Pasta protest follows offers of pork to Maltese Muslims

Pasta protest follows offers of pork to Maltese Muslims January 23, 2016

Following a recent protest in the harbour town of Msida by Muslims demanding the use of a large garage as an Islamic meeting place, a group calling itself the Ghaqda Patriotti Maltin staged a counter-protest.
According to this report, they handed out pork sandwiches to passers-by and warned that the “Maltese race” was being placed in jeopardy by the high birth rate among Muslim women.
This prompted a third protest – by The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
CFSM adherents – also referred to as Pastafarians – some wearing colanders on their heads and eating freshly-prepared pasta dishes – gathered today in Msida  and called for religious tolerance.
Spokesman Franco Farrugia, above, told reporters that he had decided to organise the rally because he was by the religious intolerance he’d seen in the last few weeks.
The Pastafarians also demanded that Malta provide them with a place of worship and grant them the right to:

Pray and eat spaghetti in public .

The CFSM wants the Government to amend the Constitution to reflect an acceptance of the group’s peaceful beliefs, and declare “Talk Like a Pirate Day” – an important CFSM ritual – a public holiday.
Another demand was for subsidies for Pastafarians on pasta, mince, tomatoes and garlic purchases and for the government to provide:

Kitchens and dinner tables were we can celebrate The Boiling as a congregation.

Other Pastafarian rituals, such as “The Holy Suck”, are detailed here.
The rally – the first large-scale gathering of its kind in Malta – comes at a time of feverish socio-religious debate in Malta and wider Europe.
The Ghaqda Patriotti Maltin group expressed surprise that:

Progressives were defending a Muslim culture that is stuck in the Middle Ages.

And it argued that:

This is a Catholic country, and they should leave if a bit of ham or a small crucifix offends them.

As a result of  the Muslim gathering, the Government agreed to grant the temporary use of the Ospizio in Floriana for the local Islamic community’s Friday prayers.

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  • Broga

    The CFSM must be represented regularly on Thought for the Day.

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  • Rob Andrews

    Yeah mahn..Let’s smoke dat sheet…
    Oh my mistake I thought you wrote Rastafarian. But I like pasta too.

  • John

    Why is the guy in the picture not wearing a pasta strainer on his head?
    Is he – maybe – shockingly – an apostate Pastafarian?
    What does His Noodleness have to say about such a situation?
    Does anyone know?

  • barriejohn

    John: He is obviously from the Maltese CFSM, and not the CFSM of Malta. They have slightly variant beliefs.
    CFSM should be recognized as a fully fledged religion in its own right now. They are demanding the right to “pray and eat pasta in public”, both of which, to the best of my knowledge, they already have the right to do in Malta, and are already asking for “subsidies”!

  • Newspaniard

    What is a bit worrying is the way the Maltese Government caved in to the islamist demands instead of saying, “If you want a building for whatever purpose, buy it yourselves and then ask for planning permission for change of use”. (Which we will automatically refuse, maybe, perhaps, possibly. See that flying pig over there?)

  • barriejohn

    Give them (the Muslims) an inch and they’ll take a mile. It’s all bloody posturing, anyway.

  • barriejohn

    Oh, more excuses for their excesses:
    “You cannot expect to chuck a naked antelope in front of a lion and not expect it to react.”
    Just what any reasonable person would say!

  • Rob Andrews

    There are 4 levels of warfare:
    nuclear; conventional; guerilla; insurgent.
    This is an example of what’s going on in all of Europe. that fourth level. Insurgent warfare is made up of: propaganda, infiltration of area with civilians, protests ,some legal court actions* and some terror to scare people.
    * works in democratic countries.

  • Brian Jordan

    There’s something very suspicious here: why no mention of the FSM’s meatballs? Are they keeping quiet about these porcine delicosities to make Muslims feel easier about converting?

  • Cali Ron

    We’ve all seen this before. Next thing you know the CFSM will be claiming persecution. After all, they are the religion of pasta!
    On a side note I hear there is some acrimony in the church that could lead to a split in the church. Some believe that the sauce should be served over the pasta, while others insist it must be mixed in the pan before serving. These deep theological questions can be vexing for the congregation and have been known to lead to excessive pasta consumption leading to holy indigestion. Religious leaders have been calling for calm, assuring them that the spaghetti monster loves all his pastas equally and we shall all eat our just rewards! Al Dente!

  • Steve

    This shed they were demanding to be able to use. Does anyone know who’s shed it was? And whether it was in use? I could sort of understand the capitulation if it was just an empty, unused shed (though I do also agree that if a group wants a place to worship, they should buy one like everyone else).

  • John

    Thank you all or a much relieved Sunday. I have had quite a few good laughs today. What is completely missed is just why these poor sods have ended up in places like Malta, Italy and Greece (to begin with).
    It is Saud, Jordanian and the Turk dynasties, in league with the US and Israel, which cause all these people to risk their and their families’ lives.
    The failure of donor nations to provide funding to UN refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon has left these people with little choice but to leave the area in search of a decent life elsewhere.
    ISIS and Al Qaeda did not come from nowhere.
    They were organised, funded and trained by US military personnel.
    Yet, it is Europe – not the US – which is experiencing all the consequences.
    Is that fair or right?

  • Some Christians say ‘gosh i sure don’t like those Muslims’ and hand out literature. Some Muslims say ‘gosh I sure don’t like those Christians’ and burn them alive, crucify them, jail them, cut off their limbs, cut off their heads, more. I am unable to see both of these responses as ‘religious intolerance’ when I compare them one to the other.
    I am an atheist and I argue against all religion. But I do not argue that all religions are interchangeably wicked and harmful.

  • Philip Smeeton

    We have to hold our own politicians accountable for visiting this muslim plague upon us. Vote for politicians that will solve the problem by deporting Muslims and banning Islam.

  • barriejohn

    Philip Smeeton: You mean like Donald Trump? Not only illiberal, but totally unworkable, but it does give me the excuse to post this, which most people have probably seen by now:
    Some people seem to think it’s actually very good!

  • Cali Ron

    barriejohn: I first saw an excerpt from your link on the Daily Show and now that I’ve seen the whole thing I can see why they just did an excerpt. I’m not sure if I should laugh my ass off over this stupidity or cry because so many Americans actually liked it. When I see a buffoon like Trump doing his nationalistic shtick I begin to understand how Germans bought into Hitler’s nationalism.
    People can be persuaded to support and do amazingly stupid things (like try to ban Islam) when it comes to overzealous patriotism, same as religion. Not only does banning a religion run counter to our founding principles of freedom and the constitution, it’s on a practical level impossible to do. Get a grip people, you can’t just ban away 1.6 billion people (over 1/5 of world’s population).

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: I’m just HOPING that the kids wrote and choreographed that themselves, but I have a horrible feeling that I may be wrong!