Christian lunacy: baptisms at beach endangered kids' lives

Christian lunacy: baptisms at beach endangered kids' lives March 30, 2016

Easter Monday saw 10-ft high waves crashing on beaches at the UK seaside resort of Brighton, but this did not deter an idiotic bunch of evangelical Christians who gathered on a section of the beach to baptise several children.
They had reportedly come to Brighton from outside Sussex and clearly had no idea of how treacherous the conditions were on Monday.
According to the Argus, lifeguards had to step in to warn the group not to dunk participants in the water and keep children away from the water’s edge during the ceremony near Black Rock, fearing it could have ended in a tragedy.
Brighton and Hove City Council’s seafront manager Chris Ingall said:

Once you go in you aren’t coming out of that sea on days like Monday. It is completely unforgiving and very difficult to get out of the water.

Ingall added:

We were out on patrols and one of my colleagues spotted them on a very dangerous bit of beach at Black Rock. These ceremonies do happen fairly regularly, but when people come down here from further away without any understanding of the dangers on the beach they do put themselves at risk.
Even I would have been uncomfortable going in the water in a wet suit and with 30 years experience in those conditions. It’s a scary concept. There were people of all ages including children.
We were very fortunate that this didn’t develop into a much more serious situation. We got them to move up the beach and further out of the water and stopped them from dunking right in the water.

Seafront officers and Brighton lifeboat station were made aware of the potentially deadly situation at about midday on Monday.
Witnesses described seeing at least three children baptised during the ceremony.
Photographer James Taylor watched the group for about half an hour. He said:

You could see the kids were clinging on to him [the pastor]. They were clearly really scared.
The first thing I saw as I came along the beach was a big group of people in white robes, so I went to have a closer look.
There was some really fanatical behaviour – ladies talking in tongues and then people wading into the water to be baptised.

Hat tip: Peter Sykes

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  • Barty

    A clear demonstartion of the fucking stupidity of the organisers and the unforgivable iresponsibility of the parents.
    Primitive lunacy.
    Criminal charges should be brought against the organisers and the parents.
    The kids should be taken into care.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    But… but… but… Jeezus saves !

  • barriejohn

    That takes care of the children’s physical well-being; now how about their mental welfare?

  • Broga

    ” ladies talking in tongues and then people wading into the water to be baptised.”
    How do they talk in tongues and why do they need to? Do they just make up a babble and nobody, including the speaker, knows what it means because it doesn’t have any meaning? There seems to be no end to the stupidity, fantasies and gullibility of the believing Christian.

  • AgentCormac

    Why didn’t god just make the sea calm while the ceremony was going on?

  • Vanity Unfair

    “Once you go in you aren’t coming out of that sea on days like Monday. It is completely unforgiving and very difficult to get out of the water.”
    that sounds like an apt metaphor.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: I have told you before about the woman in our church who joined the Pentecostalists after being “baptized in the Spirit” and miraculously starting to “speak in tongues”. Only problem was that her daughters confided to a sister who lived opposite that “Mummy used to sit in the kitchen practising” before she got the blessing! It has been shown to be no language of any kind, and if they believe that their “heavenly language” doesn’t need rules of grammar, etc, then they are even more stupid than they appear. Just listen to that old fraud, Kenneth Hagin, jabbering on:
    My hip was supernaturally healed at one of his conferences. Praise God.
    Reply: my brother lost his left arm after amputation. after visiting haggin conference, thanks to jesus, his left arm grew back fully… he is now normal and can work again as taxi driver. haggin is the man 🙂

    I thought at first that that reply was a wind-up, but it seems to be a serious comment!

  • Did you read about the atheists who were holding children underwater, who were asked to do so down the way?
    No, you didn’t.

  • Vanity Unfair

    To AgentCormac:
    Because JHWH wanted to see whether they had read
    John 6:16-21
    Matthew 14:22-33
    Mark 4:35-41
    Mark 16:15-18
    After all, a promise is a promise.

  • L.Long

    Why is it that dimwitted religious aholes practice Darwinism (getting Darwin awards) on their kids rather then on themselves????

  • Stonyground

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper and safer for them to get themselves a font?

  • 1859

    The ‘Pasta’ holding the child does look rather puzzled – it’s as though he can’t quite understand why god is sending him ten foot waves instead of a calm sea. I mean you’ve only got to ask the lord – right? Isn’t this what they told King Canute a thousand or so years ago – command the sea to go back and it shall happen? Well I guess god can be such a tricksy guy at times.

  • RussellW

    Imagine Bondi on a summer’s day with thousands of tourists and immigrants from Asia and Africa, most of them have absolutely no idea of the power of the sea.
    Actually Canute was fed up with his brown-nosing courtiers, so he demonstrated the limits to Royal power.
    While we’re one the subject of barking mad religiots. One of my neighbours was disowned by her parents because she married out of the Pentecostalist faith. She now needs regular psychiatric counselling.

  • Laura Roberts

    @VanityUnfair: apt metaphor indeed, well spotted!
    This gives me a new metaphor for what it’s like to vote in American elections: choose your next babysitter — do you prefer the one who’s likely to drown your children in the ocean, or the one who’s likely to sodomize them?

  • tonye

    ” ladies talking in tongues and then people wading into the water to be baptised.”
    I read an article a few years ago reference speaking in tongues, unfortunately I cannot remember what magazine it was.
    However the basis of the article was that the speaking in tongues racket was a 20th century invention and was not to be found in earlier times. If memory serves me right it even managed to point out who invented it.

  • barriejohn

    @tonye: There were earlier cases if people claiming to speak in “heavenly languages”. Studies have shown that “tongues” is not a language, and it is clear from the NT that what is being talked about is people speaking in another language than their own and nothing more, hence the need for interpreters in mixed congregations. Confusion seems to have arisen due to Paul’s allusion to “the tongues of men and of angels” (I Cor.13:1), but that’s in a completely different context. Undoubtedly, it gives massive kudos to those who have this “gift” – despite their protestations that it is one of the very least of the “gifts of the spirit” and not a mark of their “spirituality” – and it is so much easier to fake than the “gift of healing”!
    (Sorry about all the quotation marks, but it’s such a load of nonsense!)

  • barriejohn

    I am no longer receiving notifications from this site. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Fiona

    Even Canute knew this was clearly wrong.

  • Cali Ron

    Someone say “speaking in tongues”. Wow, that so reminds me of my past, I suspect these folks were Assembly of God. As a young member of the AG I was given the “gift” of speaking in tongues, or at least I deluded myself into believing that. We were taught that this was god speaking through us and only the most worthy followers were giving this gift. I was driven to be one of those chosen few. I did speak in tongues, but it was no gift of god. If I prayed really hard and worked myself up into a state of virtual hysteria I could start blurting out meaningless syllables, being sure to put emphasis and inflection on some as you would in normal speech. I can still do it today and it definitely isn’t god.
    More amazing to me as a child was when during a service an elder would rise up and blurt out some mumble jumble and then another elder would stand up and give us an interpretation of this “message from god”. As an impressionable youth this was powerful god magic and really helped to drive home the indoctrination. You can’t really fake it, because it is a fake, you just delude yourself into believing because you want to so bad. I was also baptized in water, although I was fortunate to be baptized in a tank built behind the stage where the only risks was embarrassing yourself because the robes we wore were white and so thin when wet they revealed what was underneath.
    Speaking in tongues and being baptized is just another indication of how desperate and gullible some people are, especially when indoctrinated as a child. Lucky for me I was saved by truth (real truth like science) and freed from religious delusion.

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: Experiences very similar to my own again, though the Brethren are not “charismatic”. What possible explanation could there be for God causing a member of the congregation to impart his “divine message” in a “heavenly language”, only for someone else present to “interpret” that message so that all could understand it? Religion truly causes a bypass of logical brain function!

  • 1859

    “kiyhrytu bhf jdkiytwgdrefs njgiyutn %^&£$)(*&”!£ bfpoueijhfybsn” – sorry just speaking-in-typos. Bless the lord!

  • tonye

    Many thanks for the information.

  • Cali Ron

    1859: LOL. Makes as much sense as anything spoken in “tongues “.
    barriejohn : Nothing like a room full of gullible fools to reinforce illogical behavior.

  • barriejohn

    “Speaking in tongues”: