Adelaide preachers target train passengers with their mad messages of hate

Adelaide preachers target train passengers with their mad messages of hate January 1, 2012

A BUNCH of Christian wingnuts who have been taking “God’s Word” to the streets of Adelaide in Australia have now changed tactics, finding captive audiences on trains.

The very essence of misery: one of the street preachers pictured at Mosley Square on New Year's eve. Photo: Andrea Laube
But the annoying antics of members of Street Church Adelaide – who came to blows with drinkers this week after shouting at patrons at a Victor Harbor hotel – have got right up the nose of the Department of Transport.
According to this report a spokeswoman for the Department of Transport said police had been called to remove preachers from trains on the Noarlunga line in two separate incidents on December 21.
Transit staff reported that two male preachers were “abusing” passengers with slogans such as:

Homosexuals are sinners and women are all sinners.

The spokeswoman added:

Preaching on public transport is of concern to the Department, as it would be likely to cause discomfort for customers on board and in prescribed areas such as stations. In the event of such an incident, the Department will consider the options available under the Passenger Transport Act.

The lunatic Bible-thumpers have polarised the community in recent years with vocal Friday night protests in Rundle Mall in which they shout slogans at passing shoppers such as:

You are all sinners and will be killed by God.

Preachers spokesman Caleb Corneloup said the group had been taking their message aboard city trains over the past fortnight in an effort to spread their word further.
The demented Jesus junkie denied preachers were hassling commuters and claimed their methods aboard trains were conducted in a “more gentlemanly” way than the Rundle Mall gatherings.

It is a really good environment for preaching. You have got a captive audience and it is much easier to get your message across. You are able to preach in a lower voice.

The preachers challenged a ruling by Adelaide City Council that the gatherings were unlawful. In August, the Full Court of the Supreme Court ruled they had a right to continue their controversial sermons.

Caleb Corneloup
Corneloup said the previous court ruling gave him confidence his group had every right to preach on public transport.
While the group’s Rundle Mall preaching has sparked clashes between group members and pro-gay rights protesters, Corneloup said few people had objected to their presence on trains.

Almost everyone just sits and listens. One or two people out of the blue might say they don’t want to hear about religion but there have been no real problems.

Hat tip: Bill Murray


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  • remigius

    This sort of thing wouldn’t have happened in the good old days of train travel.
    Back then we had doors you could open whilst the train was moving!

  • Lucy

    Caleb Corneloup? you do have to be joking.

  • I’m not sure how you can deny that you are harassing commuters then say you are delighted that you have a captive audience that cannot escape you and just have to sit there and listen.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    This reminds me of a journey I made on a bus in Nigeria back in the early 90’s. Shortly after leaving Lagos one of the passengers at the front of the bus got up, turned round and started preaching to the bus. Being my first time on a bus in Nigeria I thought it comical and looked around to see the reaction of the other passengers. They were all engrossed in his sermon. He spoke for about 5 minutes, the usual sermonising drivel, and then sat down.
    I thought that was it and sat back to enjoy my 10hr journey. After about 1/2hr another person stood up and started preaching, hellfire and damnation to unbelievers, the usual brain rot. After 5 minutes he was done. Thank fuck!
    No, that wasn’t the end. About every 1/2hr or so another person would start preaching. Was it the same little group haranging a captive audience or a different person every time? I don’t know, I do know that this constant bombardment of drivel was starting to melt my brain, I could feel it trickling out of my ears. This went on for the whole trip, all 10hrs of it. I have never been so glad to get to the end of a journey.
    I don’t know if that was a common occurrence on Nigerian bus’s or if I was just unlucky (I do know that overt religiosity is common in Nigeria and religion is brought into the conversation quite regularly {or at least it was when I was there}). It could have been that these people were trainee preachers and just used the bus journey to hone their skills, whatever the reason was, it put me off using the bus in Nigeria ever again.
    So, while it may be the right of these people to preach on the train, forcing a captive audience to listen to this type of shit is not on. I bet they would get right upset if they were forced to listen to a lecture on skepticism.

  • AngieRS

    No, Lucy, it sounds about right, to me.

  • remigius

    Graham. This sort of thing is now becoming quite popular here in the UK, as this report about Morons preaching on a bus oop north demonstrates
    The bus company, Stagecoach, did address the problem, but as its founder is none other than religiot Brian Souter I think it was more about silencing the competition rather than a genuine desire to stop nutters on buses.

  • ZombieHunter

    it’s times like this when earphones and heavy metal become a good combination 😛

  • rainbowman56

    Throw them from the bus

  • would love to encounter these idiots- I wouldn’t just sit there and listen lol

  • Faithless

    This kinda stuff happens all the time here in South Africa, especially on the trains. More and more preachers of the “truth” are popping up in random places, I’m just waiting for one of them to appear while I’m taking a piss…Religion is Virus.

  • john c

    Requires a legal redefinition of what constitutes provocation to assault.

  • Stonyground

    I hardly ever use public transport but if I ever found myself confronted by one of these idiots, the rest of the captive audience would be in for a real treat. I know a hell of a lot more about religion than they do, they tend to know sod all about their own.
    These days the only time that I get preached at as part of a captive audience is at funerals. The thing about this is that you do then feel that the occasion is not appropriate for kicking off and calling them out on it.

  • Don

    If that happened to me on public transport I’d think it was my birthday and enjoy.

  • barriejohn

    I have mentioned here before a common practice of the Plymouth Brethren in Northern Ireland in days past. Two of the men would sit some distance from each other on a bus and start a “conversation” in very loud voices:
    Why, good day to you brother Mitchell. What a grand day it is today, and aren’t you glad to be saved, for God tells us in His Holy Word that all who are not saved will be cast into the Lake of Fire, where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched…blah, blah, blah!
    Of course, as Souter has discovered, what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander, but the arrogance of these religious nutcases almost takes one’s breath away!!

  • Buffy

    What sick, hateful predators they are.

  • Angela_K

    I never use public transport but have come across these idiots screeching their nonsense in town and cities – the best thing to do is shout back at the morons. When the mormons or jovies come calling I find shouting “get off my land” with an angry look works well.

  • tony e

    Whenever any of these assholes come calling to my door I have found that even my limited knowledge of scripture is often enough to drive them away rather rapidly.
    I like to use Matthew 6-5 followed quickly by “This is YOUR bible and it clearly points out that you are a prick!” “Now fuck off.”
    Using their own scripture to shut them up is especially enjoyable.

  • Daz

    It is a really good environment for preaching. You have got a captive audience and it is much easier to get your message across. You are able to preach in a lower voice.

    Isn’t that rather an admission of defeat? If people have to be unable to get away before listening to whatever message you have, on whatever subject, you’re doing summat wrong.
    The woman’s T-shirt, ‘Fear God,’ is so true. It’s not love, but fear of punishment.

  • Bubblecar

    These nuts and their nutty names are getting nuttier. The other day it was Shlomo Fucks, now it’s Caleb Cornysoup and Feeby Fearlord.

  • Uzza

    The best response to this sort of thing, that I’ve heard of, is to drown them out by singing something blasphemous, and with luck all the other passengers will join in. A good choice might be John Butler’s “Hand of the Almighty”.

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    Thankfully, most cell phones today have radios built in…. I would simply turn my radio on. as loud as it would play. Most cell phones also have Apps for Air Horns….. Let them preach to that! Every time Geebus’ name was mentioned, They’d get a blast from my Air Horn, too….. or a farting sound.

  • barriejohn

    I fear that in intensely religious communities – or at times of “revival” – attempts to drown out such preachers could have unfortunate consequences for those concerned!

  • stargraves

    I was amazed when was in Adelaide that there was a church on every block pretty much out in the suburbs. If there is one place on earth that demonstrates evolution by natural selection to a tee – it’s australia with its amazing wildlife.
    The fact that so many religiots exist there – the vile Ken Ham & Peter Mackay sprign to mind as world class muck spreaders – that it beggars belief that they haven’t even bothered to look around them at the incredible evolution of marsupials, and the platypus, and not spotted that they are unique to it’s seperated landmass. Not once have they actually had a worthwhile thought – since their shit book provides both none of the answers and all of the answers in one imbecilic get out clause “goddidit” – such as just asking “how” – rather than their favourite logic-fudge of a question, and ultimate alpha course style red herring – “why!”
    Personally I’d love to have one of them as a captive audience for a whole train journey. I’d make them cry.

  • Bubblecar

    stargraves: “The fact that so many religiots exist there”
    Actually most Australians aren’t religious at all. The Oz religion stats are similar to the UK.

  • Robster

    Poor old Caleb Corneloup, he only loves baby jesus because he hates his parents. Imagine going through life with a moniker like that!

  • gsw

    “… and women are all sinners.”
    These people should be glad that we don’t actually believe that. After all, if I considered myself branded a sinner regardless, there would be nothing to stop me from becoming one in truth.
    And believe me shamans, you really don’t want to know what real sinning is.

  • Michael
  • Jordan Bray

    Hah, I live in Adelaide. They were down at the beach on new years. I went and watched em for a laugh. They are always good for that. I don’t think there is a soul in the city who listens to them.

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