Priests exorcise abortion clinic

Priests exorcise abortion clinic March 23, 2012

FOLLOWING a row that erupted in Arizona after a Republican “pro-life” politician, Terri Proud, suggested that she would like women to be forced to watch an abortion before having one, comes the news that an “exorcism” outside an abortion clinic had been approved by the Catholic Church in Cincinnati.

According to this report, the Rev Steve J Angi, chancellor of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati, gave permission to priests to say exorcism prayers at a rally outside the clinic.  The anti-abortion group holding the exorcism is called “40 Days For Life”.

Ruth Reddens, an organiser of the 40 Days for Life campaign that planned the vigil, sought Angi’s permission to perform the “exorcism of locality,” designed to drive evil out of a place, rather than out of a person. She said:

Hopefully, the spiritual battle will be won.

Those participating in the rally and exorcism read the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel, written by Pope Leo XIII in 1886.

It reads, in part:

Seize the dragon, the ancient serpent, which is the devil and Satan, bind him and cast him into the bottomless pit, that he may no longer seduce the nations.

Said the Rev Earl Fernandes, dean of the Athenaeum of Ohio seminary in Cincinnati:

This (prayer) is said over a place that’s infested with the evil spirit, to remove any evil that might happen to be there.

On “40 Days For Life” website blog, the group boasts that since their prayers began, various abortionists recommended against abortion or even quit.  They call this a victory and babies’ lives were saved.

The website also shares a video from Priest for Life on their site.  The one in the video, Fr Frank Pavone, the National Director of Priests for Life, calls Women’s Centers “killing centers” and encourages people to pray against abortions.  He also labels it a “Holocaust”.

The group plans prayer vigils at the Cincinnati clinic all throughout March.

Back, briefly, to the lunatic Terri Proud. She said in an email to a constituent:

Personally I’d like to make a law that mandates a woman watch an abortion being performed prior to having a ‘surgical procedure’.

Hat Tip: Pete H (Proud report)

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  • valdemar

    Well, at least we’ll see Obama re-elected, as all the theocratic lunacy will stampede wavering voters and get all but the most religiously bigoted women out in force for the incumbent.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    If this wasn’t so sick it would be funny, that they think that exorcisms have any effect is ludicrous.

  • Ivan

    Meanwhile, over in the Netherlands, young men who reported priestly rape to the Dutch police were handed back to the church who then castrated them as punishment:
    In Mexico, a new book says internal Vatican documents show they knew decades ago that the Mexican founder of the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order was a drug addict and pedophile.
    And in Italy, JP Morgan have closed a Vatican-held account on suspicion of money laundering:
    Why are they not just closed down and forbidden to operate like any other criminal enterprise?

  • Daz

    Well, now they’ve unleashed their major weapon, the power of God, I expect they’ll accept God’s judgement when he does nothing to stop abortion…
    Oops, silly me. They don’t actually trust him that much.

  • Ian

    Hi Barry, I think that everybody who believes in the power of the ‘de Lard’ to exorcise non-existent entities should be made to study the photogrpahs of the incident we discussed a few weeks back. Also to read the article by Professor Trethowan regarding medieval demonology and hysterical pseudo-psychosis. Mind you they would probably say it was the work of Lucifer (the bringer of light!).
    But one of the strange things is to try and understand why only believers are ever possessed. Why do non believers go to their Drs and get better?

  • Isabel

    Why don’t they pray for the end of rape… specially inside churches affiliates

  • Pete H

    What a disgusting spectacle. As Graham said, if it wasn’t so sick it would actually be funny.
    The catholic church really should look at whoever’s doing their PR. It’s like they want to put people off.

  • AgentCormac

    What a bunch of sanctimonious retards. Do they seriously have nothing better to do than chant mumbo-jumbo nonsense and poke their unwanted, priggish noses into other people’s lives? Oh, I was forgetting – that’s what religion thrives on.

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  • The Woggler

    I know it’s probably easier to say than do, but the best thing to do with these idiots is laugh at them. You certainly can’t laugh with them.

  • elainek123

    I have not seen priests knelling down outside a refugee camp praying for the starving or for the children abused by priests.

  • David Anderson

    If Terri Proud, Steve J Anji (I refuse to call him Reverend), Ruth Reddens et al are so concerned about killing a few cells they call “baybees” perhaps they might like to take themselves off to Sanford Florida and pray outside the sheriffs office there. They might get their god to convince the sheriff to arrest George Zimmerman who shot a killed a fully sentient 17 year old boy for walking whilst black.

  • northern light

    “designed to drive evil out of a place, rather than out of a person”
    Now if this excerise does not work then waht are we to think?
    1. Did they not pray right?
    2. Was there no demon there to cast out?
    3. Their god was busy those days, possibly on holiday in the middle east?
    4. There is no god and they are wasting their time?
    And the answer is ……all of the above but number 4 in particular!

  • D. Austin

    @ valdemar
    This lunacy has been going on for years, there will be no stampede
    The price of gas and jobs will trump any morals
    The man is a financial train wreak.
    I don’t think he’ll win, whatever Idiot the RP puts up will.
    @ David Anderson
    Zimmerman isn’t being charged due to lack of evidence that the sherrif has. The Sherrif isn’t to blame, the law this case a abused law that encouraged Zimmerman to act as he did and perhaps get away with it.
    The County prosecutor is bringing the case before a grand jury in April.

  • OurSally

    I read on some blog or other the suggestion you count how many protesters there are and donate that many dollars to the clinic. You tell them about it and that you’ll do it again if they’re still there next time you go past.
    I personally would ask why they’re not praying outside the place they castrate little Dutch boys.

  • Normand

    Re Pete H. They are putting people off and I hope they keep it up so that more will see them for what they are and leave the Church like I did. Rick Saintscrotum is doing quite a good job of it plus he’s such a sore loser that he is telling people to keep Obama there rather than vote for Romney.

  • Jim dawson

    They’re doing it over here too:
    This type of thing with hasten the demise of religion. All this nastiness seems counter intuitive but I suppose that being nice and keeping quiet won’t stop the rot either.

  • barriejohn

    The CofE also carries out exorcisms “over here”!

  • barriejohn

    How about this for dancing around the subject? They know what they are talking about but won’t say it in so many words!
    (I think we may have discussed this before.)

  • The Wogglerd

    What’s ironic is that all those children who have died before or at birth naturally would make their god the most prolific abortionist ever.

  • Stonyground

    If these fools want to pray over a place that is infested with evil, why aren’t they picketting the Vatican? They seem to think that if they can turn back the clock to when abortion was illegal then abortions will stop happening. The best way to reduce the number of abortions would be to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, but these are the kinds of people who oppose education about safe sex, thus making a problem that they claim to be concerned about a whole lot worse.

  • AgentCormac

    @ barriejohn
    Don’t you find that prayer somewhat disturbing?
    Christ within me,
    Christ behind me,
    Christ before me,
    Christ beside me.

    Sounds precisely what RC priests have been doing to alter boys in the name of christ for decades!

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    I wish they’d pass a law legalizing running these assholes over with our cars, as they kneel down to pray in front of abortion clinics…..

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    Let us drag all the Pedophile priests from the churches and drag them through the streets…………. by their chains tied around their BALLS!

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    People with ‘smart phones’ & Tablets, Load the ‘AIR HORN App onto your devices. Then, go to church Sunday Morning, and surrupticiously set off your ‘Air Horns’ in the middle of the priest’s sermon. You’ll probably get thrown out, but it’ll bring great joy to your heart! ;-O

  • Pete H

    @ Hitchens’ Apprentice:
    How old are you?

  • Daz

    I wish they’d pass a law legalizing running these assholes over with our cars

    Yes, because making ourselves into the mass-murderers they’re already accusing us of being, would really help us keep the moral high ground…

  • AngieRS

    Yes, I’ll pray to end the abortion that is religion.

  • barriejohn

    The BBC shamelessly pushing religion as the antidote to society’s ills again!
    “Society is becoming so saturated in secularism that Christianity is now becoming like a second-class subject.”

  • Marky Mark

    @ D. Austin
    Zimerman exited his vehicle and confronted Martin…he is the aggressor and he will be charged, especially since he was told NOT to follow Martin. Even with this law one cannot pick a fight than claim self-defense.
    If he had confronted me while walking down a public walk I’d have told him to F-off…and if he grabbed me I’d a punched him.
    @ Stonyground
    I agree, they hate abortion and refuse to believe in birth control, even though we have to start to control the world’s population. But that means a belief in science over their good book. Their problem is that they believe their savior is coming to solve all our problems and actually want catastrophe. What they also refuse to believe is that the apocalypse was suppose to occur during the 1st century…and when it didn’t they moved the goal posts back, as the church leaders did not want to give up their free ride.

  • Jobrag

    If any anti-abortionists read this please answer a question. Where do the souls’ of aborted babies go?

  • Har Davids

    What a lovely thought. The women who go to these places will be thrilled by the presence of these morons. After all: deciding to have an abortion is such an easy thing to do, that being harangued while entering or leaving the place must be a small price to pay.
    What sick of mind come up with these exhibitions of insanity?

  • barriejohn

    Jobrag: Limbo of the Infants. They’ve got it all worked out, though there’s not a word about it in the Bible. A cousin of mine (keen Anglicans) had a little boy who only lived a few hours, and the family were absolutely over the moon that the vicar had managed to get to her bedside and “baptize” the poor little thing before he departed this scene. I was gobsmacked!

  • AgentCormac

    On the front page of this morning’s Guardian is this story about US christian anti-abortion campaigners who have been given access to school children in Britain. What they’re telling the children is that abortions are linked to breast cancer, and that when a raped women keeps the baby instead of having an abortion “something positive comes out of that whole rape experience.”
    As discussed here many times before, who on earth gives these people permission to be in a classroom?

  • barriejohn

    PS One question to which they have no answer is this: Why did Jesus say that in order to enter Heaven a man needs to be born again and not conceived again? All there in John Chapter Three: “Ye must be born again”.

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  • Pete H

    That is shocking. How on earth can it be right that these nutjobs are allowed access to schoolchidren to spread their poisonous lies?
    What the fuck?

  • Pete H

    In reference to the children at Comberton village college being told that abortion could trigger breast cancer, the female representative of SPUC said: “The link with breast cancer is because if a woman has an abortion, particularly in her first pregnancy, changes have to take place in her breasts.
    “If during that pregnancy she has an abortion … then it can leave those cells in the breasts in a kind of half-changed state and statistically, that increases her risk of developing breast cancer later on in life.”
    The SPUC representative added: “I’m not saying this is something that’s going to happen to everybody.”

    Well, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an expert medical/scientific opinion to me! The language she used was clearly that of an expert in the field.

  • barriejohn
  • SPUC’s spokesperson is lying. The link to breast cancer has been refuted for a long, long time, and is simply made up as yet another excuse for why abortion is wrong. Apparently “it’s a baby, don’t kill it” is not winning any converts so the tactics have shifted to trying to frighten women with other consequences. There’s also the lie going around that women who have abortions are vastly more likely to suffer from depression and commit suicide, when actually the inverse is true – women who had abortions showed that far more often that not, they were relieved and their mental health improved.
    I do like her line of thinking though. “It’s perfectly ok for me to spread my religious message to public school children because I think it’s true despite having no idea what I’m talking about!” That seems entirely reasonable to me. I take it the government will soon allow anarchists to talk to school children about the financial system even if they don’t know anything about it.

  • AgentCormac

    @ Pete H & JohnMWhite
    True to their religion, these people deal in fear. It doesn’t matter that the ‘facts’ they are presenting are spurious, just get impressionable kids worried enough about abortion and it’s a case of job done.
    And I agree with your point, JMW, it’s hard to envisage people with extremist political views being allowed into classrooms, so why on earth are this lot being given permission? I don’t know how it can be stopped, but stopped it definitely needs to be.

  • Stonyground

    Schoolchildren nowadays are not so impressionable. Spurious information can now be easily checked on the internet, if these people are full of shit, there will be at least one kid who finds out and then spreads the word.
    The CofE is currently involved in a new push to take over more schools and evangelise the young. They don’t realise that the world has moved on. No matter how intense their attempts to convert modern youngsters to Christianity become, they will fail. They are more likely to create a wave of converts for the NSS than for the local church.

  • Jacob Jonker.

    barriejohn, to be born again without being conceived again means a psychological transformation. This happens quite a lot, but it does not, necessarily, allow people to be in heaven while they are here on Earth. This is due to their particular beliefs. A person who is confused or angry will not, upon transformation of the psyche, enter a heavenly state of mind, they usually land themselves in a loony bin or prison. A person who earnestly and diligently beliefs in a Super-Archetypal spirit such as the Christain God may well eventually effect/be subject to a spiritually induced psychological rebirth. However, to say that such a transformation is without being conceived is not correct,unless you means strictly physical conception in a womb or laboratory. A concept may be formed in the mind, and the very concentration upon the belief will allow the believer to draw on life’s energy to effect the desired change needed to make it happen, i.e., the mental re-configuration. This is something psychologists don’t explain in such a way, because it would put them out of their lucrative employ.So,conception happens first in the mind.Even sex happens first of all in the mind.

  • Buffy

    I don’t suppose it would do any good to hope they’ll exorcise the ignorance and hatred out of themselves?

  • Fernanda

    And then, that Terri whatever her surname is should know that if a woman knows about her pregnancy soon [before 12 to 14 weeks], she doesn’t need to get a surgical procedure, but only two pills [one that she eats and one that she puts inside of her vagina] and the uterus starts havig contractions… so no “baby” is ripped off in pieces and sent to McDonalds to make food…

  • barriejohn

    Jacob Jonker: I have no idea what all that means, but I doubt that Jesus or his First Century biographers were well read on pseudo psychology!

  • Jacob Jonker.

    Well barriejohn, psychology, it’s like software in computers. You can’t see the software, but you can see what it does on your screen. So you cannot see how people are wired psychologically, but you can hear/read what they are saying/writing, and see/know what they are doing. So a Super-Archetype is like Dos Microsoft,etc., and Archetypes is like XP/Windows 7. Psychology as knowledge has been around as long as priests have, and longer. They call it esoteric religious knowledge. Being born again as a religious experience is like a computer which can run on a variety of programs like Linux, but which is wishing to run on Microsoft exclusively. One day, out of the blue, Microsoft blows Linux out and re-installs with a version of Dos. Unfortunately, most born-again people of whatever Abrahmic religion are so blown over by the experience they never bother with the up-dates. Eastern religions are different. There is a tradition of blowing your mind in the East. You don’t need to be religious to have a mental breakdown and re-configuration,but it helps,I guess.

  • Maybe they will begin their prayers with Psalm 137:9. Go ahead, read it for yourself.

  • Jacob Jonker.

    Just googled it, Trevor. It was written as a prophesy, apparently. (Or is it a warning to nations who don’t look after their own interests?) Well, a lot of Christians don’t believe in the Old Testament, but the Jews(religion) do, and Psalm 137:9 reads the same in their book, which they call Tanakh I just found out. I never studied that religion, just the people,which is quite enough. Then, I’m quarter Jewish by blood myself, so, on the premise of ‘know thyself’, I know a bit about the Jews. Anyway, the prophesy is what their God, old Yahweh, tells them will happen to them, because they disobeyed Him(He used to be a big god, but has been overtaken by the Christian God now, a much bigger Super-Archetype. So, it’s a matter of how you want to look at it, but no, I don’t think Psalm 137:9 does get much of a mention amongst Abrahmic believers. Many hardly know their book, anyway.They take their beliefs from their priests.

  • @Jacob Jonker – I’d say Catholicism is more like Apple: exclusive, expensive and its sacraments are all proprietary so it is incompatible with all other faiths.

  • Jacob Jonker.

    Roman Catholicism is incompatible and exclusive, but is hegemonic in the sense that it, this institution, claims everybody’s soul, no matter what people believe. There is no doubt this Church has a strong spiritual/psychological hold on a certain type of people. However, it is a socio-cultural construct for purely political purposes.

  • john.c

    Lets have a lot more born again atheists then, the transition from delusional robot to thinking rationalist should produce a heavenly sense of ammusement once the incredulity of faith is revealed.I suppose a few might get depressed at how much of their lives they have wasted,in which case, theres always jesus and mo.

  • Jacob Jonker.

    john.c, it’s not that simple. If I were to tell you that your thinking is more robotic than many a Roman Catholic, you would strongly disagree, yet Atheists by conviction, as opposed to political/commercial strategy(Dawkins?), are of a state of mind which is similar to the blind faith of religious believers. Once you understand this, you will become an agnostic, though your stridently militant opposition to Abrahmic religious institutions would stay, if my impression of you, and most genuine Atheists, is correct. So, for many ex-believers there would be a sense of loss too,especially when leaving the RCC,due to the psychological and cultural content of that institution. It caters for a human need, ritual, aesthetics, the sense of belonging, etc., which Atheists don’t understand (As you can guess, I’m not an Atheist. I’m a freed self-thinker. I used to be vaguely agnostic, until I saw the Intelligence behind and through the Universe). For a start,incredulity of faith has its compensations. Also, to make it more complicated, there are different kinds of faith,psychologically speaking. Atheists have their own faith(There is no God/eternal intelligence/etc.). Atheism is a natural reaction against organised religion,especially Abrahmic religion, due to its obnoxious, virulent political psychological strategies, and against the hypocrisy, bigotry and blind stupidity of religious believers- again, I think, especially Abrahmic religious believers can be rather unbalanced, unhinged even, as you’ll agree. So leaving a Faith would not always be an occasion of feeling re-born,the more since being born again is a psychological transformation quite different from losing faith in the notion of God.

  • barriejohn

    Oh, no – another fucking “agnostic”! You’re talking drivel, Jacob Bonkers, just because you don’t want to be accused of having a “closed mind” like the mad fundamentalists. Well, let me tell you that I was a member of the Plymouth Brethren for years, due to childhood indoctrination, having never experienced that “conversion” which most of them had, but that when the scales fell from my eyes I knew exactly what it was that they were talking about, because I was truly “born again”. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Hallelujah – Praise the Lord!

  • Jacob Jonker.

    Hold your horses,barriejohn. You can go from believer to Atheist, but not from Atheist straight to being gnostic. So I was talking about Atheists converting to agnosticism, then, in due course, they’d become gnostic. I’m a gnostic, not agnostic. I believe in Intelligence, Eternal and All. You, evidently, are not Atheist as I assumed, sorry. Of course you can go from being a blind religious believer to being enlightened. You are a lucky person indeed.

  • barriejohn

    I am an atheist, as I do not accept the existence of any “spiritual realm” whatsoever. If you believe, for whatever reason, in some sort of “intelligence” behind the universe, then that makes you a deist, plain and simple. You can dress that belief up however you like, but just because you don’t give your intelligence a funny name, or pretend that you know all about its “personality”, you are no less a deist than the Jahwists.

  • D. Austin

    @Marky Mark
    Seems the evidence doesn’t support your version.
    Rather than an innocent child, he was a violent thief and thug.

  • Jacob Jonker.

    @barriejohn. Eternal IT has no personality(that I know of). Does your computer software have a personality? Eternal IT is simply a universal form of IT. But yes, it’s obvious many people have been short-changed, but that is only a temporary condition. Human society is evolutionary.

  • barriejohn

    I’m giving up, JJ. You now claim, just like the religionists, to know things about this “eternal intelligence” (of which there is no evidence) – just like they do! You’re not really NeoWolfe, are you?

  • Jacob Jonker.

    No, don’t give up,Atheist. Once the penny drops, you will see the point clearly, and still be an Atheist if you wish, but instead of being against something you claim not to believe in, you will decline to work with meta-psychological constructs you understand do exist. Intelligence can be seen all around. You too have it in abundance. What stops you seeing it(using it)is a meta-psychological construct(Atheism) which formed as a reaction to particular strains of Christian religion; To Wit: Roman Catholicism and the more strident of the Protestants. You want evidence of Christian Gods. The evidence is what people do and say. The entire man-made world and what is written is evidence of thought,mental constructs,meta-psychological steering programs and pre-meta-psychological sub-quantum genetically re-enforced Archetypes. Look inside any old cathedral. Say, Chartres. You would think this is intelligence invented by human beings- No more, no less. Yet modern science has not come within reach of understanding how the universe works, how it began,etc. As an aside, Atheists have yet to learn to think for themselves. Now, don’t spit the dummy. For Atheists it is early days yet. Religion took thousands of years to develop. In the West, Atheism is only a few hundred years old. That means its Archetype is rather young and undeveloped. Once Atheists understand they ought to develop their own Archetype, they will begin to make an inroads into the decaying Abrahmic Archetypes. Sofar, Atheists are ranting and raving blindly at believers, thereby strengthening the hold Abrahmic institutions have on believers. This would be worth a blog, I suppose, but it is plain common sense, so really a bit ridiculous that it should even be explained. Most Atheists(neo-Atheists) are smitten with Dawkins and Co. So you are followers. You can’t think for yourself. Even Dawkins is all bluff and bluster when it comes down to intelligence. That’s why he likes a forum which he can dominate. So,Intelligence eternal: To a degree, I rely on Eastern philosophy and my own reasoning, but without modern science I would not have intellectually got as far. Without modern science it is sheer intuition and reasoned logic. With Cosmology, Astronomy and quantum physics the picture can be ascribed with certainty. So the likes of Dawkins and Co don’t see it. They have their own agenda- Cultivate a following by fomenting a semi-religious fervour, stop reasoned argument in favour of whipping up anti-religious hysteria and ideology. I explained in an earlier comment why intelligence would have to be eternal. The key is quantum physics and Cosmology. Matter consists of nothing, comes out of nothing and disappears back into nothing. The sub-quantum soup is where matter is formed. If you look at the universe, nature and humanity, you cannot convince yourself that it was and is put together without intelligence. Again, no matter how many stages you go back to find the source of this intelligence, there will be no end to it. This is Western Cosmologists and philosophers talking. Think about it.

  • barriejohn


  • Jacob Jonker.

    Quick thinking…,or an automatonism!