Christ on a Bike show provokes outrage

Christ on a Bike show provokes outrage April 20, 2011

COMEDIAN Richard Herring, 43,  has been branded “blasphemous” and “vulgar” for his portrayal of biblical characters in his stand-up show Christ On a Bike – The Second Coming which is currently touring Britain.

Richard Herring IS Christ on a Bike
Christians living in the town of Lowestoft, Suffolk, have slammed the show, and groups are now planning to picket local theatres hosting the stand-up gig in protest against its content, according to this report.
The Reverend Kyle Paisley, from Oulton Broad Presbyterian Church, Suffolk, slammed Herring’s humour as “infantile”.

When I looked at the flyer, I marked three things – the vulgarity, the blasphemy and the downright dishonesty of the man.We’re just using our right as Christians to say how we feel.

He blathered on:

It’s infantile. The continual reference to sexual things makes it manifest that Richard Herring hasn’t got out of puberty yet.

And church youth worker Matthew Pickhaver added:

We plan to peacefully stand outside the theatre and give out a simple tract about the real Jesus.

Herring first toured with Christ On A Bike in 2001 and will be performing at Lowestoft’s Marina Theatre on 28 April this year.
The comedian describes his stand-up routine as a humorous look at Jesus:

Combining childlike guile with rigorous academic research.

Writing on his blog Herring hit back at his critics by describing them as “backward”.

Some of the more backward people of East Anglia (and imagine how backward that must make them) are planning on protesting, which is probably great news, as that is the one that is selling about the worst so far.

Meanwhile, we learn that a controversial artwork that depicts Jesus immersed in urine has been vandalised  at the Lambert Collection Museum of Contemporary Art in Avignon. Piss Christ is a photograph taken by Andres Serrano of Jesus submerged in urine.
The attack took place not long after more than 800 protesters descended on the exhibition, forcing a temporary closure of the museum which has since reopened with tighter security.
Frederic Mitterand, who is the French culture minister, described the incident as:

An attack on the freedom of creation.

The tedious, overworked response from Richard Henley Davis, the Christian author of this report of the incident was:

I wonder what his position would be if there was such an image offered for exhibition with an image of the prophet Prophet Muhammad covered in urine (or General Charles De Gaulle maybe)?


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  • Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine.
    It’s not a photo of _Christ_ submerged in urine, but a photo of a _cross_ submerged in urine.

  • Broga

    A Church Youth worker is going to put out a simple tract about “the real Jesus.” And there we have it. The usual “my Jesus is the real Jesus so your Jesus is not the real Jesus.” I don’t know how many versions of the real Jesus there are but there must be hundreds or thousands. However, the only real one is that which the believer has chosen based of partial and selected bits of the bible and very biased opinions.
    In another age the penalty for not believing in the “real” Jesus as decided by the ruling power block, often the RC Church, would have been being roasted to death.

  • If Matthew Pickhaver sends me an e-mail, I have a “Careful Now” and a “Down with this sort of thing” placards somewhere in my garage. I don’t mind sending them on for his protest.

  • tony e

    Ref – ‘My Jesus is the real Jesus’ reminds me of a well meaning evangelical friend of mine who took me to a meeting a couple of years ago. Apparently I am destined for hell.
    It was to be a talk about Jesus followed by a q + a session. The preacher went on about the usual stuff and I was taking mental notes to question his statements. With amazing luck his last paragraph went ‘We must remember that our God is the true god.’
    10 seconds later my hand went up. I said ‘I must express concern at your last statement.’ The bloke replied ‘Why?’ And I said ‘That’s how wars start.’
    My mate has not invited me back. I think I embarrassed him.

  • S. Williams

    “an image of the prophet Prophet Muhammad covered in urine”
    Which would presumably be called “Piss be upon him”.

  • Daz

    I object to the photo! It is well known that the bike Jesus rode was a Triumph! Really, as a fan of old Brit bikes I am truly disgusted at, and deeply insulted by, this attempt to show Him riding a namby-pamby pedal-pusher. I shall be picketing the show, handing out free copies of the Haynes manual for the 60s Bonneville.

  • tony e

    Your comment about Jesus on a Triumph reminded me of a song from the early 90’s – enjoy.
    Which, in turn, reminded me of another song from that era.
    Tap your funky toes!

  • What the hell is wrong with somebody’s conception of Jesus on a bike? Nobody has a cow over an artist’s conception of Jesus on an ass, so why do so when he’s riding a newer mode of transportation (which he likely would if he were to show up in modern times–assuming he were real)? I swear Christians just look for crap to be offended over.

  • NeoWolfe

    A meeting between an elderly man and a striking young lady results in sex. Two weeks later, the man experiences an ooze from his penis. He rushes to the doctor.
    Doctor: Have you had sex recently?
    Patient: Yes.
    Doctor: Do you remember her name, do you have contact information?
    Patient: Yes
    Doctor: Get in touch with her right away, you’re about to have an orgasm. 🙂
    Jim Gaffigan:
    “Hot Pockets” on the menu at a ritzy restaurant. You can have them served in your choice of two ways. Frozen in the center, or lava hot.
    And they have a new breakfast burrito, so you can have a “Hot Pocket” for breakfast, a “Hot Pocket” for lunch, and be dead by dinner time. 🙂
    Humor is exposing what is ridiculous about humans. No subject matter is more rife with potential than religion. And edgy comics do much better in metropolitan settings. If you listen to the reaction of the audience on Comedy Central specials, you realize they are a very progressive, liberal crossection.
    Those who don’t think that religion is hilarious, well, they need to go fuck themselves. Is there an echo in here?

  • gsw

    @S. Williams
    It would be more appropriate, after all it is the ‘Religion of Piss’

  • “Piss Be Upon Him” is the best joke I have heard for ages ! I’m gonna nick it if you dont mind!