Prominent Saudi journalist jailed over 'insulting tweets'

Prominent Saudi journalist jailed over 'insulting tweets' March 27, 2016

Alaa Brinji, above, has been jailed for five years and handed an eight-year travel ban for posting a series of tweets about human rights. He was also fined 50,000 riyals (£9,410).
According to this report, his tweets were in support of prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders and support for women’s right to drive cars.
Brinji was arrested in May 2014, held in solitary confinement and was denied access to a lawyer.

According to the country’s strict Specialized Criminal Court (SCC), Brinji was charged with “insulting the rulers of the country”, “inciting public opinion” and “accusing security officers of killing protesters in Awamiyya”.
He was also charged with “ridiculing Islamic religious figures” and “violating Article 6 of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law”.
James Lynch, deputy director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme called the sentencing “utterly shameful”.
He told Amnesty International:
He [Brinji] is the latest victim of Saudi Arabia’s ruthless crackdown on peaceful dissent, where the aim appears to be to completely wipe out any and all voices of criticism.
Meanwhile, it is reported here that a Saudi doctor has been arrested for flying a rainbow pride flag above his home in Jeddah.
He reportedly had no idea that the flag represented gay pride, saying that he had bought it from an online retailer after one of his children found the colours pretty.
The Saudi religious police, known as the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, arrested the man after he raised the flag on a three-meter pole above his home.
He was reportedly bailed after an investigation, and the flag was removed.

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  • AgentCormac

    Saudi Arabia: one of the most horrific and repressive regimes in the world. But will you ever hear a single British government voice raised against that revolting government? Of course not, they spend too much money with us. Like £6bn on weapons which they use to supply IS and kill innocent people in Yemen.

  • L.Long

    Let’s see…the muslins are still busy arresting and torturing each other over their BS religion! And the followers of the BS religion still can’t see what a lot of crap it all is! Cool! While they’re busy killing each other they will not have time to hurt those who DON’T give a damn about mo or the ahole allah. And the rainbow flag?!?!?!?? WTF!!!! I remember when rainbows were pretty! Come to think of it since rainbows are a natural occurrence done by allah then why are they not all pissy at allah for put out that terrible hate full gay symbol after it rains!?!?!?!?

  • Broga

    Now the low life monsters have exploded a bomb killing children because there was a celebration of Easter. Their minds are warped by their superstitious beliefs beyond recovery. I think Cameron, keen to fantasise about the UK being a Christian country, is having lots of chats with something with the grandiose name of COBRA. Very James Bond.
    Instead of supporting faith schools the only hope is rational thinking and that leads to atheism. The Education Minister’s thinking seems perverted by her Christian belief into supporting the indoctrination of kids. Another disastrous appointment to the government.

  • Stuart H.

    At a rough guess, that would be about what the average member of a Middle Eastern royal family saves in UK tax per hour by hiding their ownership of UK property behind companies based in British dependent countries.
    Does the UK government know they’re doing it? Who do you think put some of them in touch with the intermediaries?
    UK government has, for years, had civil servants whose sole job is to help defence contractors set up deals with borderline regimes via third countries and offshore entities, whereby the names of the contracting parties do not appear on UK company house record and the final destination of the weapons is hidden. Is it any wonder if the Middle Eastern parties involved go on to ask the intermediaries if they could handle their property affairs discreetly too?

  • Vanity Unfair

    To Broga:
    Alas, Cameron is having lots of chats with the Civil Contingencies Committee. The very boringly named body meets in Cabinet Office Briefing Room A. For some reason this has caught on as the committee’s name.
     COBRA is an acronym of “Cabinet Office Briefing Room A” where the strategy group supposedly meets. COBRA is not an officially recognised term and will therefore not be found in official documents and evidence. The official name for the strategy group is the Civil Contingencies Committee which is supported by a small secretariat and may meet in Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR). However, given the popular usage of “COBRA”, unless otherwise stated, COBRA will be used as a synonym for all of the Government’s immediate strategic response structure, particularly the Civil Contingencies Committee.

  • Laura Roberts

    What’s unbelievable to me is that the Saudi leaders really are too stupid to realize that jailing people for “insulting the rulers of the country” makes it crystal clear just how insecure the little bitches are.
    Makes me wish I was better at thinking up clever insults…!

  • barriejohn

    ITV showed this a week ago: