve got a theory.
    I think Birdshit is actually an athiest.
    He is possibly the only christian who manages to score an own goal every single time he opens his mouth. So I think he is actually one of us and working undercover to help rid the world of religion through ridicule.
    Well done Stephen!

  • Bubblecar

    I might be on Bugshit’s side this time (actually I think I was last time, too – we live in strange times :-)), but for very different reasons. I’d rather keep the number of religious weirdos who visit schools to a bare minimum. This Taylor fellow sounds at least as unhinged as Batshit Green.

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    I’m assuming that you all realize by now that Druidism is now being classed as an official religion:
    As some very clever wag pointed out somewhere, this means that Rowan Williams is now a member of TWO religions, so which one is he going to denounce as a load of primitive, superstitious, pagan nonsense? (Cue funny Dumbledore pic!)

  • Broga

    Thanks for the Terry Jones’ interview. Until I heard it again I thought I must have imagined bits of it. Unprotected by the aegis of religion anything quite as shameless and ignorant as this would never be broadcast.

  • barriejohn

    Yup, sure thing, Broga! Ah’m a doctor o’ theology with ma own church, but ah don’t know a danged thing about the Buybull – you’ll jus’ have ta ask all them there experts about that! Ken we move on now?

  • Broga

    Hey, barriejohn, spot on. You caught the dumbfuck to perfection. Had me laughing. Is there no end to your talents?

  • The Woggler

    With these different factions constantly giving each other a thumping, sometimes I feel less and less like the enemy.

  • Graham

    Birdshit green is a classic example as to why we should do away with care in the community. Nothing but copious amount of anti-psychotic drug will help this poor bastard. Bring back real care for nut-cases the likes of birdshit. Care in the community doesn’t work. It is worrying to think of birdshit being allowed to walk the streets without a carer.

  • Thoreau

    That lower picture, of Mr Taylor, makes me think of New Romantics let loose in a charity shop full of Mills & Boon stuff.
    What does the gaze mean?
    Buy my book?
    Bum me behind the hedge?