'Loving and caring' pastor allegedly abused a young girl

'Loving and caring' pastor allegedly abused a young girl March 22, 2016

Maine State Police have arrested youth pastor Lucas Savage, 37, above, and charged him with sexual abuse of a girl under five.
According to this report, Savage is the youth pastor of Youth Haven Ministry. He was arrested on Friday evening in Mercer and taken to the Kennebec County Jail.
Detectives said the abuse took place at Savage’s home on Mutton Lane in Clinton.  State Police have been investigating the allegations for the past month.
Members of the community revealed that he and his wife were heavily involved in the ministry,  from church events to coaching youth soccer.
Said one Canaan resident, whose children attend the church:

It’s a fantastic church. Just because there’s one bad apple doesn’t mean the apple cider is rotten. I’m still trying to understand because he was such a loving and caring gentleman.

This report adds that Savage is co-director of Youth Haven Ministry and a member of Canaan Calvary Church, which has in the past financially supported his youth ministry but maintains a separate board of directors.
Said Kristine Rice, whose 11-year-old daughter participated in Youth Haven programmes and played soccer for Savage’s team through the Canaan Community Sports programme:

He was a decent guy. I trusted him with my daughter. I’m in shock over the whole thing.

Savage and his wife are among five staffers at Youth Haven Ministry, which was founded in 1987 to provide free programmes and Bible lessons to children and teens.
Said Jessica Howe, who attends church with Savage:

I hope somebody will take charge of it, because it’s still a great programme. It’s a place where the children can go to learn about the Lord. Somebody has to be out there that can do it.

Police, who have been investigating the allegations against Savage for about a month, are not sure whether there are other victims.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    Police […] are not sure whether there are other victims.
    Place your bets NOW, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets NOW.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Should have been Catholic, instead of the Cannon Cavalry – they would have helped him hide it.

  • Cali Ron

    “loving and caring gentleman”and “He was a decent guy.” They always are. Every time some pervert is caught someone says some stupid platitude like that. “He seemed so nice.” What did they expect? Pedophiles to be mean, creepy old men with drool running down their chin and a tattoo saying “pedophile” on their arm. I guess if your gullible enough to believe in god and religion it’s not surprising that you’d be fooled by a pedophile.
    In America we have a silly habit of making sure sexual offenders don’t live too close to schools, but it’s never the guy down the street, it’s always the guy deeply involved with or running children or youth programs, spending inordinate amounts of time with them at schools and churches. Or a relative.

  • L.Long

    He is heavily involved with the ministry! That alone makes him untrust worthy. I never trust anyone who claims to get his morals from a gawd or gawd book!!!

  • jay

    The school system where my grand daughter attends has stated that there is an individual there apparently guilty of serious sexual harassment- however the contract with the teachers union prevents them from indentifying or firing him (at least until the years long ‘appeals’ process is completed). I guess they’ve learned something from the Catholic church.

  • Broga

    ” I’m still trying to understand because he was such a loving and caring gentleman.”
    So loving and caring that he sexually abused a five year old.

  • AgentCormac

    They don’t believe he could do such a thing because they don’t want to believe he could do such a thing. If a man of god can perpetrate such crimes, then where does that leave their faith and their church?

  • caskeptic2013

    I’ve started to think that “youth counselor” is a euphemism for “pedophile”.

  • Just because there’s one bad apple doesn’t mean the apple cider is rotten.
    How many rape apples does it take to make rape cider? If one isn’t enough, is two? Ten?
    Apparently there is no amount of rapist Christian clergy (or murderous Muslims) that will cause people to say ‘hold on just a moment, perhaps the past one or two thousand years of bad apples are forming a pattern… ‘

  • Laura Roberts

    @CaliRon: I think that’s exactly what they expect. How can one develop a decent BS detector (or creep detector) when one’s community depends on BS (and more than a few creeps) for its very existence? Probably the only creeps they’re competent to recognize are those that fit an obvious stereotype.
    This is one reason why, once I learn someone is religious, I have no idea what else they’re likely to believe. Ghosts? Conspiracy theories? UFOs? I know one evangelical who scoffs at her sister for believing in chemtrails, but who firmly believes in homeopathy.
    It makes a body’s head hurt…

  • David Anderson

    But remember, it’s gay people that shouldn’t be Scout or Guide leaders ’cause them there are the pedophiles not the loving and caring gentlemen who run churchs.

  • Lurker111

    He’s a youth pastor. Never claimed to be anything else. So why are people complaining?
    (Do I really need the /s tag?)

  • Cali Ron

    Laura Roberts: I was just commenting on another web site yesterday about chemtrails and how truther’s believe in conspiracy theories is just like a religion. Believing something without any factual evidence that it’s true, like blindly trusting someone with your children because their “born again”. Sometimes I think Americans are devolving. Evidence? Evangelicals and Trump! Sigh.

  • John the Drunkard

    It is conceivable that THIS church has responded promptly and honestly to the threat of a pedophile ‘youth pastor.’ Maybe, just.
    Of course my default assumption is that he was enabled, protected, permitted to weasel out of responsibility by being ‘born again-again’ every time he’s been caught. We ought to follow the story and see.