Jewish extremists exploit Holocaust imagery in support of their crazy beliefs

Jewish extremists exploit Holocaust imagery in support of their crazy beliefs January 2, 2012

ULTRA-Orthodox Jews in Israel have been attracting so much bad publicity over the treatment of their womenfolk that they hit back at critics over the weekend – by dressing themselves and their children in Holocaust garb.
According to this report, thousands of the lame-brained extremists gathered on Saturday night in Jerusalem to protest what they say is a nationwide campaign directed against their lifestyle. The protesters called Israeli policemen “Nazis”, wore yellow Star of David patches with the word “Jude” — German for Jew — dressed their children in striped black-and-white uniforms associated with Nazi concentration camps, and transported them in the back of a truck.

This, not surprisingly, has caused outrage. Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial denounced the use of Nazi imagery as “disgraceful,” and several other survivors’ groups and politicians condemned the acts.
Two youngsters dressed in Holocaust garb formed part of the ultra-Orthodox demo. Photo: AP Photo/Bernat Armangue
Said Moshe Zanbar, chairman of the main umbrella group for Holocaust survivors in Israel:

We must leave the Holocaust and its symbols outside the arguments in Israeli society. This harms the memory of the Holocaust.

And opposition leader Tzipi Livni said:.

This is a terrible offense against the memory of the Holocaust victims who were forced, secular and Ultra-Orthodox alike, to wear the yellow star in the ghetto on their way to extermination, and there is no demonstration in the world that can justify this.

Defence Minister Ehud Barak added that the display was  “shocking and horrifying” and a “crossed a red line.”
Elan Steinberg, of The American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants – an umbrella organisation of US survivors, expressed:

Utter contempt at this disgraceful exploitation of the Nazi symbols. We who survived and witnessed these Nazi crimes are particularly offended that demonstrators so blithely used children in this public outrage. They have insulted the memory of all the Jewish victims, including those who were ultra-Orthodox.

Steinberg added:

The Nazis made no distinction in their murderous treatment of our people — whether one was ultra-Orthodox, traditional, or non-believer, you were marked for cruelty and death.

And in this report, cabinet member and Holocaust survivor Yossi Peled expressed his outrage over the group’s use of such historically sensitive symbols.

Dressing up children with the yellow ribbons with their hands up in the air, re-enacting pictures of children from the ghetto, is simply inconceivable. Six million Jews, including one and a half million children, cannot be used as a tool in a public debate.

Ironically, it is the religious extremists themselves who have been acting like fascists in their determination to enforce gender segregation – and it its this behaviour that has drawn fire from the Israeli media for their attempts to ban the mixing of sexes on buses, sidewalks and other public spaces.
In one city, extremists jeered and spat at girls walking to school, saying they were dressed immodestly. They’ve also battled with police over street signs calling for segregation, and attacked journalists who have covered their neighborhoods.
In recent weeks, a few young Israeli women have caused nationwide uproars for refusing the orders of religious men to move to the back of public buses. One man faces charges over his abuse of a woman soldier of a bus.
These practices, albeit by a fringe sect, have unleashed a backlash against the ultra-Orthodox in general, the climax of which came last week in a large demonstration where protesters held signs reading, “Free Israel from religious coercion,” and “Stop Israel from becoming Iran.”
Rabbi Yitzhak Weiss, one of the organisers of Saturday’s protest, said the use of Nazi symbols was intentional and aimed at highlighting what he said was a campaign by the secular media against his community.

The idea was to convey a clear and simple message: that wild incitement against the ultra-Orthodox community will not be tolerated. The Israeli media’s incitement is reminiscent of the German media’s before World War II.

(AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

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  • Robert Stovold

    The people who do most to “incite” people against orthodox beliefs are the orthodox themselves. As has been said before, “If you don’t want people to ridicule your beliefs, you shouldn’t have such ridiculous beliefs!”

  • Jonathan Burrard

    The children in your picture are probably boys not girls. Don’t be deceived by the ringlets of hair falling from the temples of the children – this is the way some Orthodox Jews interpret a Biblical injunction for men not to cut the hair of their forelocks. I would also imagine that orthodox groups in question wouldn’t allow girls to be involved in a public campaign of any sort.

  • Daz

    Like puritans everywhere, they see being told they can’t persecute as persecution.

  • AgentCormac

    The fact that these fools don’t see the sick irony of acting like Nazis and then dressing up as victims of Nazism speaks volumes not only about their intelligence, but also about just how blinkered to reality their religious beliefs have made them.
    As has been said here many times before, religion rots the brain!

  • tony e

    It’s just the start of the new year, but I think, for scoring an own goal, this will take some beating. Wrong on so many levels.

  • remigius

    Er Barry. Them’s aint girls in the photo. Male orthodox jews are required to wear their hair long at the side of their heads. It’s known as peyot. Females have shaven heads and wear wigs.
    And besides, the nutters would never allow their daughters to take part in a protest. Fun stuff like protesting is for the menfolk only, like pretty much everything else in that crazy place called religion.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Sick, just sick.

  • Barry Duke

    You’re absolutely right, Remigius and Jonathan. That pic was the first thing I saw this morning, before my first coffee and fag of the day, and the kids looked pretty girly to me then. Still do, actually. Correction made.

  • Adam Tjaavk

    And have you noticed Sikh little girls so vigorously playing football?

  • AngieRS

    Yeah, I knew it had to be the fault of all those nasty secularists. Explains everything.

  • Newspaniard

    Is it my imagination but does it look like, to you, that the face on the right has been “Photoshopped”?

  • remigius

    Newspaniard. If you compare the photo to the original on the link it’s obvious that the picture has been cropped and lightened, but these are global adjustments rather than manipulation.

  • Don

    On the plus side, perhaps wider Israeli society is finally waking up to the very real threat these toxic parasites present.

  • Don


  • Stonyground

    I keep returning to this post intending to leave a comment but I keep being left speechless by it. These people are actually comparing the perfectly reasonable kickback against their obnoxious bullying behaviour, to an attempt to completely exterminate an entire race of people, an attempt that failed but still claimed an estimated six million victims. This would be contemptible enough but they are actually members of the actual race that this happened to. Where on earth do you start when it comes to picking apart the stupidity and wrongheadedness of these people? When you consider how many people are completely screwed in the head as a direct result of religion, it seems bizarre that so many recreational drugs are banned but religion is protected by law and given tax breaks.

  • jay

    The most bizarre instance of Goodwin’s law. Ever

  • jay

    oops Godwin. touchscreen keyboard!

  • ZombieHunter

    probably the most distasteful exploitation of the holocaust since PETA’s “the holocaust on your plate” campaign.

  • Bubblecar

    Call me cynical, but in the original photos from the concentration camps, I don’t recall seeing any pudgy, effeminate boys with girl’s hairstyles. But what with the uncut hair and the very cut penises, it’s perhaps no wonder these kids grow up so confused and fearful of women.

  • I thought holocaust revisionism was a criminal offense in Israel. My mistake.

  • Jodie

    Well said Stonyground. While I am often angry and disappointed with stuff people do to each other and the earth – not much offends me. But this was one of those things that pushed all my buttons. How disgraceful and ignorant are these people???? An example of when all those stupid anti-discrimination/PC laws should be used to their full extent to educate those to stupid to self censor!

  • jay, not just the most bizarre instance of Godwin’s law ever, but also probably the quickest!

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