'Devil boy' allegedly starved and beaten by RCMP officer

'Devil boy' allegedly starved and beaten by RCMP officer April 30, 2016

A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted police, currently suspended without pay, told a court this week that he enlisted his brother – a priest – to perform an exorcism on his ‘possessed’ 11-year-old son.
The boy’s dad and stepmother, both free on bail, are each charged with aggravated assault, forcible confinement, and failure to provide necessities of life. Neither can be named to protect the child’s identity.
The father, 44, is also charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm, and three counts of assault with a weapon (handcuffs, wooden stick, and a barbecue lighter). The stepmother, a 36-year-old federal government employee, is also charged with assault with a weapon (a wooden spoon).
In his testimony, the Mountie said:

I thought the devil’s inside him. I saw his eyes and heard his voice.

The chilling detail was revealed under questioning by lawyer Anne London Weinstein, who is defending the Mountie’s wife.
It’s not clear when the exorcism was performed, but it was sometime before September 2012, and before the Mountie allegedly started torturing and starving his son in their darkened Kanata basement.
The Mountie has admitted to burning his shackled, naked son with a BBQ lighter as a form of punishment for misbehaving and refusing to do homework.

It was the Mountie’s third day on the stand and when asked about the exorcism, he said his son reminded him of the girl in the 1973 horror film The Exorcist.
The boy, now 14, told investigators he thinks the exorcism was performed in his home because he recalls his father and the priest using a crucifix from the kitchen wall.
The Mountie, who has presented himself as a victim, said he had run out of options to control his “out-of-control” son. He also rationed his food to the point that the boy weighed only 50 pounds on the day – February 12, 2013 – that he escaped his chains in search of water while his family was out shopping. Doctors, some of whom cried at the sight of his emaciated, tiny frame, said he almost starved to death.
The priest in question testified in December at the child-torture trial, and defended the disgraced Mountie, but provided inconsistent testimonies under oath.
He told court back then that he had memory problems due to his “professional habit”, and that he had trained his brain to flush away facts after so many years of hearing confession.
The prosecutor, at the time, reminded court that the case had nothing to do with confession and firmly established the boy had never exhibited any out-of-control behaviour in the priest’s presence. The reality, the prosecutor said, was that the abused boy’s father exaggerated his son’s behaviour to justify the boy’s torture.
The trial continues with the Mountie now under cross examination.
Hat tip: Trevor Blake

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  • L.Long

    BS!!!!!! Fuck the father as much as possible!!! He is evil as is his religion!!! If the boy had problems and daddy was useless, there are places called HOSPITALS!!!!! that you could take him to for psychiatric help you evil piece of crap!!!!

  • Danny Thomas

    “I thought, the devil’s inside him. I saw his eyes and heard his voice.”
    I don’t doubt his son sounded and looked odd under the circumstances.
    And since there are no devils other than the human kind, it was all in the father’s deranged mind. No, not just him, his wife and brother are of the same delusion.
    What it is is fear, created by the church that teaches there are such things as demons, because their ancient prescience book of folklore tells them so.
    The tragic thing is we’ve seen it before and will again. It is a stark example of the harm of perpetuating ignorant superstitions.
    How is this any less ignorant or insane than killing albinos for their body parts in Africa?

  • Broga

    Religion again. The blight that plagues so much of humanity, causes so much suffering and inflicts its worst agonies on the most helpless. And still we see a government that encourages and funds faith schools and thousands appear in Rome to listen to the religious verbiage of the Pope.

  • Newspaniard

    @Danny Thomas. “…ignorant…insane…” is right. These sadistic control freaks should be locked up for a long, long time. Out on bail!? They should be on remand in gaols run by muslims.

  • RussellW

    Hollywood+religion–what an appalling combination.

  • 1859

    If anyone was ‘possessed’ by evil forces it was the poor kid’s parents. They were,of course, possessed by the forces of religious fantasies which, in their eyes, excused their descent into merciless sadism. I hope they are locked away for a very, very long time.