Hundreds abused at boys' choir school run by Pope's brother

Hundreds abused at boys' choir school run by Pope's brother January 9, 2016

For 30 years Pope Benedict’s ‘sadistic’ elder brother, Georg Ratzinger, 91, above, ran a famous boys’ choir school in Germany where pupils were subjected to sexual assault, rape, severe beatings and food deprivation.
At least 231 children at the Regensburger Domspatzen, a 1,000-year-old choir in Regensburg, Bavaria,  were victims of physical abuse, according to Ulrich Weber, a lawyer who had been commissioned by the by the Catholic Church to investigate the case.
According to this report, Weber said at a press conference yesterday that his research, which included 70 interviews with victims, uncovered abuse that took place from 1945 to the early 1990s.
The choir was run Georg Ratzinger, from 1964 to 1994 when most of the claimed abuses took place.
The reported cases of sexual abuse in Regensburg were mostly concentrated in the period of the mid-to- late 1970s.
He said that 50 victims spoke of ten perpetrators.
The director and composer Franz Wittenbrink, a former pupil of the boarding school, had told Spiegel magazine in 2010, when the school first hit the headlines over abuse allegations, that there was:

A system of sadistic punishments connected to sexual pleasure.

Ratzinger was reported at the time as admitting that he “occasionally” struck pupils but denied knowledge of sexual abuse.

These things were never discussed. The problem of sexual abuse that has now come to light was never spoken of.

Former pupils at the boarding school to which the choir was attached reported how the ex-headteacher was a “sadist” who “imposed a reign of terror”, and beat the children “black and blue”.

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  • christine myers

    If true this needs more media attention. Another Jimmy Saville.

  • Broga

    Ratzinger looks like a typical creepy, sanctimonious, oily priest. You know the type – Bishop Ball for example. They have a patina of kindly, gentle holiness which is admired and often revered. Under the aegis of the holiness they can inflict their will and indulge their predatory, sadistic and sexual behaviour.
    I don’t suppose we will get a comment from Frankie or a programme from the BBC.

  • Angela_K

    I expect we’ll see the usual RCC response of getting their “covering up”machinery into action and hiring expensive lawyers to silence or discredit the victims.
    “…sadistic punishments connected to sexual pleasure”The Catholics have form with this, remember the intimate examination of women falsely accused of witchcraft? I bet most of those vile pervs had never seen a naked women before.

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  • This has never happened before, it’s never been in the news before, and now that it’s happened and been in the news it will never happen again.
    Ahhh, just kidding. Billions of “good Christians” will make sure to keep monsters like this wealthy and sheltered for generations to come. The average “good Christian” will shake his or her head and sigh and drop their tithe into the collection plate.
    The Roman Catholic Church is an international child rape ring and the world knows it. May the face of the RCC and their apologists burn with shame for ten thousand years.

  • John

    No wonder his brother stepped down before the excrement hit the fan!
    These clerics really are a disgustingly vile mob, are they not?
    No wonder support for the Church of Rome is declining rapidly in Ireland.
    In Germany, applications for exemption from paying church taxes is rising.
    Let’s all see a global BDS campaign being waged against the Vatican.
    Hit them where it hurts most – in their pockets and wallets.

  • Edwin Salter

    Yes, this may be one of the reasons explaining the extraordinary withdrawal of Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XV1, in 2013. He remains safely within the Vatican. More to come perhaps.

  • Broga

    @Edwin Salter : When Benny headed for a life attended by adoring nuns in the Vatican the PR spin was that he was about to drop of the perch. He is still there. I think he legged it for other reasons and we can now speculate on what they are.