Islamists in Bangladesh slaughter a Hindu priest

Islamists in Bangladesh slaughter a Hindu priest February 22, 2016

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the hacking death of a Hindu priest during an attack on a temple in Bangladesh yesterday.
According to this report, Jogeshwar Roy, 55, who was organising prayers at the Deviganj temple near Panchagarh, about 300 miles north of the capital Dhaka, was attacked by five or six men .
The attackers stabbed Roy to death and also reportedly shot and wounded a devotee who tried to save the priest.
Panchagarh district police Chief Giasuddin Ahmed said that police had recently received several anonymous threats following which they ramped up security in Hindu temples and centers in the district.
IS said in a statement in Arabic, issued through the Telegram messaging app and Twitter:

In a security operation facilitated by the almighty God, soldiers of the Caliphate liquidated the priest Jogeshwar Roy, the founder and the head of the Deviganj temple that belongs to the infidel Hindus
One of his companions was hurt after being targeted with light weapons in the area of Panchagar in Northern Bangladesh, and the Mujahideen returned to their positions unharmed, and all praise be to God.

However, police reportedly said that they suspect a local militant group to be behind the attack.
Monirul Islam, joint commissioner of the Bangladesh Police, said that the outlawed Islamic organization Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh is suspected to be behind the attack.

This group is responsible for most of the attacks on Shiite mosques, Hindu temples, churches and religious leaders across Bangladesh since October.

Police have so far arrested four people who are members of the local militant group, police official Humayun Kabir said, rejecting the claim by ISIS.
In recent months, Bangladesh has witnessed several attacks, including those on mosques and Hindu temples. Some of the attacks have been claimed by ISIS, but the government denies that the militant group, which controls large parts of Iraq and Syria, has a presence in the country of 160 million people.

The killing of the Hindu priest is the latest attack on minority religious figures and institutions in the Muslim-majority country in recent months.
In October, a Christian pastor was attacked in the country’s northwest, and in November, an Italian Catholic priest was attacked. Both men survived the attacks.
In November, a Shiite mosque was attacked in Bogra in northern Bangladesh, leaving one dead and three injured. The attack was claimed by IS.
Bangladesh has also experienced the killings of six secular writers since 2013.

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  • Newspaniard

    Another islamist country where the killing of infidels seldom get investigated and nearly never go to trial.

  • L.Long

    isLame the religion of peace…the peace of the grave!!!

  • Rob Andrews

    The reality and truth about Islam
    ISIS displays–they don’t give a damn
    Ignorance and superstition
    Halmarks of the cult of submission
    Down the throat of the conquered is rammed
    Who is the one to judge?
    the Imams, of course with a grudge.
    Quotes from the Qu’ran the moan
    While sinners they stone
    Their enlightenment is a dirty smudge
    “I have to laugh at the world sometimes, or I’ll get sick”–Mark Twain

  • jay

    Meanwhile in otherwise tolerant Netherlands, a man was arrested for wearing a pig character hat. Offensive, dontcha know!

  • Justin Badby

    islam … The shit stain in the underpants of the world.

  • RussellW

    Why are those psychopaths referred to as ‘Islamists’, they’re Muslims. Perhaps ‘Islamists’ are Muslims who have butchered some innocent person in the name of their toxic religion.

  • I do not know at what point the non-Muslim world, or the non-murderous-Muslim-majority, will decide that enough blood has been spilled and a house cleaning can occur. I hope it is a peaceful house cleaning.
    But for now, I have a hard time giving Muslims the respect they often ask for.

  • Cali Ron

    Trevor Blake: “I do not know at what point the non-Muslim world, or the non-murderous-Muslim-majority, will decide that enough blood has been spilled and a house cleaning can occur.” At about the same point it took the German population to rise up against Hitler, or the America people to rise up against slavery or South Africans to rise up against apartheid, etc. The majority rarely have control over politics or religion. It’s almost always a small minority that have the power to control things. In third world Muslim countries that power usually resides with those who have the AK47’s. A hundred “peaceful Muslims”are no match for 1 Jihadist with a gun.
    Frankly, I don’t give Muslims any respect either, but the solution to religious violence and inhumanity is way to complex to be solved by a Muslim populist uprising. If every nonviolent moderate Muslim in the middle east rose up and demanded that radical Muslims stop they would laugh at them and then proceed to slaughter as many as they could. It might be possible in Muslim communities in western countries to influence the radicals among them and I understand your ire at them, but it seems highly unlikely to be effective in any of the middle eastern or African countries.
    And no, I’m not a Islamist apologist, just a realist.

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: I agree. As I pointed out recently, when there were uprisings in Iran in 2011 they used Hezbollah fighters to suppress them. Who’s going to argue with THEM? The rulers of these states are fascists, and they don’t care who gets killed as long as they remain in control. I’m also firmly of the opinion that Gandhi’s tactics (clever though he was) would only ever have worked with “gentlemen” like the British, who “played by the rules”. Hitler or Stalin would have just laughed at him.