Homophobic Christian group accidentally boosts gay event

Homophobic Christian group accidentally boosts gay event February 17, 2016

A ‘malicious’ attempt by the Stop Safe Schools Coalition to sabotage an LGBTI event scheduled to take place in Australia in April has gone horribly wrong for the bigots.
The coalition imagined that if their supporters bought up all the tickets for the The Victorian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal, it would “protect” youngsters.
It declared on its Facebook page:

The more tickets sold to us the more youth we protect.

But what happened next left the coalition with egg all over its face. According to this report, there was a rush for tickets – but from those who support the event.
This has enabled the organisers, the Minus 18 Foundation, a Melbourne youth organisation, to arrange a far bigger event.
As of this evening, Minus 18 had raised $43,150! Minus 18 were only planning on raising $15k for 500 tickets, so they’re now thinking of expanding, and getting a larger venue.
The organisers said they were baffled by the protest, as every ticket sponsored is guaranteed to go to an LGBTI teen, adding on their funding site:

We won’t let hate win! Tickets sponsored …. will continue to go to the Victorian Formal, as well as the South Australian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal in November 2016

Angelus Valentine Morningstar pointed out on Facebook.

You realise that if the conservatives do buy all the tickets, you can just allow registered people on a waiting list in for free? They’re effectively subsidising tickets for those who can’t buy one.

The Victorian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal is held annually by Minus 18. It’s an event that allows hundreds teens to be who they are, wear what they want and take whoever they want as their date. For many LGBTQI teens, it’s a safe, inclusive night they can’t have at their own schools.
Minus 18 chief executive Micah Scott described the coalition’s sabotage attempt as “malicious”.

It is one thing to be critical of programs or … organisations, but it is something completely different, something so disappointing … so malicious to attack a young person.

For some of these young people, this is the one night of the year when they feel safe and they feel comfortable.
And this is a group of adults trying to take that away from a marginalised group of young people who already feel bullying and discrimination.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    the Stop Safe Schools Coalition
    Really, they use THAT as a name?

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Let’s look at the thinking here:
    The more tickets sold to us the more youth we protect.
    So, if we buy a ticket and waste it, Susie and Joan won’t go to the event, and they’ll turn straight, and my marriage will be protected from gayness.
    Is that how it works?

  • AgentCormac

    Yes, I was baffled by the name too. Why do they want to stop safe schools? Would they prefer schools to be dangerous? It makes your head spin!
    Anyway, let’s hope the whole thing is a gigantic sell-out and if turns into a bun fight that the religiots get a good spanking. So to speak.

  • Justin Badby

    Fight fire with fire. The pious go out of their way to increase their influence. They get involved in all kinds of things to take them over. Like being school governors, council members, etc etc etc etc. So gays and lesbians need to coordinate their manpower girlpower or what ever they want to call it to start doing the same. Push the pious out and displace them … take control. Needs to be done in a targetted fashion though. The pious did it and look at the power they wield. Want power …then you have to take it by force of numbers. Be prepared for dirty tricks though … the pious do not fight fairly. They are underhand dishonest devious and can get very nasty.

  • Cali Ron

    Barry: I might be nitpicking, but isn’t “Homophobic Christian group” redundant? Seems all the Christian groups today are homophobic, even if they don’t actively attack gays they still fear them. It might be contagious and their children might come down with a case of the gays.

  • Barry Duke

    “Seems all the Christian groups today are homophobic, even if they don’t actively attack gays they still fear them.”
    Not entirely true, Cali Ron. This survey shows that there are, at least in the US, a growing number of churches that are moving towards an acceptance of gay people.

  • Gingerwoop

    Love it. Homophobic backfire.

  • Robster

    Pernicious pious pricks possessed and processed to the point of prosaic puniness.

  • Dave Godfrey

    You don’t have to be dumb to be a Christian, but it does help.

  • Laura Roberts

    @BarryDuke and @CaliRon: I would estimate that the vast majority of so-called “liberal” church leaders have to do a lot of hand-wringing and contortions to align their stated missions with LGBT rights. I used to attend PFLAG events alongside people from many local churches. Nice people, but it astonished me how much time they spent debating the best way to ease their congregations into supporting LGBT rights and LGBT parishoners. In truth, I’ve met atheists who are unsympathetic to the LGBT community, but thankfully they are an uncharacteristically ignorant lot and a tiny minority.

  • Newspaniard

    @Laura Roberts. That was a bit hard on us atheists. I would have thought that to have voluntarily become an “outsider” would have taken a certain amount of intelligence rather than ignorance. From these columns, I think you will find most of the commenters show sympathy for the LGBT community.
    Back to topic: Well done The Victorian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal. I hope you get a football stadium full.

  • Dave.

    CoastalMaine Bird & AgentCormac, the safe Schools Coalition is an anti bullying organisation . http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org.au/who-we-are

  • CoastalMaineBird

    the safe Schools Coalition is an anti bullying organization
    So, the “Stop Safe Schools” group is pro-bullying?
    It sure looks like it, but I’m surprised they would advertise it so loudly.

  • Laura Roberts

    @Newspaniard: You misunderstand (poor editing on my part)– I certainly didn’t mean atheists are ignorant; in fact, quite the opposite. I meant to say that those individuals I’ve met who are (a) atheist and (b) unsympathetic to the LGBT community have been willfully ignorant and, thankfully, NOT characteristic of atheists in general.
    I cringe to think of what other mis-statements I’ve made on a day when I’ve had a lot of writing to do…

  • harrynutsak

    @Laura Roberts
    Oh noes you did it again! You said that all wrong!!!
    (just kidding 😉